09-12-17 Seg 1 Mens Room Has a Thing

Tuesday, September 12th

Mens Room Question: How did you get the thing that you got?


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In case you were having your fingers not off by a rabbit prairie dog during the last midterm performance cheers what do you mean. This during the strip search authorities not new loaded 380 in her vagina. Was true. They've fully loaded clip and around labor clip clip clip clip clip clip because I know athletica that equipment clip. That's just. A live it live from labor read on him and let them but it depicted the fifth and careful for the PP. Clip. Like paper clip it yet it's gotten to sensitive trigger the if it goes up to like absolutely no reason. Thank you sneeze and all. Oh I think that my bad lets you didn't want to know multiple and and how can we are. It was a black member who knows. Yeah. But yet I'm the fifth. If they use the front that's a whole new gave. That open targets down range they use is down you boost. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. I'm aware of my whole. Did what was your we are favorable. As a kid I think corduroy quarter rose and a quarter Roy's story of a player that lives in a department store. A girl comes and if I am the mom says no mr. applaud you. And then he goes on an adventure that night suddenly magically comes alive I don't know I've I've read it too much of windows upstairs he sees a mattress futuristic but not for that. Knots over a layup. Enact any counting votes gets the other rested now within the next. And I looked up Jack in the back I have. I'll do yeah he's running down and I'm neighborhood. But then the next day a little girl buys them yet. I love reading that one off. What about where the wild thing that was my that is an Alabama I was later to put the word white women act reasonably wild things. The reason we ask well who's your favorite cameras you where are the why we're why women that. Mac there what why women back. No dramas to kill them as a kid and away in my life for granted my life have been told. Guess we've expanded from. Tara yeah it was the worst yet. I don't movie was so bad though one of the stunt double for aids really was a black guy he was. The end of why it. They had a black guy and a man that will make a good you still see the Mac it just it didn't matter how bad that movement they could they would look for white people. That's bad movie based freely was a gentlemen. Maybe they spray mace at this hour of everything that. They my thought you know the reason we ask though was the worst thing you've done to someone else of god involved because we found out the trip to blind guided. You have. I did what in the hell is going off. I did to be honest is I think he's just a bad day for me. I was on the move of the blind guy got tripped by somebody and not evening that makes me feel they don't need deep powerful deeply split. Do you think Palin gets. OK. You know. Oh my when. It's. Not it's some on the bus ride and I would have had a day already it's already long and I'm sitting on the buzz and everything's just fine and read my book at the front of the buses plying I gets on the must everything's fine. I'm sitting down. We get to stop and he stands up and excited conceived from my book in my vision that he's good enough so I kind of I try anyway just face it I'm facing him I'm sideways were bull's eye on the bus okay. He gets up when he starts walking out. I'd try to move my feet out of the way but I've got thirteen is sitting here so my toes are still look that far that I thought they would have pretty soon I just feel that. Does he was slamming into the mine and down he goes back. Okay. I think that's a that's a trust me. Well there are no losing this guy had to be in his fifty's I the ball I. Hi guys do you know. Happy have you been. Yeah and I've learned today happy happy and god thank you say you do you. Okay. Way you know. Oh my car all at all. I thought every special I think we're very special birthdays miles and food and all so here kills us Alan got you do that on purpose authorities came. How old men and miles and I used to work we'll with a committed during before and you and I believe he is our friend. Today we've threatened to put a monkey involved with all this for the I was Durham for whom. We you know we see at a we've got a wall wouldn't be because that's about. Indian milder bickering about something we knew Heusen German folk but. The guy I was standing right outside his office. And I remember what he's Lamar horrible pistons more irritated him that we know it's done before open of one of those things were when we caught them in conversation. Again standing up I was almost wielding his right hand is not quite on the doorknob but he's about to Walter's office would search fall and ultimately he stays frozen in that position. Pull conversations maybe 45 seconds but like a senator for leaving on bad terms of miles as safe as is finishing salvo Susan whom German Pope. Squads down and links we've got the corps handled the food is okay and the look on the students' favorite night's. He would