Woodsquawk 2020


Where can I buy tickets?

We appreciate your excitement, but tickets are IMPOSSIBLE to get since Woodsquawk is a radio-only event. We invite you to enjoy FULL coverage on 96.9 The Eagle and the Radio.com app.


I’m lost! Where is the Keller Family Farm?

As one of the best venues in Sacramento, the Keller Family Farm is a part of the experience of Woodsquawk “A Concert in Your Mind” where you can enjoy all your favorite artists from the warmth of your radio, listening to 96.9 The Eagle or the Radio.com app.


Where can I buy merchandise?

We offer FREE commemorative art, ONLY. Click HERE for a printable commemorative Badge or HERE for a printable commemorative poster.


What does the VIP Badge entail?

As a radio-only event, Woodsquawk offers all the access that your imagination (and our broadcast) can provide.


Is there an Age restriction?

Woodsquawk, featuring Classic Rock’s greatest performers, is an all ages broadcast.


How much is parking?

Park yourself near your favorite speakers, and enjoy all 3 days on 96.9 The Eagle.


What are set times?

To allow the bands full freedom to perform when they are most inspired, performance times and length will vary.


What will the weather be like at Woodsquawk?

This is a rain or shine event and The 15th Annual Woodsquawk: Music & Arts Festival can be enjoyed by tuning to 96.9 The Eagle on your radio OR by streaming via the RADIO.COM app.


What can I bring?

Your imagination, positive spirit, and radio or streaming device.


More Questions? Email: ksegfeedback@eagle969.com