Pepsi Unveils Engagement Ring Made From Crystal Pepsi

Pepsi has unveiled an engagement ring made from Crystal Pepsi. The 1.53 carat diamond will be given to one lucky winner as part of the Pepsi Proposal promotion. Crystal Pepsi was first launched in 1992 and discontinued in 1994.
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Flight Attendants Wish Passengers Wouldn't Make This Drink Choice

There’s one drink that flight attendants secretly don’t want you to order on the plane, and there’s actually science behind why it’s their least favorite. It’s not an alcoholic beverage, believe it or not. Turns out, Diet Coke has a tendency to fizz up more upon opening, and takes a bit longer to...
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Regal Cinemas Is Switching Soda Brands and Some Fans Are Freaking Out

Get ready movie lovers, your soda is about to change! Variety has reported that Regal Cinemas is switching to Pepsi for non-alcoholic beverages. Regal Cinemas Switching to Pepsi for Non-Alcoholic Beverages (EXCLUSIVE) — Variety (@Variety) January 8, 2020 The movie company...
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Pepsi Unveils New 'Unapologetic' Tagline

Pepsi is upping their slogan game. Gone are the days of the “Taste of a New Generation” and “More Thank OK.” Fans will be drinking the famous cola now because “That’s What I Like.” According to Fox News , Pepsi has been known to put numerous different taglines in their campaigns, including “More...
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Cardi B shows off diamond Pepsi can in tease video for Super Bowl commercial

Cardi B Rocks Diamond-Studded Pepsi Can in #SBLIII Commercial Teaser

We don't even need to see the commercial, we just want to know where we can cop that can!
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