Auto Group Owner and Former State Assemblyman Roger Niello

Monday, June 4th

So what is Roger Niello's dream car? And, fInd out how this member of the Nor Cal car dealership family ended up in the State Asembly.   

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Walsh saw off emotion. Firm. Mission crews from emotion. Fair. I can clos thank you so much for joining me on our little podcast here at Nortel names I'm flattered that you'd wanna talk alternate site to be honest with you. I heard the name Roger mile as a public servant. Before I heard the car dealership department not a lot went truthfully. The chicken and egg that the dealership was a long long before you Huard public service I was in the car business for. 25 years before I took that rather drastic career change we'll how that happened from car dealerships and we talk all of tactical wise but. What happened and when and why to go from to take him. Basic of one Nady. It just that temporary insanity gas. But when I was in the car business. I'm running dealership I was also. Involved in community activities I was on the board of them metro chamber and the chair of the board which we called president at the time I was involved in industry issues lobbying in Washington DC. And so I was politically involved never thought I'd run for office. But my very good friend Dave Cox was on the sac county board of supervisors. And he decided to run for the state assembly and after the primary which line it was. Certainly when general and so he and I just started talking about. The possibility of me running to replace him. And in a matter of two months. After talking with my family partners my Brothers and hand of course I'm made decisions make that play engine. There we went Allen who was that was in that was the summer of 1998. It was. In the elections. Excuse me was way as the February of 1999. It was a special election. I was elected on the second swarming onto the board on the the exactly seven days after. And you stayed in public service. On and on and on have pretty much although I haven't been in elected office since well I succeeded Dave Cox also. To the state assembly when he ran for the senate that was in that became an assembly member and 2004. I was termed out in 2010. So I have not been in elected office since then but I have been and. Ball now on exit. Roger mile born in San Francisco Republican in the California State Assembly represented California's fifth assembly district including Sacramento counties. Those of Arden arcade comic that decides ferrets fulsome north highlands. McLellan park orange failure busy that Thomas document and a plastic county town of granite base so an area that's grown considerably. Yes not going on there and redistricting is said changed the shapes shape of the district right habits so the fifth assembly district is not exactly the same. Boundaries that I represented but today it was a great district rappers you served in some somewhat turbulent times what was one India among if you can remember and act as some of the more tough political decisions that you're part of well the toughest one was the budget disaster that we had. Excuse me in 20082009. When we discovered at the end of 2008 the two we have forty. Two billion dollar deficit for that budget that we were only halfway through because revenues were significantly. Off. And I was the vice chair of the Budget Committee. The Republican lead and so part of working trying to work towards solutions and of course the Republican Montrae it is no new taxes. But. I couldn't see how we can plug a budget like that without some at least temporary taxes so. Along with our Republican leader time Michael lines as well it's the leadership and rebut Republican leadership in the senate. We were able to negotiate a number of policy gains for. The conservative cause in replace four supporting gay and some temporary. Tax increases. And I did vote for that and it. Didn't exactly benefit my political career. Probably why I lost the senate race I ran to succeed Dave Cox again after he passed away badly. But to that was a difficult time. A scary time a 42 bile billion dollar deficit with a 100 billion dollar budget 42%. Of the budget. It would of been an absolute disaster when the state started running out of cash. There would have been counties. That actually I ran it to be to represent them in the senate that would have been counties up there that probably would have gone. At least temporarily bankrupt without receipts from the state many businesses not being paid would have been really an unmitigated disaster but. When you run a political campaign. And and the the message that's created by your opponent which she had to wait here's Roger Neal he raged raise your taxes and so. That was a bit of a challenge and election. Says we live in some of the most polarized. Political times right now without getting. If organic and it kind of rabbit holes what are your thoughts on. To Stan. How far apart. Certain people in in our and the two parties are. Well to the question now it's an important question. Number one I tell people that I don't think that this is the worst of times. And only after every little bit of history and you're currently the election between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson which was mud fight. The two elections between John Quincy Adam's hand. Andrew Jackson. Were absolutely horrible fact in the second one at Jackson ended up winning it was alleged that his wife. Died because of the stress of that Election Day sensitive. The Adams a campaign accused her of being a lady of the evening it was a pretty messy. Abraham Lincoln was excoriated. In his campaign so it's we've seen some pretty rough spots. The the emotion right now is what bothers