09-11-17 Seg 3 Mens Room Speaks the Language

Monday, September 11th

Emails, Your Guess is as Good as Mine is between Rude People and Languages! Plus Mens Room Rules and the Shot of the Day!


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This is dumb men's room. You are listening to. He's real well miles and spread. They're classic question 844. At 999. Old low around some random friend hello my friend welcome tournament girlfriend. It is all out again and all. And Michael let's go this lesson that young. What did you just have to do. And why because of that well you never do it again. These. I mean sometimes be but as you think to take on the fairly mild heights drive degrees you vertigo and Aladdin like you're the guy that needs to go sky. You don't do it again. On the round and round and that is what sucks for me man I can handle most everything but the round and round as the worst for me and then after that its sides and I thought about your double weeks ago I think it's a fair and you know. It's all based on height. My daughter could get on most brides except not dangerous but superfast Lamas are you know hit or miss but. One of the first things you wanted to do was get on the super Speedo on Somalia to teach cubs but but you're going around circle and in your individual thing goes on to yeah scramblers. I think at that and also I'll put my love those if what I could not help but think the miles and I'm laughing outlet but it did to laugh through an umpire would do just thank them. Morals of the polling on this guy I'm a big terror so I would he's dreaming to Zora to sit on uneven uneven and that's get like it's that I have a five and a six and a half your. And they thought it was also I bet they did it Heath. So would you just have to drive little to do it again. At the top one arm of the boot. In Indonesia. How about how about late night with nothing else better to do they'll let me it's money out if the casino. I did it out for all locked in so quickly it was ridiculous. So how much money did you pull out of a Tia. Yeah only twice that helped. I thought well how long did it take you to blow throw cash. Honestly less than now and we time ago. That's the thing I'm just sitting around not to do got to meet between ten and 118. Tiger so that you're still the safety zone of being able to use the ATM. Yeah corrected petition went to sleep. Or you don't jump on QVC in order jumper that but I think right but now didn't do either of all how much money did you lose total. A double and about. What what what does QVC have ethical hundred. I had no idea. At all matching bracelet and necklace man I mean I do not watch QVC. Of the day I'm flipping around and I see that it's on some check this. In it was like the chief of working jewelry that can turn your skin green kind of thing in this woman who's pitching. So she's got a little thing but that's the industry. You can't even tell them it's plastic I mean oh my god this is so bureau which he's got a kid so she goes this whole thing that it's the gaudy as ugly stuff and procedures like win and lately. Before you order just to order now you'll get two of these Omar got app Orleans flip the only cure is selling plastic jewelry. And you know anybody that really likes that channel yes I know I do rule they want to constantly in order stuff in there shopping and says thank you you get the weirdest gifts from them and not that there are always bad tips you don't normally got it right you're asleep worded this exists that you. Fouled and neither artist but yet it's always just ultimately not to use it rate went what did you have to do lend and why want to do that again aren't really good on a burning man here the Reno gazette journal has more on the man who died after ends of the burning man festivals effigy. I guess that's the final night when they burn the the big burning man. Now paper him Saturday night and Vernon Saturday it via and then you have Britney has lost on that this wasn't so they've been the big burning is on Sunday. Well the big burned like that's the main that you would see the man burn on Saturday but it's not only did that's okay our next day paper and how Chris how big is that the oh my god. I came amidst begin to describe it it's it's it's insane isn't us it's gotta stories fell 6070 feet tall the I was there and then. There's ring a fireman there's ring. Like the burning man black black rock city kinda cops then there's real cops. And then there's fire spinners outside of when and how hot is that thing if you let something that lord I mean. You mean when you make heat right right. So there's fireworks they like the man they even put like some charges in a semi movement some of those things go off mean you feel about your good hundred. I think at least a hundred yards away not far how do you think this guy got closer he center's three while two rings of security for short of what was there before all of this stuff. Right all right all that stuff and then keep in mind amidst thousands of people lined up right and then outside of that our rings of these are cars going. So how he got all