not go into the office and this is pulled the sandbag doesn't. Why did you do that man lives her news. When sentencing in the 32 months the judge said quote. You were threatening and menacing and completely out of control you threaten someone by making demands of the keys or wallet and a person concerned please you waved your dental tools around. Because you were drunk and stupid. And quote it. Do you believe this genius is black white and makes you or eight. What do I wish opened all solved a thing. I mean my initial thought is. Is black. Simply because. I now. Big enough to pull out wave around for a while he thought for a minute maid he smashed the window do I do regardless landry's. Did you do to win the Olympics if I had six. If I could I look at you couple that aren't you Rosen took notice no disrespect. As you four always prime and they love work and I'm pleased it's a dirty German talk for my SE birthday much love from your residence opera singer. Lady Heather. Yahoo! Google I want you to map out now. So we will put and one but she's been on the above and when you bend over to the city and if you think it's. Down to him and his feet and I think when you. Americans open horses he. If you're looking for him while performance enhancing drug may be just what constitutes the we go to. I would John when you you know all the like the artist to have given me release album who have Raphael Sadiq he's been Tony Tony Tony. He's got out were you for him I know he had me mocha no I go black Jack Johnson. Yeah that'd been Harvard Denmark it's too slow Mo my you know it's not quite your mind. Come home and those of you who might forum I'm not quite as good how fast do you open. What are you going to experiment done done done done done done spent an event and a I don't want to lose socially conscious. You know you have until I went there that the dog bubbles porno movie the human slave trade like not right now. Put on the hurricane at Comerica Marvin gay why are you crying and it could all. Add nothing to make the norm I'm not they that's never really know me personally beautiful tonight. Now done men's room legacy continue. Loose and. And clean what you're about to hear is real and the members of this radio program are simply. Merely stupid they're not trying to offend anyone. Doctors are. Lord and are usually invited to join the party. This is dumb. All gathered in secrecy. This is done men's room was my. Three. You know they say shake your radio more than three times. And Jordan. Paranoia and go out in Arizona or 2678. At. Along with Steve the thrill hill. CJ Smith and all then. Add to my car. I do it all right memento a. Definite right dazzled the decision's been at the ten songs with absolutely elf opening lyrics Montana. The word goes to the dog. Let's get ready to play profile list plus headlines events or shot of the day fumble listener emails and everyone's favorite TV time but it click period don't arterial McCain embraced does not happy with new ordinance and Sioux City. Over the anal quest. Meanwhile thieves steal U haul which in the nets' dealing dead relative type of that using the back. Michigan dean now lucky puppy so he gets got into his mom. Woman and a Porsche who shot homeless man in Tennessee was non acting come at a man fights for his right to marry his laptop. That is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question. Oh good news good day to you and yours. All right I'm gonna try to save his right. Campy. Low back there campy low back luck it's a stupid name but a serious stuff. Can't be low back there at the bacteria that causes diarrhea fever abdominal play. And fever. 39 people in seven states have gotten sick now what is the corporate. You left B did the poppies specifically from pet land apparently a bunch of employed the Atlanta has some people to purchase puppies from pet land. They got this ridiculous main disease campy low banker and things and are going well for them no one has died aplenty about hospital. But that's all right a woman in Japan she dies after being bitten by. Not her case she got the call SF TS that the virus. By the way that stands for severe fever with our bowl site old you know. As you can guess it's just not good that's all you really need to know what apparently at FTS it's carried by ticks and I think we can all agree that takes up. Both literally and figuratively take the lone start to. It's by it makes people allergic to red meat and pork. Miles usage you'll befriended bitten by one of these got him takes an honorable he cannot beat me again he'd be free candy is getting important so think about you or Bahrain before this does tick bite you and you don't even realize that you eat red meat after go to hospital and then they could I you have this problem. Forgive my animals aren't the only thing they can wreak Havoc on your health of course. We have a list of six healthy things that you could overdose and it's a pretty interesting list but not as interesting of our other list that you wanna stick around for. The top ten health disorders made up to sell products. And often stop your bad news. Your