Friday, September 14th

Christina is a Sous Chef at Disneyland Resort

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And I have with me Christina who it will get this she is a sushi at. Who handles all of the pastries. Both sweet and just sweet I'm just super sweet I will you know I can tell just by looking that you Christina then your. That just super sweet so tell us what a normal day for you is like first of all windows it start. What it actually to pay and so are skip a scheduled tennis which is but I normally starts five or 6 AM. Okay so we're this is a normal day for you super old yet okay it wasn't that bad this morning bright red. And we look at what the park orders from me is sometimes it's 200 had just one dessert and sometimes it's only like 51 desert really it. So busy to bid does it depend is a very dated day you're S actually could over the weekend of course everyone want to be Disneyland over the weekend rays have the Monday everyone's asleep in an offer or. Tough but we around the park all day yesterday here. So you try some on our sweet desserts. You know what I didn't get the opportunity yesterday there were too many things to do but I'll be darned sure to do that signal any decorations and other things it is true it's very hard to get something. But me I'm such a cutie actually eat highways. Are so ugly deed do you meet the profits and sometimes you're not an. Attempted tasty. Not eating at a pace seen as a very important in the bakery bread that's a nice perk of what you do is in this Sherri Ellis all of got to do it yet but we'll throw myself out so are you are this people that's been baking ever since you were little girl with yes my dad has a photo of me whisking eighth that like. I was on a chair to reach that countertop. That's great probably covered in flowers to Fred if it makes it look a lot more like yeah yeah I really try that test look look look so let me. Our our Uga who will what she worked daylight. OK so so we. If you can't say this at every job like literally it's making cakes on deleting them feeling man making pot pie aids. My hand Piet. AKA pop tarts. Note that I love are you happy that I got there's a plug the and like late writ really just making sweet things from start to finish it it's let me scenes. I love that if you had to pick one thing that you make during the day and you know what would you pick. Initially I was the one thing that you could eat cheesecake job ahead. I'm Eric fairways here yet she's get a check that out at me to even have to bring any with you this morning you know I don't know what is wrong they're probably still in the oven. It probably out like it actually yeah the thought that we have this a pumpkin later cheese Pickett jolly holiday in Disneyland. Hottest McCain I think it's a do we just yet meet street that everyone should help. Knew it was unlimited check that out today I I hope you do yes I love pumpkin and you know everything is like pumpkin spice. Israelis as soon as it's ever hits everything is and it is like everyone runs to a certain drink yeah nation like where's that aid not like let's say good burial town though I like that yes. We'll pursue it was really nice to meet him and I think you need to thank you so much for stopping by. I'll thank you and get to work William I don't know why it's a couple.