the way into the inside in dodged everybody I don't know. The president Rosa Aaron Mitchell when he was 41 his first burning man he was attending according goes M last who's in her son was originally from Oklahoma but have been living with his wife in Switzerland. Other co-founder burning man crimson rose says it's still not known whether Mitchell intentionally ran into the fire after breaking through two layers of security. Or whether he accidentally fell into it as security chased after talks held the chest were pending an official said the Mitchell was not drunk. Authorities are investigating his death we don't know who probably don't drawn on his part Oracle's some kind of I think it was induced by drugs according to a statement. That is my gas I give a theory I've heard is that right. He's like Wright and Iran when they start chasing them maybe he didn't realize how close he was and that fellow over the Islamic do you omen. Brenda have comrades but busier marine mammals literally. Hello little weird things about the shoes are really grown yeah popular badly. Kind of just that it was different America than just getting a little through commercializing this. Mac commercial mentally people that shouldn't be there innocents are going that was the feeling like okay which I don't know people like me really helped that. But yeah that was the field a lot of people I know the to a lot like it was. Done with Jeff. Hello Franklin's welcome to the men's room. All our Iraq. I pray go let's go this ran a question for Leo what's what it would bothers you the people do restaurants what do you hate the people do when your restaurant you would drive you nuts. I hate when people. Wipe all their food up there Mays and then put their NAFTA in my. On the table it's just nasty to me can you see all the stuff that we're gonna phase and then just. Ever the stuff goes on her face was on her plate before that. Right and I don't did you what are your faces something different to what you ate is under on the map and I would see that's use yeah but I mean if you eat wheat grass and into wipe your face because inevitably you need to ready barrier napkin. Nothing I mean to be fair I'll put my napkin under or on my own plea agreement sort up on the table but. But still understand America looks grows but I know it's just the tangy sweet and sour sauce to Japan and Sweden several wings that you just. Well while growing up my parents or his but that napkin on them and so it means like. Looking at it's just like put it on your laps that we don't have to stare at it I think. Okay. Yeah to raise your parents got you down by and they got to pass the bounty. Yeah exactly what about out like when you go to replace a man of the cloth napkins does that bother you. Yeah I still like there on your act. Yeah and can mount Zion kind of do how bad how manager germ phobia. It like I mean. What keeps you out like what is the one thing your leg Oregon and Alaska I wouldn't you pull those we will read your hand like when you open a public buys a restroom door you've got to. No noted though it is Internet but if like. If I keep somebody like it's. There actors they're not and their ears summoning got to shake my hand back and addresses me out well. Yeah yeah how old men miles and I use sort of with a minute drama vote and you will not believe this he is our friend. Today we you threaten to put a monkey and resolve has all the stuff but he I was in Durham followed them. We can always see at a we've got a wall what is the I guess that's the best way. Indian milder bickering about something renew refuses to follow but the guy was standing right outside of his office and I'm remembering what he's remarkable has been more irritated Lopez. We know it's done before but it's one of those things where when we caught him in conversation. Danny standing up our resolve those reveals in his right hand is not quite on the doorknob but he's about to Walter's office resourceful and house when did he stays frozen in that position. Hold conversations maybe fortify a second but like a senator relieving on bad terms of miles as as his finishing salvo to his new home journal Pope. Squads down and makes the god or handle the effect and the look on the students face and I think. You would not go into the office that this is pulled the sandbag discuss the. What did you do that man over as arrogant belief. All this is off a little survey here that they did in the UK about rude things of people do it restaurants things it just annoys people in the there. And a lot of them are very. I guess English asking for ketchup and a fancy restaurant literally have catch on the table there anyway right now. You know maybe doubt detain those are little overly 25 years ago but just I got a hamburger. As for catch up and it was an the rest rooms and lobby of hotel essentially. And the wager is real weird you know I'm American main city of catnip like an Andrew Bible. Yeah and I don't care apparently got seven star hotel Michelin rated dressed for ketchup they had your mind about this woman the clintons we're panic she's home. Okay yeah