line and Wales level want to employ about STD's affordable business. Everybody's got something something's a major something's a minor. What the hell our question is simply this how did you get. The thing that you've got the brother Joseph caught a 44999. Only you can like the men's room on FaceBook follow us on Twitter events are live answer your emails to the men's room mad men's or live dot com. You are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know you don't have a gentle men's room. And they don't let them know I know are gonna show number 2670. Living until we have stories today the word goes to the dogs today and we have the drug charge rank castle and sit and spin. And today. We're gonna start to oh boy. Best way to describe this is ten songs with absolutely. Just messed up leaders they are that would 20 with well. No I'm I would have dumped lyrics emerged now they are there a lot of song too at the blizzard. The news or all kept up to recent months I think think this might be the beginning of a series of sit and spin is that we do depending on the sub topic so to speak. This list today is just day it's. It's disturbing. If any of these songs were released today eight there's no way they can be hit there's no way that people would listen to not care how catchy they are. Lyrics if you know the lyrics to these songs they just would not be allowed to be played and they could not be pop. It's pedal helium it's benefit that is specifically as we went to be in it it's amazing because you know we grow put most of these songs from in you just don't think about it you have to protect you sang a before and you know as we actually looked at the leaders to somebody it was still oh my god we get when we're telling you like look we're not gonna read in my allow book but it is we can't. But just look at the lyrics Google the lyrics to Aerosmith walk this way. Read those lyrics to yourself as we can't read really to ya even though the song is played EU generally tell the lyrics are lingering in like oh god. God and that's it you know it doesn't matter of the art joke and then put it and hallmark card give to your significant as the other worked out yeah I mean hell even my guest brings the I'm on fire that you little girl is you Danny whom do you coup in the view all alone much. I'm god but to be fair oh god look at is bay in Bryant and only let like Stevie bands they maybe did you do know that's what I'm saying well I'm I'm like. I mean. These songs are disturbing and they are coming up today with the drug charge rank castle and has since been in the inspiration for this to be honest with you as we were. And down to read festival. And talking about some yacht rock songs because the new originals political or yacht rock covers of we're like oh. Man I said I was listening put on basically on on YouTube I had a yacht Rocca kind of channel singled on whatever the hell was. In this song came on from a guy named Vinny Margolis. And the name of the song was into the night. In its the most to star in it was a huge it was a huge hit a couple of times it was again. Eat I'm sure it's on the list of its not 91 I don't know. When you hear it you're gonna it's just gonna floor it is so unbelievably just but did you just have a religion cannot would you say you have a is that heard the song before but never really listen to the lyrics you know latest can repeat what they say and at some point all my god what came out of them outright and it is disturbing crap and there's no way this stuff could fly so it's going to be an interesting sit and spin. To really get to and sons with absolutely after a player Soria and our question today how did you get that thing you got 844999. All of us talk about a couple things here first of all I had a first and experience on this but. There is an aggressive tick whose bike makes people allergic to red meat. And they say it's now arriving in Canada and the seem like a huge move though less Walters says he will never forget his reaction after ate a hamburger restaurant in the 2015. Your throat swells up you can't read your blood pressure drops and you black out. According to the 63 year old man. He's from a small town and eastern Ontario he's an have been honored meat lover learned that he had developed a rare allergy to everything made from beef pork and lamb and it always have to always have a bite from a tiny tick recently spotted in Canada is to blame. The culprit the lone star tick is named for a white dot or lone star on the back of the female that's NATO to be south eastern United States. It's slowly migrated north hitching a ride on is this a birds deer or some type of domestic gamble. Waters he's not sure where the take found him but he suspects who might have been on hunting trip in northern Quebec. The loan text has been found in neighboring New Brunswick as well. The two we have. The ones that contribute to us have bitten two people in New Brunswick. One fed from a human one fed from a dog. Doctor Lloyd who's in charge this this study says the lone star tick up like other takes is aggressive. It is one of the few eagle actually