me. There's no. With some folks there's no civil discourse as to what the result of the election was in. November of 2016. The nature of the issues that we're dealing with right now the people are just absolutely visceral with regard to Donald Trump. That he's an admirable character and not that I love him but I think we just had two very bad choices in November when he sixteen. And the reaction to him is is literally hatred by a lot of people. And by consequence they hate people that don't hate and and that part of it that brush. And a very program. So what is city young folks I mean that the future is young people and people need to step up and run for office and leave it. With. Show that's going on right now. I evolve Ali said who'd wanna run for president your always gonna (%expletive) off almost half a country if half the people are not gonna like Q and you know that's it that's a tough place to be so what do you say to the next generation of leaders at a time when it's tough to lead well. As an elected official you do get your target and I found that there too many people out there. Did believe that. Once journal acted official that gives them licensed. To treat with you treat you away. Where they forget everything you learned in kindergarten. People they just nice to put things backs they please and thank you taken happening afternoon with the you can be rude to an elected official and that's kind of excuse I've I've seen. I think the engagement of young people is is good whether I'd agree with issues or not. This the real shame frankly in the last couple decades is that we haven't been educating. People. Our young people high school graduates even college graduates as to our form of government and the importance. Of participating and I've been part of day initiative that was established by the our Supreme Court Chief Justice. Suck you we have a tough time with that name but she established an initiative called power of democracy and and I'm one of three coach cheers for. What was pilot in Sacramento county. To. Convince or appeal to all of our K through twelve school districts. To adopt a resolution. To include civics education and engagement throughout the K through twelve a spectrum primary grades junior high school grades. And icicle rates which is to stand ready and I'm happy say every district has adopted the resolution and right now every district is working. On that curriculum to expand that'll take some time now but if we can have people graduating from high school who really understand the system. And understand issues I'm all for. Getting his many people to vote as possible but I want them to be informed voters and if we get young people there I think the future will look better. My heart goes to teachers who earn. Suppose it fifteen Townsend. Education that the ten pound bag that there that they give and so if you're at a dinner party do you believe in the rule of politics at this thing off the table now now a I'll talk about anything. Well area ambivalence maybe not religion because that gets very personal but that no I love to talk about politics. And I love to talk about politics with people that I don't agree you. In fact type I do them on FaceBook allow post things and then. People I have a lot of friends on FaceBook that are Democrats in lot there Republicans and it's amazing the the the fights that start or the arguments also a discussion yet discussions but I and I live by welcome discussions of those. Political issues and sometimes it makes it look at something and sit back and PC the other side's view. If you have to be challenged in so that you know what you believe in his which you believe and and sometimes you change your mind that idea. So let's talk about cars and you work with your Brothers how is that then through the years at a family business. Well we are very lucky because we get along very well no not that we don't have disagreements over the years I've had plenty of disagreements with my Brothers and even some times mcdannold he's always right of course. That doesn't change happy he is he is still around he'll be 96 years old now and not doing great which is nice and he started the business well actually his father was a Packard dealer in San Francisco so. My dad joined him after the war. Packer of course went to Wear them mobile and and my dad. Got the Volkswagen franchise here in Sacramento with west slasher in 1955. Same here and we've grown from there. But our our our logo says since 1921. Because that's when my grandfather started the Packard dealership in 1920 and so. Will be almost a hundred years in the retail automobile business in northern California you have any of do you have a place. You keep the cars to any old cars we do if only we listeners of cars some that are makes resells some not. We have one of the last Volkswagen bug convertibles that was made here. What would that have been 74. Or so. Don't try too many things with precise members OK and related bugs and India by by death will be 95 I'm going to be seven the shoes you know that's a memory thing felt there at a but we have that we have. Coupled portions of though they called bathtub style. And it Carmen media. We have a Mercedes. Limousine. Mercedes is the only German make the growth fun theory. We have day a jaguar XK he we have a couple of old Packard's. A big today and and then. Roadster model that they had so we have a public good collection when you say leave the family owes its those there our company. Reportedly keep them. I can't tell you and it'll pick her razor to take them out for special events well we we sponsored the Concord oligarchs. A pin us on the phone every year in October it's usually the first Sunday in October and we have some of them out there but Ted know we we'd have the