hold on him and his friends for ketchup so. She comes my attempt to get back right now Barbara called it's just it's raised him it would help jump back and it's a sterling silver bowl which has answerable. It is full look at it is on top of an actual baseball early which is an eye on top all the sterling silver plate as she sets and want told us that payment. He took were yanks there isn't another yanked as you. We're ketchup as a bully me just hand them out. These are things that annoy people restaurants people who take pictures of their food. And you should do that at a different kind of rest and I cured arteries open up that roast beef sent that picture you know I think you know. Dude plays like Danny's release article pictures of food moment that you really only gonna do it and I think he pressure. Take pictures of food. I mean no offense the like they're the only place it's really taking the time depleted in make it look at and talk once that if you don't think that the people Davies. Put a lot of tied to considerations allow to make sure that one piece of partially they put on wordplay parsley and exactly our place to go ahead at what I don't get wings like it just be a pilot chicken wings demanded a need to be perfect now he says pasta like aside a partially eaten. Putting a phony good for Dagestan yes it is put their phone out on the table next. That route. I don't ever did and what if you're gonna interact with the phone yet is that it's just there I'm proud of doubted the eight now it just tough getting Beers to. How about letting the kids just. Of wander around and walking around again up or walking around the table that'll deal they're never sitting down to playing in me. In the area where are we at a restaurant yes well then now I think that's rude because the servers trying to work and get a Texan can take root of Hussein. But at the place of business of people that's more inconsiderate and what about blowing your nose at the table. Come to got a bull look Leo I visited it nobody wants to blow the nose of the table so on and a table at its bogon among nominees would be being too loud or rowdy and why snapping their fingers at the server Jesus. I want admiral Mike the last few buses that they can make your dad I just got to save mine too especially in a crowded restaurant whenever. If you don't know what you're going order elect a waiter ago. People that you sit there and yeah. Well this look like let him know he'll come back anyway he's he's he's more right you don't get one shot but I. Very autorad requesting questions still look up more of you cement her roles in your guess is as good as my coming of the categories today being rude people. And language that's in the way as well as her emails in the men's room and answer my dot com you are listening to the men's or radio network. Pitches you. It's true. Other retarded your guess is as good as mine are categories that they'll be rude people in the United States America and down languages we have a lot of never languages in English is obviously very popular one to believe and around there are ten very prominent languages. Here in the United States so. Those are your two categories coming up with your guess is as good as mine the first you have time for a few emails here for the men's room amends or my back I'll. Homer and drove out loud noise my friend Melissa very happy birthday could see here a little dirty German and a Melvin to head at thanks greatly appreciated that from Stevie. Are. You. Don't want engagement. So that's the name of the club attendance and. And that may have enhance blowing volcano from get awfully waxy. I come down public yet I only get we get in the news. Diligent I probably on no one rare occasion you're gonna get three birthday request in one email. Sixteen years ago during school myself Dylan and my friends who boy is that the image. The heat didn't. Dvds. And Laura found out that we all have the same birthday and haven't forgotten that day. I go get a total lack with a joy just not in the applause cheers guys appreciated. Just the yeah. Yeah. Guys on our doors my French fresh job Barry gossamer day here's to another amazing year if you go player a little kid faced sandwich I know that will make her giggle thank you guys in rock on Mitchell's that from Amanda. Skies above we get over they shot out my best friend Camby was 42 today can you give what the F is that role in original fish sandwich thanks Iraq gone from Chris yeah. Crawl jolt aspects as you for always writing my day I've just the old school just original for Sam yeah and as you four always remedy a lot of work and I'm pleased it's a dirty German talk from ISE birthday much love from your residence opera singer. Lady Heather. I'll Google I want you to match counts now so we will puts the on one but she. And I knew about it when you've been to overdoses and he. Yeah how you can Eminem's didn't collected from your last two Americans opened Wilson keeps. Yeah our dog days of my brother Hattiesburg dale is over you give a well deserved shot out as he is a long time listener. Human original face Sam woods in