chase their prey once they know you're there they're just gonna go after it today by chip. So they'll they'll just lie dormant they'd rather you like our Iraq did crack down. I how these stakes cause healer allergy that affects waters it's complicated with a tick bites a person it's it's a protein called. Alpha gal into the blood pay out the gas you let an awfully good. How bad is a our compound in its presence in behalf Morgan led. And humans usually digested harmlessly but what it appears elsewhere in a person's body for example in the bloodstream it causes a strong reaction. The body develops in antibodies to fight back. I guess I think OK and the battle causes symptoms that range from general rash to severe. And if lactic reaction no treatment for this yet it almost took two years waters to get a diagnosis OK that from now. Does this thing different is the way I was gonna roll into like you Eagleburger write everything goes to as you may be into the hospital. Maybe things is food imports are right in the next fat you eat the steak maybe a week later so but that's the thing by the time you're diagnosed of this it's because drew forty health issues he'll just not eat red meat no red meat already and lamb imports are your body has built up your body has developed the defense against those things when you eat them. Your body fights to get it out of your calls all the props or it to got to pick. Is obviously of the union that's and I'm get why don't you what it's silly like chicken and seafood again secular Sudan. And I'll tell you I know this for Santana because I met up with a bunch of high school friends we hang out together thirty years. We picked Chicago one of the reasons but Chicago is kind of central air where everyone was one negotiate it down walk around eat a lot of great food Italian you know beef sandwiches and all that stuff so we get there and talking about a Jaffna McCartney Gallagher of this at a time before gotta yeah. He's a guy hacking it. I'm like me when he talked about you can. Like his mommy the best roast of advertise them alive I do you still event but he can't he do it. If you don't have rabies in the thing about a was just like this guy in Canada it took eight long time for them to figure out what was going on and you know it was to the point where it's serious man your throat swells up that's really what is that you get high risk meet all these different things you know you you're your skin starts to have brash as you start to itch. Your throttle swell up you know to me like. You feel like your bloating alchemy of heart and breathing and there's all kinds just I mean it's it's bad it's bad. So he works for a worst for like eight some kind of water. Government deal in Raleigh, North Carolina and what they do is they go out and they measure chemical let levels in water and factories it's again government job they go on disfigured wanna check take well what the hell's in the water but he's often on a trail assemble Laker wiping out to you know to test the water in 2000. So that's where he suspects he got bitten by the tick but no beef. No. No port and no Lampard told when you when you after the dressed differently in Chicago man and you're looking boy getting all of these state ticket that it chicken and fish down. And scampi does know that that that is far as Chicago goes in the average. Chicago diet there is little fish jabs at the out of they're not really an efficient all like I'm not even sure that they know that it exists in on me like. They might go fishing but I don't think in a vegan needed because everything is just like in Chicago it's a mixture of what I call high in hipster fruit. Meets carnival food. Its own. It's like you know like everything there is it's not a small plate it's got like you can't just up prize they have. They have the Chicago geez yeah right that that he uttered this flat this isn't like it's like a lot of late night commercial for Taco Bell and are inventing stuff and high isn't Chicago lake for years was famous for their stakes aren't you guys this big scandal the war I mean they have the oldest of those you know it famous steak houses that are. Dar can do in gene needed a flashlight to these. Guys go to any of those are like look man no because I mean what you gotta have my pick I'm sorry I can't say I'm in Chicago they do rolled by mistake Catholic. You can watch me eat Uga and I'll give you my size it's it's a little thing like. Here's some cream spinach. Here's some garlic mashed potatoes in your option Jeff is Atlantic salmon you know enemy like you've got one issue on the menu and that's who we walked up and have the menus you know like on the door when your Wacom rising sea with up there. Leave yeah heartless one like a shrimp cocktail or yellow the road and chicken I mean there really does have a Cobb salad is a bacon and it is going to be to go to all the good things exhaust on what you noticed. The Jamaican all the good stuff on outsiders lingo we ended up at a check polite. We'll let you back no I think that was all taken you know I mean he be gentle well there is some good news comment