Friday, September 14th

Chris McCoy and David talks about the fun celebrating Halloween Time at the Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission After Dark ride.

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So here we Davey did. Here at Disney this morning and a David it has who will tell me which you're here to talk about it you know what. So I usually I'm working on the entertainment pray entertain and the parades in the fire that I got a great team that does all that but what I'm here to talk about today. Is guardians of the galaxy monsters after dark. Schools so if you've been on guardians of the galaxy before you know that your mission is to help rocket breaking out the guardians of the oxy who have been trapped trying to collect certain cells equator responsibility is quite irresponsibility but come around Halloween time just we've got some things a little bit different and you notice right from the right from the start you know is this where you walk up and you see lasers scanning you see a little smoke coming out of the tower. And then he wakin. Red lights alarm or something isn't right well oh. What happened was. In your successful break out. You might have forgotten group baby groups I don't know inside so that rocket needs your help get baby eager to help us get BB group. And cents all the security measures have and haven't taken down to save the guard as the galaxy it may have let some of the monsters out. Throughout let's tower and it is one of those fun little twist on. Something that is already amazing and we're so excited sure it only happens after dark. So when the sun goes down monsters come out that's very cool is he really age limit on this. I know it's really more of heights limits on high related OK yeah and whatever kind of fortitude you have at that night's raid you wanna via. So I'll tell you right now my daughter who is eight has been on it no problem. Well let's say no problem thanks for the first time she was a little unsure of herself but she is comes a lot of it. That's so cool. So and this is going nine through Halloween through all October 31 okay that's right all right your retreat trick or treat I don't say treat status and it's you know and there's so many other I mean you talked about the cakes and the pastries and all of the great food that surest way eight different kinds of jurist. We have all kinds of entertainment it is so much fun to come just to celebrate Halloween. And that's where we're excited Sherrod great they will thank you for sharing some time with us this morning there's so happy to do it yes you.