ABC 10 Meteorologist Monica Woods

Monday, August 13th

Monica talks about the most important weather stories she has covered, balancing parenthood and a high profile career, and why she called her first contact with Nor Cal "love at first sight".   

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Wall fall off. For. What is our outlets is ready to do I was one of those typical college students who went in going I have no idea now what I wanna do. A large part when I was younger. You know our moms and that's the right fit for you put. There and it traveled review. I was there will follow or. Oh yeah total rule follower. For the most part it is did. Committed kidded not like he's really did not cause us problems in the problems attic odds. You know at the time and problem right exactly you know it it. Looking back she said they were pretty minor compared to rule what a lot of people were going through so. I like to have fun and that's usually what got me into trouble is it wouldn't be my idea but it would be what might Ryan's ideas and she would say why do you goal along with them and it's eight. I see at the time he looked good idea now that I'm talking about it seems so stupid we would have been a really fun non. I'd tell that none you're gonna hang right on your from the midwest originally right and every once in awhile I can still hear it in an accident and when you go back exit it stronger it does and yeah. I talked to my mom. About seal still they says they have an accent it. I only. Now are so when did whether become the party line because you've been a meteorologist since when incidents. And I can't do the math right now 'cause it it's authentic and out not mid ninety's works for me. I'll so what happened one is IE got so does the former junior year in and college. And you have to declare major at that point and they said you had about four is or anyone of these that is gonna work for you though the other four were the banking business first and then architects are. Interior design now. Right now on an hour. But I I think what I write about architecture was the organization. And just building things something to do with my hands up was creative. It wasn't. White enough creative outlet forming so then I ran I remembered this that I remember like it was yesterday I came out to the garage and I said okay. I've got my major my momma Deborah clean in the garage and I said. Telecommunication. And I and my dad goes are you kidding me I'm sending you to the University of Florida to be a phone operator. All. I mobs at home team that's what she's talking about it that journalism daddy goes. Millwood is the lesser of two evils you watch the Flintstones when the news is on and sick of this I mean look at that the description. Once I got into that program and my roommates who I've known since freshman year said you came alive. That was where you'd just connected. With something that was going on and that program. That all the sudden I was with my people. But what happened one is when I was getting ready to go. To graduate the first job that was available was for weathering girl wasn't a meteorologist. And I and my eighty. College counselor teacher said I think this is a really good way for you if you wanna do journalism and news and all of that. Think doing this weather will be you really good way for you to become comfortable. With really no wing. What your story it's. Because you have no Procter and Edith. And so then I when I decided you don't really think I like this let that thing down Iowa back to school now my meteor to decree. Now. So there at the so many questions when you guys. Talk about the weather there's not a map there there's and there's we'll didn't used to be. Well that but now boy when it's a green screen and not just learn how she pointing at the right thing when there's nothing there. Eight used to be that way now many of us are using these big plasma monitors. So we actually do get to see what were pointing to. They used to use like you said a green screen and so we would have monitors on either side of virus where we would see what we are pointing to him. When you first start off the appointing an you know reading when you're talking about Sacramento and you go where I app let. It's not Sampras is August 5 and soak up up via. But then you do is get used to it by. Technologies is changing so much there are so many different types of mediums that we're using. To display graphics you just have to get used to I mean how they've got touch screens and you touched on and you expand and you know just like and I patent. Well now some people say that we can say is about just about every region of the country. Here in Sacramento it's going to be hot. And then it's going to be. Cold and rainy and then I'll be nice and it's going to be hot and in Florida it's going to be so what is hot and end her kids to become and then it'll be Unita if it. But they're so there is a whole lot in between all of that and people. Our our. What's the word religious about their getting to know the weather and I know that you can get it on apps on your phones we'll watch every morning still I think a lot of people don't I think. One of the things that whether or. The needs is that human intervention. Do you get news stories and you concede the emotion and everything but when you're watching whether. There's something that affects all of us. And it's that the security factor of isn't really gonna be won thirteen that's what my app said please tell me it's not like many times I get texts from my friends can only they say I know. That it's not if it's you're out of your workspace but said about that I don't mind this is. I'd this what I do so when we have those big heat waves just student kind of put it into reference. Am perspective. Of OK let's look at this how we really ever hit 117. I know your app is saying that it might. It's it's the using of dairy large scale. Model. To look at. We may hit 116. In a you know. A towards reading my we're not gonna hit it here in Sacramento or some of those little locations close to the delta. So my take away from this last bit of discussion is. I have a friend who's a massage therapist she has no interest in massaging my shoulders when not working my daughters and make up artist no mom I'm not working out. But Monica woods people you can call her or Darren asked about whether even when she's not on ABC ten. Always good to now. The last what four. Years have been the hottest on record. On something like that at depending on if you're looking at United