the dirty as of Germans talking about the time he almost lost the ball. That from his Assam a brother gay Alex the second. Fish sandwich and I remember the time you almost lost the ball and I listen to bend over bowl before you go. Let's be honest it's amazing that anybody can never find. I've seen you this source. You lost one to keep trying to tighten its goes below. I never faced jab right boyfriend Houston he's Tony party would love turtle wax and you like that in the applause thanks guys or maybe. And our guys do they go. Have had been added to have yeah thunderbird I am happy that I got denied bank failure failure to do you. Okay. Way either. In my car all the law their responsibility for very special birthdays miles abject fool and I. All so yeah skills as a valid purpose. Up you do that on purpose authorities came down mountains of it was more of this I felt the bear and I told myself. Have a grand finale at the end of the birthplace. This is subject is that she's prouder. Just heard the top ten chips from Ted's a meat and potatoes and the pattern t.'s comments are yet you can buy cheese powder. King Arthur flour cells Vermont cheese powder and it is delicious just like your finger stick it and then like and again love you guys are from DD. Go easy on the distractions what. To think you're Sagan then legged it and stated and often that's overtime to alleged terrorists through your name and a flower company king Arthur king carpeting are keys to this it Excalibur to g.'s best gentlemen she knows our pop corn meal just so you know as far as that she's proved circuits or is a crunchy corn seizes the that is at a look a little drone Kia sales of popcorn mail. In rich hormel round and who would've thought the we're gonna do is read the ingredients on the back of the men figured it all up on why don't we did get a contests and online for your guess is gonna smiles that nine right now color 98449990. Look up more. A dead was mentioning making fish food and someone made a joke about a salmon flavored fish food well one fact. Most if not all fish food is made using real thing. Need to you know it's on Campbell's yet so we hear that fishery and fix you think of late Islamic green thing adamantly was a man to renewed fears that Rica. Really animal Bonnie Cha. One album on the one of them I don't know owns what what Rosalie he'd teach. Well I mean your title these are young. Gamma kids get an owner's. I think lake. Guerrillas or something don't vote they cannibalize each other children armies chimpanzees cannot give campaign are right right right but but only likened the time of war as I understand and over infected birds are capitalistic. Birds birds Bert we're gonna beat us up beside a group of birds just all cup holder I ran over assume it was Al flew off and there was they'd. Same side bird carcass lying on its back. My you attract weird stuff and look up to birds released these are just little Tweety birds you know noted. Not the specific it was his tweet I'm picturing Tweety from Warner Bros. cartoons are ADR 200 burden either way but that's eyes got it up what again after eight but he. Analyses. Losing your segment when you guys started joking about bahama socks I'm from Bermuda. The socks and short thing is famously Bermuda Ian reviewed. The Bahamas might do it but it's not something I'm aware of some say looks weird most her beauty and under the age of forty thinks so as well. But it's also genius the urban Bermuda it's not a sell no one wants to Wear full suit to work in that kind of a wet. From Bermuda shorts that's what I'm thinking but they do you Wear that knee high dress date set up a picture of slightly better look silly. Yes I did not wearing pants in your wearing knee high dress slacks and you're not Korean drug I think it's a bold move we. Guys as well let you know the jar meat is fantastic that would be men's room original thoughts by the way you can order us a by the pound anywhere meant to live back down from my feelings world famous sausage and it is meant I had went over the weekend that red festivals fantastic. I got my 21 birthday is in November so I'll look forward to try my first legal men's room read. That from kind of well you're close because the beer is in the sausage yours walls and out of the to have that there. You suck energy straight out that's exactly again just suck on it via Arnold it's far easier events from the other day guys when I was young I had a series of odd cats starting with a sign these I had in the early years of elementary school this can't name whiskers. Was not a friendly capped by any stretch when I will go to sleep and inner a rim state she would claws out try to catch my eyes is they twitch back and forth. This didn't happen every night that happen enough to leave a lasting impression. We brought this cat amongst mothers with a us when we moved to Saudi Arabia. While living there my sisters and I also rescued street cats in hopes of nursing them back to help. One getting a particular I remembered because I was very attached to it but it died not long after we brought it home. The time all's going