cars in undercover. Add radio warehouse that word improving over offer Al avenue in the art market. What is that it. Coolest car you personally opponent does it have to be a car itself what's a dream car that you like to drive. Well I don't think this thing with cars ever ages out right. You're still sixteen years old exactly and and it's when you have the franchises we do it's hard to pick a favorite. So usually it's just current and I'm driving at the time and right now it's now for Mayo Julianne. Sorry it's an absolutely yeah absolute gas to drive our producer can cap and others as an agony because she loves cars that that's a few. At a parade that Julius has been received very well but it is really fun card for a and then GM which car it is. That you like to get behind and you know the card that I really always loved now looking at growing up. Was the the Austin Heatley and and that we've never. And that franchise that exist anymore but that was always accord. Admired. Him when I looked. What is something that you still want to do there's a quote some are saying that you wanna be forgotten or just a nobody by the time the attorney I think if you're not dropping dead tomorrow and I think you might check that box what are some things you still wanna dale. You know I don't have anything really on my to do list. Nor relief have allies since I was turned out and then was unsuccessful in that senate race. But things keep on popping up for me to do I ran the metro chamber for three years. Sort of working. The organization through and an interim between. CEOs of Peter to key she took my place now Peter has moved partner and other. The accounting of Eldorado called announced that I. Run one of there agencies. Through a period of time where they wanted to assess the organization. Reorganize. Hand. So wide I ran the agency for them through that in her room and help them with that annals with their approach to economic development so those things have just sort of I I've I tell people. Have a very confused random address some much. I'm I'm an accountant by training a car dealer by vocation day. Politician by avocation. And they chamber of commerce executive and county agency director completely by acts to know until Malia don't forget and I am new to this club that probably hopefully one of your favorite. Resonate listings as grandpa. Oh yes I have six and it was a call you they call me Papa and their live nearby a ia all of Cameron Sacramento and I tell my kids. Don't take offense but version two is better than version one. Point oh via. What kind of grabbed are you are you stern are you liberals are on the floor and lets them do it anyone know I'm not stern I'm there have been times when I've corrected them but that's their. Parent's job we just. Enjoy them and maybe spoil them a little bit we got popsicle in the freezer that was run for the popsicle the of the youngest one about. A year or six months ago. Wanted to popsicle in and my wife with a call non. Even popsicle and she says I hope that makes you happy and any you know and a popsicle when he got home sometime within the next few days he said to his mother wanted to popsicle she said not right now he's in the but yeah going to be happy and the that's awesome do any of your kids. Political or. Automotive dealership aspirations. As well elite line in either area going to continue. Three of them have worked in the auto dealership one of them still does in the IT department. And none of them seemed to have any political. Aspirations. About. I don't care it doesn't make any difference to him mighty my nephew. Rick's. Youngest son. It does is very involved politically. He's on the other side of the I'll live to London from my job is to keep on polonium two the right. But he worked for Dianne Feinstein in the field he's worked for a couple of other elected official who very interesting who lost family yeah well only him only him he he he and I are aberrations. With the new house on the right in the conversations yeah yeah we do we we get together a pretty regularly and talk about things and seek. I find it very easy to talk to people and I don't agree with because I don't wanna get in an argument if they wanna get an argument. And will talk about baseball at the I'll. See you lived in Sacramento for a while on. Well we moved here in 55. Eyes left. Town to go to school in Berkeley and then yeah and now and dead and I. Went you see away from my master's degree. And then my three years in public accounting I've lived in the in the Bay Area work at a sent Tuesday and then. In 1974 and moved back to suck and you stayed in state in state as we close up what about sacrament and that has kept here effort. From those years you know. One thing I'd cringe when people say sex is great because it's so close to everything. Well we got such great things here it's been great to watch the development of the downtown. The American river parkway is one of the greatest recreational facilities I've spent a lot of time ride my bike down there. The weather is good on the summertime sometimes but it's dry and that it's a dry heat your right. But it's a great place to feel like outdoors it was a great place to raise a family we've lived in the same neighborhood now since 1974. And so it everything about the area and the on top of that the dividend is it's very close to ski areas it's very close. Beaches and if they say it's close to an app guys say well they actually we've got to own wine country right here in the region right so like as the secondary point as opposed to the primary if it is an attraction but it's not the primary attraction fantastic Ginny thanks for coming and it's great not Q well thank you again I was flattered that you wanted to talk to me and it's been great. Okay.