States or globally. And globally the ten. Hottest years on record since modern record keeping began have Ben. In the last ten so what are your thoughts on global warming and all of that and some people say it doesn't exist and bright and might thing is. IE I do what I do and I look at the research other people are gonna buy. Different ways to look at their researching and it's gonna probably cater to what they believe and we've seen that time and time again in any sort of politics. Social stance people are going to be able to find the information they want to based on. What they wanna believe for mean. I I believe the climate is changing it's always changing I get that it's just that he's in which it's changing is accelerated. We were talking Abbott finally cracked the mikes about Saddam weather. And as this is recording act California's essentially on fire and we've been hearing these stories about these many climates within the fires and like many hurricanes and tornado tornadoes right then. The fires so the fires are news story but it's also very very much a weather story. Oh it absolutely is impact last week com. I was apt than Mendocino complex fire was talking to the incident meteorologist which is basically to meteorologist. And there was one. That is in charge of forecasting for the entire. Fire. All the personnel are relying on right that's what he said the first couple ones that he went on he he realized wool. This is deuces in tents. He's now. Then on 75 incidents. He's the only one to hit that mark in the country he's up the National Weather Service in Sacramento on scan my little plug Mike's net and the out gay might all week. But it's he said it's it's pretty. Amazing. How much. Weather affects fire behavior now of course there's fuels and everything else that goes along with that but he said it starts with the weather. It starts with the weather you can have a spark. And if there's not. Wins. It might carry very mark. Or dry brush you know if you don't have something to burn but. When those red flag warnings are issued. And we have one over the weekend and that's when one of the fires really blew up by the Donell. Fire and we have those strong winds predicted. And that's exactly what happened it just. Completely. Turn that fire and something much bigger than what it normally would have then so am weather. Overall. Is the first thing. They look at to say. Once it's gonna do since the mid 90s I am just. The top your handlers some of the most serious weather stories you have reported floods in 97 month now that New Year's New Year's floods. Then. The fires now. It's certainly this year has been one last October. That was as heart breaking I went over to climbing partner consent percent of Rosen coffee park and just. I just had to hold back to say okay. Whoa whoa whoa seeing cars burned out and and and garage as they said a lot of people couldn't get our other grudges and seeing seem that type of event take place. Floods last year. Now you know it and in. Twenty seventeen we had floods an early this year and are not this year but I should say 2016 and 2017. Seeing how many people. Lost property yet and give lot of money that they're paying out for all this insurance and everything else. And for a lot of people and then we'll move on but I just love talking to and people in the know. For a lot of people the news. And the weather stories about the fires will go way. Because it's the news and weather cycle most it was still going to be. With those. Foundations and with nothing after Aaron the stories and moves on there's this you know so much that still needs to happen to any anti foundations and and homeless people right well they have to do toxic cleanup ruling now they have to go through all the remediation for all of that mixture that it's safe to basically. Behead habitable. Well one of the things oh well I'll say this and I did this story last year's in his coffee park happened in the Santa Rosa fires. I went and I talked to cal fire can come lot of over there and I said Ken this just seems like. As was starting to grow out into that. Wild land. Areas that we're gonna help more and more of this and he said yes we will. Scary stuff yeah. Also why do you live and why we're there volcanoes where do you live like you're living Keller why do you live in Oklahoma where there's sort it out he's you know you you know you just it it's. But it is it's gotten worse and worse and it's scary to hear professionals at them. The future it's the reality of so you're married to this guy named Walt grade I'd. See so pupils and Alda. Cutest thing yeah I well OK and you talked about how Europe you were a rule follower and you're going in none and you married Walt Corey Perry who is that charming longtime friend of mine. But. Auto rule follower. Not a fan out for sainthood or arm or bigotry I interesting relationship but it seems like you to have a lot of fun who's the enforcer in the house have three kids. You don't. It's weird. He's more old school when it comes to discipline and he's just kind of like I said not to do it and they still did it. And I just have to laugh like. But yeah that's right a lot of he also grew on. For ten years without a sibling. And then his brother came along I grew up with not only siblings but then my cousins are over all the time and we had kind of as big extended Catholic family. So do you mean having a lot of people around people with different personalities. Different rule followers rebels all of this I kind of scene and also more of these. Okay commuter talk I'm not saying you're not going to be good hounded I do need to talk to about this this is there is serious he's morally. Around at that iron down the phone a bit. So yeah does eight aides did good balance because I need to be brought in to. You gotta you gotta have. In elm hammer has come down at some point and he always puts hammered down. So softening up a little bit so it is it's a beauty could mix in terms of discipline. So you mentioned earlier that you like order and your kitchen some years ago was featured in a magazine a ha beautiful home three kids. A husband a wife and dog is your house tiny or is it messy close to disaster. I'm so glad here and yes it saved the kicked some human. I I walked in the other day pastor at its eight it is I. I took all day Saturday because the smoke was so bad and I cleaned the house an iPod hold on guys. How long is is gonna stay like this it was maybe two hours kids came in with towels and wet suits and and there are many times when my mom will come