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Keep Your Hands Clean While You Sing

With the flu season in full force and coronavirus on the rise there is no better time to make sure your hygiene is covered.
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Cars That Care Car Show

Southgate invites YOU to participate in this year's Cars That Care Car Show! All proceeds benefit Southgate's Evening with Santa Program. Don't miss your chance to register your car or truck! (1975 & older). Registration ($20 + $10 unwrapped gift donation): Now through November 9, 2019.
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Soccer is in the air! Kat chats with Sac Republic President Ben Gumpert

Ben Is a huge supporter of women's soccer, starting with coaching his two young daughters' teams to encouraging more women to coach. Listen to this Sacramento native talk about one of the world's most beloved sports and how Sacramento - the most diverse city in the country - has embraced it.
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How dirty is your cell phone? VERY!

When we think of the dirtiest places/things we encounter on a daily basis – public toilets, kitchen counters, door knobs, the soles of our shoes, a pet’s food bowl – cell phones don’t necessarily come to mind. Guess what? Your cell phone is quite possibly dirtier than all of those items! Yep, the...
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Sacramento Dimple Records Stores are Closing. Kat Chats with Founder Dilyn Radakovitz

She watched as records were replaced by cassettes, CD's, iPods and web-based streaming. Dilyn Radakovitz is closing all seven Sacramento area Dimple Records stores. Listen as Dilyn talks about the rich musical history of this iconic chain.
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Kat Chats with Baseball Legend Vida Blue

You want to know the history of major league baseball in the Bay Area? AL MVP and Cy Young award winner Vida Blue talks Candlestick Park's crazy wind, Charlie Finley's legendary eccentrticities and what it was like pitching to the greatest batters in the world for 17 years.
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Can you guess how many concerts this local has been to?

Tune in on Sunday at 10:00am
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Curtis Landa Radio Fantasy Camp

#9 Curtis Landa

Curtis is constantly listening to music, especially classic rock. He has his radio always on, and it's usually set to 96.9 The Eagle. He enjoys music, because it often takes him back to fond memories. Some of his favorites are Journey, Tom Petty, and the Eagles.
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