came in I don't know how they know this out just assume that telling the truth so as far as the lone star tick bite goes right did didn't. Didn't red meat on land dump ports so well you can still eat human meat though it doesn't of the protein that triggers a reaction good news cannibals yeah well if you're accountable don't worry about this to. I mean that there's pizza places you can get like a gluten free car crossed them. Human meat on topic now it is now time. I can bring law that we're trying to figure out like OK so if you get bitten by mosquitoes got some kind of disease or whatever depending on the severity of the of the disease people die from steel to kill. Is that the number one animal kills more people were absolutely tablet malaria by transparent matter is there anybody go on alert you name if it's bad mosquito can carry but but but typically it's it's kind of like that's up terrible I'll carry it well no I got a partner used. Caller don't Obey and Bob thirty mosquito. C Zoellick is the mosquitoes kennel like the dude who just gets upset and shooting kills them what they have any gadget chrome it happens you don't really do you sweat you get that. The fever and then 24 hours later on those holes wrong with you and can die no shoot and then in and you just dropped dead right. Our rights with a tick it's like that it's like that that black widow. On lifetime that slowly poisons you to death and you can't figure out what the hell you're what why this is happening it's like just open any reason to wait for snow tomorrow right and it's like we you don't know when you can't figured out because with a tick first of all people who do get Lyme Disease and all that stuff it's serious stuff and like. As he goes on. It keep it keeps in continues to manipulate your brain and how you think it bracket. In your synapse is don't always Wear them all kinds of weird crap that eventually a shoo in until you figure out that you have Lyme Disease in and I don't know what they do to stop its yeah I told I knew a guy that got it in heat I mean he. It was so far along with what they realize what was wrong with them but I mean he he was gone. Which he would show up in this is late in the mid ninety's and be like did you see the new you know new Star Wars that he was sorry about your regional one. So his mind just couldn't hit comedy just come out and meet aged. But stayed mentally kind of the same AZ is he still Ayers is still around you know me and I have no idea a look at while in that on what this Dante like with a they do anything about it mean I don't know I mean if they find it early way is that just like hey you're gonna go crazy for the next few years or is it hate you couldn't. We have something he wasn't my brother's friends either or and I was that that was always a story I heard is that you know hey he's coming over he's real nice but he lost his mind of the wind out to him and I will say this. A scary after man admittedly it's admittedly Jeff said his diet is much better. Cholesterol levels down and talking a problem your buddy Jeff is doing a correct correctly. I would just eat cheese pizza and chicken with a damaged and yeah I mean if if you like to confront each you're still got a readout of the problem I don't like vegetables some are gonna introduce them to recommend it can be a lot of pizza eaten all whole Lotta wings and seafood like shrimp scampi could correct Andy agreed now. Ali here's a jam here's here's what's going on up there now if Greece right he don't see each unique each but it still died not a vegetarian yet. Well the problem is is the average temperature in Canada most like in Alaska has gone up a lot in certain areas of the summer. And no no miles that o'clock and I massage for you believe and its the same type of conditions that we're you know found in the southeastern part of the United States woods is now with the hotter but it enables them to live there you can believe everything you hear do but this 97% of its scientists say scientists are saying let's look at simply with climate change with the environment warming tactics that work comfortable in the south are going to be more comfortable in the north to get used to them. No they look like. I'll tell you regional business candidate though it is different countries does rather than there are more Aetna. So the public health agency Canada's where the slow start to is expanding in range and is identifying Canadian locations. The may soon fall within it temperaturewise. They're trying to get there before they get there what brought a camera they say this this government is as interim well that the study the allergist is in Toronto's right got to figure Quebec is one or west north to northwest right toward the west of there are so. You're basically talking everywhere from Michigan over to say Niagara Falls and nor threatened to out so if that's Purdue all the area. I happened goddamn countries and I mean after the ai isn't as with a guy who guided and I can't stand here Tony that's correct. He Walt waters Canada waters a guy who loves to hunt he says there's an irony in developing this