through a pretty serious obsession with ancient Egypt sought but the most fitting way to say good bye to rival pat would be to mummified. And make it pays sarcophagus. Yeah. A little kid way of doing this was to wrap the kitten and paper 2000 tape and then put mummified on the with body into a tissue paper box. That I fashion. My father and I went on to this dirt patch and from our home and monitored. Emotion one of those workers to follows my father handed him a hand made. Sarcophagus and the worker asked him what the hell was in Arabic my father explained what had transpired and that I wish to have a little funeral for my cats. The worker did understand the sentiment that I had for a cat so he ejected or shallow hole kick some dirt over and I streams having Adam and ran away crying. After we came back from Saudi Arabia I got another Kent. Thanks games just a few my favorite to pet memories that from a the lead out the lead out I got that right and I guys on the guy or at least I've. The kids have said about the cattle did and so whatever and is subject is red thus more guys thank you so much for putting on an awesome show bans were great cited tables cool as hell beer was awesome all in all we had a great time. I got there one state to the end great venue as well luckily we had a room with a motel next door. My son in law and daughter and I spent 380. Dollars on beer. Thanks again that from war. Very clear about something it was a great event. A lot of people said thank you got to put aside our I want to be as clear about mrs. McCain. Essentially we have nothing to do all we did it wasn't by. Hello to you that showed up if you thought it was a good time it's because you meet at a good time the things that you got to enjoy we had nothing promotions are like. Every lake again we welcome do we invited you you'd showed up you made at a good time and really we didn't do a damn things Olympics and and I will say this just for anyone that was there does know those one small thing if it matched. I thought our promotions department a little bit earlier today. Anderson thank you to them but good show. And said to them basically what I'm saying now but our promotion department up all the schools that most of the people at red festival. Actually walked up to them and said thank you to them. Just for don't sit just north promotions department say they took bad that very personally were very happy to hear that says is good. I'd all right now everybody did a hell would you there was absolutely a great time to thank you so much to him I would say it was that is one of the best seller he acts. I tied for a little your guess is as good as mine it's an easy game to play we get a contested on line there that we askew picked from now when a few categories and from there. It is not there yet you get as many right in the category as you can. Before three strikes. And you're out 8449990. Derivative doesn't online and play your guess is as good bye hello match welcome to the man through. Oh all right let me turn cars. I manually on your guess is as good as mine are categories today. Here in the United States there are tin that popular languages. Believe they're not at ten most popular languages spoken in the homes in the United States of America. And then we have for you. These states in the United States that have quotes the rude is people in the country. So our categories are native speaking language in the United States and US states with a rude is people. What's that category are you gonna pick on your guess is as good as mine. Or LA but it does go languages aren't. Survey says in this is done by the Census Bureau that there are ten languages that are smoking for the more than any other here in the United States. You have I get as many of these languages correct before three strikes you're out that is your guess is as good as mine so I think we can get a couple of them. Fairly easily and after that is going to be kind of tops up please guess English. Bush and those who apparently had spoken by America is gonna know that shocked you. I believe it's 231. Million Americans have been you know the English flag out of about 13 at one million probably somewhere in there Dana I would think number two probably after the dead guard your own. I know yeah. True shockingly enough here in the United States of America if you don't speak English U speak Spanish to bore you love. 37458000. And you probably are violent as well known that the gotten too out of the ten. This is where things all the tricky as far as the United States and language is concerned but there are eight more in fact I don't know look grant coming from the East Coast originally these are my first ball phenomenal immigrants are. German Italian and yet. But that's very eat enough money get what you like Yiddish but that's very East Coast I don't know what do you wasn't as severe best case. I mean. Right it does it break it down because they're Chinese are like Mandarin. Chinese as far as Cantonese Mandarin and other Chinese language is all fall under kind of older. You just go west I guess Chinese. A what do you think