Chris McCoy

Saturday 1:00pm-4:00pm

Chris was born in Philadelphia, so he knows the secret to a good cheesesteak, and he’s into nearly anything that can be chewed: his favorite cuisines include Indian, Asian, Italian, and Mexican. Married since 1987, he’s the Dad to 2 girls and lots of fur children. He’s got an eclectic taste in music, with particular warm spots for Joplin, Fleetwood Mac, the Beatles and Stones. In his free time, you’ll find him cutting the grass (yes, he actually enjoys it), or exploring as much of California as possible (send suggestions to


In his own words:

Name: Chris McCoy
Hometown: Philadelphia, Pa.
Year arrived in Sacramento: 2017 (August)
Year landed at Eagle: Again, 2017
Sports Allegiances: Oh my... can I say: Phillies, Eagles, Flyers, 76ers? Probably not. But I just did.
Band/Artists: Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac, The Who, Beatles (my first love)
Alma Mater: Camden County College
Vacation destinations: My favorite places I've been to: Saint Lucia (heaven on earth), London and someday, Paris

My wife and I have two beautiful (of course) daughters and 4 fur kids. 3 cats and the cutest dog ever. The cats are just OK.