allergy. I've all sorts of wild game in my freezer I just gotta give it away now. I'm just gonna wake Dwayne Allen have to give all this up. He does carry an epi pen and avoids red meats although the temptation is always there waters causing allergy a complete annoyance. Still for a diehard carnivore it's a tough transition the taste of a good burger a nice moose steak. Or some venison loin chops to get very bored with the fish or the chicken over and over. And over he says. It's a commonly came in its fourth Lyme Disease goes to goes if caught early enough Lyme Disease can be treated with antibiotics. I would cured of it after having a for two months or so. I caught a fast you know someone else the Lyme Disease is man made disease and cable. I don't know maybe maybe not the way it's a problem out here now I don't care how I got here my through which do we like BS fired habits firemen. That's exactly and how this guy he can he's an ex fighter genetically altered he was radioactive resentment there are definitely would have bid Peter Parker sums. And I can humid and I'd like a nuclear. I just don't Philly you Jim Webb out of your out of four. Where would you shoot the web I'm outside of my choice I think out of cover like you'd be masturbating as an almighty god. That is now whether they're right that there's now a web. It looks like your wedding read my swing is now the web thinking that what how about worker gates about your Spiderman and it turned out at a place you shoot the web at the same place to be but you're still a good guy there is a minister your city you know some crazy. You know here green goblins were up 4000 dead even though he's got he's gonna destroy the city and only person actually stop them as you and you got to swing the early skyscrapers. And you know people are presidential sexually uptight about every goddamn thing you're swinging by your penis to the city. I feel like even know you saved this indeed took agreeing to a one man oh man people who really. Well not only will everything you know what you could do that if you can't it just gonna literally the only guy they can think they'll swing by your demilitarized legal eagle and a slug crosses the sidewalk is is gonna have a tree deliberate attempt where you've bed and it was only when you when you think about the movie rights he runs a look at what else are we want this flood June you know that this slime ball fairly goblet almost quietly with the cubs are we bailed you aim your penis right. You shoot the web you get him off put ads really you would still gonna take different decent score is the head like a guy who saved the city. What is superpower is the result of opinions yeah I wouldn't fly. What's one. Look here's a super villain man like he's going to Rakers city with whatever contractions come up with arguments always something extreme and it's. It's not like super villain threatened one person it's always the entire city entire thing is going to be killed you're telling me people still saying. And we spider. Dude I'm home fighter planes like look man I know you're uncomfortable and look stupid but we need your help will be the one food that that you would be pissed off of that tick bitch at that could need anymore you just named it just that I mean it that it beat the in the flat and I got east steak but I I Loeb a lovely pink it's almost like someone I love lamb that was pulling up a crude joke you know but throw me out like that take it is the biggest. But I'm gonna live image you're back we called the Mediterranean diet tick. How did you do that then you got a four part 999. All of although I would get calls on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network. Yeah. Yeah. Question how did you get that thing you got man who are just. Spiderman and went and outlook have an email Peter Carter does not have cigarettes on his wrist the web shooting capability is tech that he built. The spider webbing is in canisters that can be refilled but what is Billy fund their a chain of the attach it to his penis and at one of the road are drawn because we have. And that hypothetically. Since we're talking about fictional freaky characters hypothetically be double wedding out of your penis would still be okay to save the day. Yes that's all we want to know if you I didn't know that he made of himself. I'm sorry. They've got our man up and down to business by Iran people. Very serious god damn camp yeah I now do not doubt the ability of Peter Parker our question today how did you get that thing you got a far far 999 cola. PP. Hello. Jim welcome to the men's rooms. Look at Joseph Omaha. Wouldn't say first time caller long time listener and we're glad you have a disease. You know they don't recommend a good golf article all right I got the let you. Oh my god. Finally reluctantly got. By and all right so or Dayton they go on. Letter I or Dana first you might herbal working together for a few months started dating. I'm having. And this year and she got pretty upset 19 as we're getting punter for the first time in chi which are crimes upset. Zito used to that anyone at that session