Friday, September 14th

Elva is a spokesperson for #HalloweenTime at Disneyland Resort

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Sitting here with an elbow who's in charge of loosened the responsibility that comes with this she's in charge of Halloween night. In the parks here in California adventure park and of course Disneyland right Elba. You give me too much credit but thank you know what a tough sell now get the you know Halloween is seat is a huge. It's it's such a holiday. I mean when I was growing up in any kid it was kind of a kids' holiday but now it's a kids ended dull holiday yanks. Well we are super excited here at the Disneyland resort because we have more dates than ever for guests to come and enjoy it Halloween time at the park and he. And it may have something for guests of all ages now through October 31. So net nailed the immediate every once in costume or some people want to have some kids in and their moms and dads who come in costume right. So we're trick or treating here throughout up until Halloween or it just Halloween itself. We do have the opportunity for gas to purchase tickets to Mickey's Halloween party and they can all come dressed up but trick or treat after regular park hours clothes off huh okay think. So as to tell tell us some of the attractions for Halloween this year Halloween time employees here at Disney California adventure we have god guardians of the galaxy mission rake out which transforms into guardians of the galaxy monsters after garden every night is and you have the opportunity to help rocked by distracting the monsters while he searches for and rescues groups. Yes a lot of fun perfect cars land also all of the citizens of cars and have turned radiator springs into your radiator screen. And so you have all your favorites DJ red animator lightning McQueen all dressed up and ready to trunk or treat. Ask that you know we were here last night for the up parade it was great. Yes wolf what are what are extravaganza that once. I mean it was just lights in the you know everything was perfect. And the kids here is that you know that we saw here to last night they were just absolutely loving. That's fantastic we have a lot for the kids this year we even have our new destined damper Reno who's here from. The very popular show them green that. I haven't I I've a little grayer since slum. Really familiar with the emperor Tina. Yes she comes just from Transylvania by way of Pennsylvania and is now at Disney parks for Justin's eyes so we're super excited about that. So what is the one thing that that people should not miss in in the parks this Halloween season. Oh my gosh there's so much we haven't talked about Disneyland where you walk in and you have. Be Mickey Mouse Jacquelyn trim their degree view with the festival of punk Tim's we also have. Hunted mansion holiday there with that Jack's ellington's version of Halloween and Christmas coming together we. And my wife and I went through that last night that was incredible to love yes isn't the first time they've done that. No it's been going on for years and I hope you had the opportunity to see the gingerbread how close. Which is just amazing how could I gotta put that on my island EC today yes and then I don't get temperature to see the space mountain. Ghost galaxy who. Yeah me about that that is super fun it's transformed we transform space mountain into space mountain goes galaxy and it's full of wonderful music an eerie sounds and screams soon he will scare everyone. Everything is pumpkin scented here. In the parks. And my favorite are the pumpkins I sure as I hope you have an opportunity I don't have not pleased with that on your lives to debit or you were already talked about that this morning. Well but thank you very much for stopping by thank you and happy Halloween to absolutely please come and visit we will.