and torn is yeah yeah most popular third most popular language in the United States of America is in fact Chinese Logan by three million people. You'd think Arabic would be how it's resonated I would think Arabic media. Would Lakewood used to be speaking with without terrible what he's beginning. And a India. And you believe it is in the Indian is he the lot of English in the month bloodletting that aren't they aren't well. I would tonight's guests. Like let's get definite. Hunch and all Ole Ole. Japanese not most there are. There are some other countries in that general area that's make sure that China recently Arabic he singer again. Now I know I haven't. I don't know madame are not memory or not they hope is that the amount of people like I meet in the Middle East there's one pretty blatantly obvious villain here that's more colloquial I guess what we know from the area and why that area so unique. And the language that was spoken there you can barely understand Detroit. I've got to be three or cajun man way out oh there's dialects in here to. Well Grilli gave them back fresh breath through prince is. Look let's go president friends is number four and for the most spoken language in the United States is across. With 2000047. Fouls and it's household this week Fred your fridge real. Okay and how fast they get the top four English Spanish Chinese and printer French creole there's six remaining you have one strike on your guess is as good as mine. No ma'am I I don't want a good. Then Islamic I agree with that probably not but I'm a man Arabic I'm doing well again. But I let the beg Arabic is no matter how are aspects air obviously all. Older rock on just doctor I'd just under a million homes in the United States being Aaron Cook so you've gotten beyond five out of down. There have played a home or five countries. Remaining five languages and we think German at Diana Shannon minter. We Portuguese. I was gonna keep it. You've made NATO a big area. Spring and number wrong I was good under 1000117. And households in the United States speak Korean. That is the seventh most popular language in the United States. I mean so far you've got six out of the general one strike. Maybe do you have any. A strong. Oh. What about. It yet and yet there's an Italian have a debt. Now tonight analyst nothing has not done what it is just an outspoken anymore and homes. So these are the primary language spoken at home of the United States so far you've got number one English number two Spanish number three Chinese. Number four French in French creole number seven Korean and number nine Arabic. So there's four potential guesses remaining you have one strike left. Can't. Put billion. Indeed indeed and hello all eyes are doing your job though man. Here they are. And count on it and number nine Arabic and number eight German. German term yeah number seven is Korean at number six Vietnamese that you're right Robin I keep butchering this what was number five billion honey pronounce it's I'm not offending him what do you say he's analogue. I think it's Tagalog Tagalog the golf big step at number five. For French and French creole three Chinese do Spanish and the number one language here in the United States America. English to ask the one I didn't that. I don't know an orgasm is gonna Feyerick big break come back and do little major roll action you have did you ruled issues an email to the men's room that amends in my back I'm gonna review submit your rules here. In just a moment you are listening to the beds are radio network. Men's room with smiles and thrill. During his nose job they have committed to a diverse and. Preserve just moments. Calzaghe flash they complete. List of roles is available the website to check governments are my back on you'll see all the rules that you have created throughout the years in everyone's some politics and down to put some new and into a long ago. Guys my husband and I were listening to you guys when someone requested dirty German talk for there sixteen year old daughter. Or thriller and Ted uncomfortably laughed their way through that moment well and my husband said he thought it was a men's room ruled the dirty German talk could not be requested for underage listeners yes no. I'm a woman I can't request the rule but he said if it isn't a rule but it should be thanks guys stay beautiful that from the lovely Heidi. Well not a rule I look man were. Long story short it's the parents and Astros. But we tried in miles wouldn't pass it no I didn't know I think it's though the look on her as good as the legit dirty Germans we want this to be a rule. This we know ya gotta know everybody are after the Euro. Hello guys are live on. Others on the other hand just don't care how they act on vacation. Whether it's on their way are how they driver acts so shall Lisa my question is basically for you guys in should be a men's room rule. I as far as acting on vacation in a new town or city do you guys have anything with pissing off the locals are any rules you try to live by thanks guys that from Austin. You know a man here's a sensible to where people go on