reimbursement is it is that don't let above it that when you took off your shirt or you took underpants when did you start ball most all the about okay. So they first time you guys have been together yet as there are no I mean I know you're getting hot and heavy you've gotten to the moment before the tears start longer gonna tell you man you know property go to most situations but. At pretty got them all yeah. It is an incredibly are absolutely and see she gets you start getting our routes so they wish you admit ship Serbia or the boyfriend before me. Thankful are my luck. His or her disparate and so shipments. And like our habits are you having sex the have you already begun the sex at this point no we were just about okay that is probably the right time to bring up that up if you're in the middle Arlen dogs at least by that yeah I mean that's like that at that point if you haven't brought like. You can bring it up reports on say in this moment you're not have a we are ready to go man to read ago when I I don't go away one thing where you were you using protection. Well yeah. And and and that you don't shoot it I just I respected her she was honest. You know I asked you questions get to be honest I didn't really obvious suspect. He's meant. I'm quoting what I don't think Herbie I mean as far as so like you say you know that it exists you know domestic diva. Do you figure just like quick crashing it for second and that's Ener1. You know I just didn't I didn't have an appreciation for the fact that the buyer so equipped. Obama is in it's it's guys like this against the keeps on giving is like luggage that's right sort of birthmark there really as. Yes so so ordained so we're were together and reason production and economic saying what no get married and so we we were together probably three years before I end up getting it. You might have you might have an Albert or yeah you might have had a virus you just didn't have any symptoms yet whether or not only words restored as one. I've been married or what situation and how America amid Dahmer in I mean my god as far as dating website I want to herpes the civilian site. Yes several any any you know saying it is thumbs ready I want you know that. He's been busy everybody is probably several children with us at Merrill over a married with herpes OK so now the mayor for twenty years from all these dating web site that I thousand album so my question to you than his ars you guys together and all that's great. To what's her excuse when she cries now Williams yeah. Now that's all you should just closing and utter a runner up passion and all you know hey yeah. I'm. Good I'm glad I am I'm glad that the one thing that can make you think of the phone finally caller sure after all these years although I did meet her beyond metadata as I think. Are weighing parlay into your other deals she's registered him and we were not mature and when we first met. She became wedged and and I've been you know Albany ma and I are used to die if still do actually renown than. So I've been a I didn't even though the term pastor Terry was around us all the years ago but any church and vegetables per one referred 27 years. So it's question do you think so that's the case in the lone star tick bit if you got rid of red meat was a red meat flammable or you don't meet any so you would even know. Now would you Don get a stake. If you're out your friends someplace. You don't have plenty of opportunities I've taken client and so forth would hope to go Morton's slamming him and I'm real coach Trish it's they didn't have Trisha just first OK though whatever I'm I'm perfectly appeasement that a lot of play were horrible about five years into that I I tried chicken and I just didn't like the player I just completely lost the flavor for growth and I have no desire. Arts and a hamburger it didn't like the flavor I just completely did not attract I'd I don't want. Let's say that you know are providing a bunch your writing them into mobile predict which I think you and advance. What what we expect on the menu scholarships Campion. Held out but I'm Ariel I'm all right now rapid hearted jabs apple come over to the Herbie house. A that's an extra garlic goes yes Margaret you want she's tore through good man. But come on Jim Smith but if not a technical advice from my own man yeah I think yes they're. Absolutely I mean it's tough to do to stakeouts roughly some of the best piece of fish ever had currency one thing about state counseling if you don't like state would ever falsely Serbs or to going to be tough they've got a hot oven man so when you got a round of a news and a lot of good stuff. All takes half of them on display you know I don't go to your pocket that. Obviously that's very slightly yes I do is definitely did not know that you could do all I ask you okay Moammar ovens gold. It doesn't do I smell which is when I needed hat Egan I guess they. 700 degree out of their audience here over here Mel GI. GO I get that thing you got a four part 999. All of Morey calls coming up a 44999. Alive. They should many things continue on the men's room radio network.