Sunday, December 18th


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This is Sacramento's classic rock I anger guest host can run blocker. Picking and playing my songs on 96 point nine that eagle putt real fantasy camp. Wonderful it was stranglehold. By Ted Nugent what a great song and before that was. The police with wrapped around your finger beautiful song love that video. This is Cam Barker and your guest deejay for a two game having a blast. As storytelling about Andy Summers really nice guy got to meet him down and that there are actually in LA. It's a workers' art dealer magazine. And the enough to me and start talking to dean. He just kept talking to me meant becoming friends and yet. On a fairly system. Back in the days 250000 dollars and he couldn't get anyone to get in eastern time to use it so yeah I think sell it to. Forgive him probably steam. He's stuff to us a fairly synthesizers as an outrage Beckett Warner center of yes so archaic and I got a little a little phones. That holds so much information do you quality and audio quality as soon as centers in. He has to have a big recording sees all these big drugs definitely just well with the drums on it in itself in the magic of technology they're writing for guitar player magazine in which is a mean a lot of folks regular day it was fun it was this time of the eighties early eighties so all the band's roots of rock and roll is as Trulia. How do some funding the hair band we're going crazy Motley Crue. Is an exciting time for for rock girl I think and it was nice to be for me to be around people that. To sociology in appreciate the deficit teased people. Well got a chilly. This is Sacramento's classic rock anger guest host can win bunker. Picking and playing my songs on 96 point nine big eagle radio fantasy camp. That was the band up on Cripple Creek lot as song love that song what a band. I even heard back in the days that Eric Clapton was gonna be playing with the band he heard about that they heard about that that it never happened but. I guess it was probably pretty fun for Clapton to think it I'm gonna play with whom he banned. Maybe they started over over or those yeah scandal a locker against Vijay for the day back in the eighties you wrote for awhile for guitar player magazine Selig a lot of guitarist Jimmy like. Not emit any necessarily even in the order. Favorite five guitars. Let's see we've. Ali GA Van Halen let's just talk about. What he did. How he just brought out that Qatar same with Hendrix. Obviously Clapton it's. One. A career he's had. Satcher O'Neal of that is actually sash booty. There's so many great ones out there. Rick and that. Triumph it. Well all McCain's. A notice of Russia and as a trial later gathering other degree images left analysts yeah let me see all right. Those that lose. Molly hatchet with dreams I'll never see that is such a beautiful song is a very long song. It's cut a lot of emotion to goods and every time I introduces to someone who's never heard of before they never heard of Molly hatchet. But the look the song and now I have another Malia to fan and so I hope you we won't do. Yes agreed viva of course originally from The Allman Brothers Band two's doing justice. The scandalous locker guest DJ for the day on your lengthy resume you British out here in the food yes I am. I love food. This suit two things I in the forest food and music and they go great together. So I love my food. I got into vegetarian food for awhile. Maybe six so I stuck with beef. Lots and lots of these really deteriorated double like a tasty recipe reserve. Had to do like and I stir fry with some. But the most complete and little to support. And steam rise stuff like that Eric. Let's have some okay Nike six point. White room by cream. It was kind of funny I used to have this big. Giant piece of furniture in my kitchen and had brass handles and that you couldn't find anything I would say. Did sin and why it being moved back and boom and zoom into accused June. There's a joke about I joke serious budget ginger bigger what are what are incredible drummer. But I Erica interview that we're doing with and and we asked some questions like do you do you think that cream is the first big trio patent. And he go and the question is that any state law yet slice his. I should know I think we can probably over the history and events have however unlike some key. And yes another question Dave responds like a jerk and then to be linens. But it and troubled that pro. A skill Limbaugh like Burgos Vijay for the day you actually wrote for awhile in the eighties for guitar player magazine is against talk a lot of these folks have. And experiencing belligerence of gender baker also got a playlist today Donnie iris. That's at a Donnie iris I did just that the guy I don't I still understand them. He looks like a nerd I never and he's got really great music you know it's saying like it was a joke. You just haven't but this is actually just a rock song. And great vocal packed. That we'll try and put a lid on the line. Is that and on guitar vocal rules. What a great great musician from. Canada. And met him in Chicago show and I was talked into him and my wife at the time came walking up. And he does is that chick as my life for occasional I saw learn that but that's okay. But I didn't tell my life that. He thought she was attracted because she had a crush on and I didn't want that problem. But I don't know and AM show Lincecum again damn good national. Scioscia some miracle and musical merchant. As soon as I call now Mayo and the other not the other. And try to me was always sort of like the form in Russia and practice it. Moon. A brick in the on the line. Hello. Ricky and desert night machine with this we view this is Sacramento's classic rock. By your guest host canned laughter. Kicking and playing my songs on 96 point nine that eagle real fantasy can. Isn't that just a lovely ending that was Marshall Tucker band with cant you see. Hey this is Ken them barker and your guest deejay here. I just wanna give a shout out to Corbin the young know what a great guy cake kid you're doing great. When a man band you're gonna have a great life congratulations but he. Excellent stereo Corbett Andy Beatles fan obviously your. Yeah deals deals. Moved my sure on by the neck. Does anyone know a name. Of the woman cultural and I have met one yet. This is can embark your guest deejay here. Having a wonderful time. Inexperienced so earlier oracle and guitar player magazine and you went to a convention. Are invited some folks over at Cupertino tells a story Jim I yell wrecked DP up publications we published guitar player magazine based player magazine for a magazine. And several other like petitions and stuff. And we ended got 25 year anniversary at our armed our companies who had a big warehouse and we had a Randy Jackson's show up and Jerry Garcia. So I got to jam with them I didn't know any. Grateful Dead songs so when I played along with him. He looks at McKenna we're at the inning as I was really he did that song I say it was a real songs yeah I think urged Jan. And then the worst part is Randy Jackson's journey down. Does spandex on these guys that could lead like runners he's just that a journey at this point Arizona journey you've got these. Height it is hat pairs high ages scared me is getting closer and closer and just play in the days in the guy is scary it if if you don't know it. Heck of a bass players don't get me commute. This is Sacramento's classic rock anger guest host can loom locker. Picking and playing my songs and 96 point nine it's the greatest thing. Speech lovers like oxygen what a great song what a great bad that no one probably doesn't know the name of that and is so we. Can lombok or you're against DJ here. Some great choices that make yeah well I think he joined an excellent playlist. And if you like to join me some random Sunday this year some of your favorite story is in and to lose for a couple of hours find out more about radio fantasy camp. It eagle 969 doc I'm gonna want more American. Rush. Done done done done. What I am.