Nor Cal Names

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I am excited to bring you Nor Cal Names, a podcast where I get to chat with
all of the interesting, eclectic, important and entertaining personalities
from Northern California. I will be introducing them to you every Monday at
10:00am, right here.-Kat

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Winemaker Dina Mondavi

Her father and grandfather are icons of the winemaking world. Dina Mondavi talks about working in the family business, how wine names are selected, what her go...

"Your Produce Man" Michael Marks

Where else but Nor Cal would your Produce Man call home? Michael is a walking,talking encyclopedia of produce facts! there a fruit or vegetable that...

Legendary Blues Artist Mick Martin

He has played Carnegie Hall and taught at-risk kids how to play harmonica. He has written music (still does!) and books and has interviewed Sean Connery, Sally...

ABC 10 Meteorologist Monica Woods

Monica talks about the most important weather stories she has covered, balancing parenthood and a high profile career, and why she called her first contact...

Nor Cal Radio Legend Bob Keller

Oh, the stories this guy has, and the people he has met - golfing with Alice Cooper! Bob shares snippets of his illustrious radio career in this fascinating...