over and she gets to visit. Pretty pretty often actually from the midwest. And shall say all of that suppan on the carpet I said gosh I don't around ideas I guess I'd just didn't see it after awhile. But it. That's also how I grew up our house always had kids running in and out of the place and animals like every now and then and cleanup but ultimately. I wanted it to be comfortable space so when you come into our house is nice is those pictures they have now look up. Never expect that because you're going out there out there it's still this is the embassy prelude to full time careers and treatments that is. There's a lot going on how do you balance the well what do you do with your downtime I know use the produced a run. Yes I do and I'm Andy downtime let's go back about I had to push I'm one of these that. I have to say the reverse. Of don't put off today what you can do tomorrow I have to reverse that I'd say. Put off today what you can do tomorrow is a little bit in a whole week's worth of Iranians in in would all these other things in one today. Obviously not cleaning part but at a that's usually when I go well I don't have time out of no but in fact you can seem cool and all banged up right now and then there. I fell off my bike so but again I was. It is bad air quality day it was like you can read my by eight and you know save on an. The air quality in the ozone and so I got distracted I was running late and development IKEA. But it still swim in fact and to an open water swim at the end of the month. Tom Hulk but I hit right. On my raid areas so I've been struggling I got it worked that out I got to work that out so I've. Yeah hopefully. Do you still solar cut yet do okay sounds I remember absolutely. So this woman it's hard to tell our listeners. Some of the more extravagant. Things you have cooked. With the solar cooker with justice on and some of them were surprising things that the types of things you can cope with the sort of so everything and that's what I think is most surprising as people. When what do you meet with the solar cooker everything. Now depends on what type because of you just have like a black box and and the reflected panel. And a cover it it's basically like a slow cooker without a month. So I make all all my meals not only is dependant. Users have been out today. No there's not because. All right actually grilled about Walton grilled and so we don't leftovers. But air quality is a big thing because people it was so potted that you solar cut no it's on. People have cooked at the top of Mount Everest. Mountain Everest is not on bull art you know but it has access to the signing but the one thing that's really fun is it. Did parabolic it's like a mini satellite dish but it all reflected panel so all of these you know tin. Panels and you can fried tootsie ethnic popcorn and right then. It's it's great to cede the outreach that we've been able to do it throughout the world and have giving people access to. The ability to cook like that and we can do right now our backyard which is really fantastic and hands on you know the kids involved in it they will you know to. They at dale is like to see when it opened up the top the steam come out and well and they'll come out Google Lysol roast you cook and roasted as again was this tech and on it off yeah. Are any of the three can its interest in any sort of media career at this some early age for Joseph an app reason. And he's going to be a junior right ia and Kelly is the middle also. Yes Abby wants to be either political commentator she wants to go on politics. He's spent three weeks at UC Berkeley debate camp no kidding don't wanna Vietnam I like. Yeah that is not my case because. She still goofy she. And a lot of people say she's so goofy liquid it's to get that and that's me not I'm I'm more of I'm more. I. Just tell in downtown Sacramento and cleaning and I capital into the bank and don't think any of you know. But it yes that she does is on the middle. I don't know I think she I think she's gonna gravitate towards teaching and then the youngest he said he it's too early to decide. He says he's he will probably be a baseball player. Or basketball player nine or. Bebo Joseph. What is still wanna do in life you're successful. Media person you have three great news merit to that guy's life is pretty good with telling your bucket list I would say I am struggling learning to serve. Me and it aids. The kids are cracking up as athletic writes it IE. Usually pick ups don't treaty quickly and they eat just cracking up because I get so. Bent out of shape McCain get something like the right are we I give. I usually don't play I I've by the until my coworkers at two all for the as a tool to. Here you know was not written. These waves it. Ill at the map at the barracks and yeah. Ice and I now it's is that not be ideas dues stop so that's very cool. And I ask and many of my guess is since this is called Nortel names are mighty cute guys settle on northern California there's some places your. Talents right take you all light and I was here in and it left for Atlanta for a little bit and then came back but. You know when they say you love at first sight. I remember when I flew out to Sacramento home for an interview. And I and I flew in and something came over me and just that I love this place. And I and within the first couple of weeks I just. She is what is awesome and one of my best friends from high school and said if you ever thought California I don't think they'll ever come back. Oh you're kidding me now I'm gonna I'm gonna live in Indiana for my the rest of my life and I always thought I would go back to the Chicago area. But a home after. That after living out here I'd gone to Atlanta and my dad came out to Atlanta and he said. Thinking impact California and said why he goes. I don't think categories there and now will cause my dad was one it's like come back home come back home we went to that Allman. And once I was out there he goes it's a CU. And Andy and won't do and Walt. And you did not become a telephone operators and he's. Right. The rights yes. Yeah exactly I don't know you know it's a telephone operator may be on nonexistent added more violently is that what is that right I so appreciate you coming and I know you're super super busy and bad to good command. I will be texting you and asking about whether or now that I know right showcase the pedal at all hours but I appreciate to and then I'm glad you had the time to come in on the way to work by the way I appreciate them why he is they. Things.