vacation that they're gonna let loose. There's a good chance you're gonna nor the local look I'm a guy where in my old hometown fiber walked through the tourist trap I note that I'm already annoyed tourists are going to annoy tournament. Tried to be polite and all that but you're never gonna win. You're never gonna wet now personally everyone's. Yes and you live there than tourist annoyance to our current and he's right I mean I get it it just electoral set like people are on vacation like they'll have to work tomorrow. They're probably eat more and drink it more than they normally do what is everybody's I'm Margaret people and and what is he like thing it's the right way to do things boy that's how most of was and a don't quite. Is he much wherever a lock on the alone going to work and everyone else is on vacation. Nobody wanted to do like a block west of like 11 o'clock Wheeler avenue of the year much of I'll let it prey to it you don't have a job embryo vacation and they were the overnight could be as a true and threaten to throw out. Here's a passion for Mandarin rolls stop it appears next time they'll that I want to go out there. Guys when one needs and uses a wing man's help to score what is required to reimburse said wing man within the next week of their efforts were successful. Or basically if the wing man helps you get laid the wing man should be repaired repaid and doesn't this come from the wing man yes it does tears dramatic Jeremiah the wing man that about that when one uses one needs wanna get scored about a reimbursement for the wing man next week yourself. I thank you get a reimbursement of some guy with the pace of the next bar tab but I think is far as your time frame you need to establish that with your. I honestly. Like you say thank you or you might I am appear I've never actually thought I got paid his due back. Don't they just beat a good friend right now cabbage or not like Olympic you look wing man you don't know you're gonna get into that scenario when you go out yet that's not a complete planting like I'll be going man tonight. Now it's gonna happens with a hot chick isn't hitting on you and is sitting on your Bret Bret that's when you go that's what I would only doing man you become a you don't plan to be that would amity and ambient wing you know. Just kind of situation we I beer or something but I note demanding repay eight. Just sounds again it's weird wind and I gonna pass on islands are. If you have sentiments are enrolled this year is an email to the men's room lemons are my dot com and make the subject men's room rules are ideally that is Greg attack. So bloody okay. They're deserves to be ready. Men's room no. It's just the way news. You're the toast of hour. Did you have it as then as usual way ahead to the during desk and Steve throw vilified outdoor tells you it's indeed today we toast an unidentified nineteen year old woman from Ontario Canada. Outlets located in the Ontario area of camp. Now last week he was given a ticket for distracted driving. Now the police did not say what was distracting or bunt in Canada. Like America they have those pesky idea that maybe you should keep your eyes on rolled into driving. But anyway eleven minutes. After you got a ticket for distracted driving our honoree crashed into another car and if you're wondering why she crashed into another car. It's because she was distracted. Does she was a rummaging around and our car. Looking for the distracted driving ticket that she'd just gotten. As a result of that they pretty much did away the distracted driver delegates she was charged with careless driving. Which is a whole different ball away if that is so I don't know what she was dog but obviously and off the account pulled girl too distracted Brack right. It could be texting be food whatever and they didn't they give the ticket I don't know she dropped to. Forgot were you put the ticket but you start looking around in her car. While driving out of the strike gravitated and slams into an AMOCO and then what was the second ticket they'd ever. That time delivered arm of the delegates right you're going to arrest you for Carroll's drive so she got a ticket. But when you only goal eleven minutes breach claim to know the carpet you were distracted again looking for the ticket they gave you for being distracted the way. We're going to take you to jail because clearly you did not understand what we're telling. A level you have you amendments later yet so if you look over the tickets they total depressive but she even lost it back. Apparently everything about her appeal like the fact that you lost a ticket in her own car or an eleven bush got over Carter to. It has to be there. Right and you still lost. You could call the consulate to pay tick yes and that's just they woods hybrids a blustery. Report on those bones imagery does booze because when they get the young man got back over the tong and down the throats of party in our Tommy's. I'm holding a vigil. Ticket does a lot more profile that's we'll take color nine right now a 44999. Old shenanigans continues on the men's room radio network.