08-09-17 Seg 3 - The Mens Room Uses THAT Term

Wednesday, August 9th

Emails, Who Sucks Less is back! The Word has Buzz Words to stop using around the office! Plus the Shot of the Day


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This is dumb men's room. You're listening to the men's room was miles and spread. Still got our third of those socks left our question today what do your parents do to embarrass the hill. Out of view 844999. Cola. Hello Cody welcome to the men's room. Oh god. I do and now horrible Cody we are doing great the last dollar to the new call them blew the whole thing it's Sox now. All about the make a worse Gloria good season. First of all Akeelah. Obligated to inform you gentlemen that. In relation to that previous call a couple of called ego. Eat you know Diana part and Star Wars went on solo and later on that planet. And there are trying to blow up. That army base and they know little beer creatures doubled amount Mazda but your greed the salute he walks out that you brought did not not any law. You'll eat we understand that the joke was was the Elop was going to grow up to be to bock yeah sure I'll add did not look past your brain. You don't think he wants lifted Julien said one day I wanna be like use that big hit reasonable bitch you. That's the director's cut a return to Jeddah. When you are who would yeah I can see that you. OK so. When I was about and to be nine years old. My parents well I wouldn't call them abusive put it probably walk the line a little bit you know like when people do it. But. So I was an MacArthur Alice maybe a bit of a bad kid I don't know what I would strive accuse some poor I didn't put that seat Illinois expect some print. And car what she was driving. I wonder what are right which you tricked out and she stretched untraceable bit. I can't. Well I don't look a little fingernails this time you actually go else you know so there's there's some marks it's not horrible looked at all the blood. That's growing bad you don't again you know your mind and I can't yeah that is not okay. No it's not it's okay buddy you know I don't Connecticut have been the worst injury I suppose what I am trying to stay on us like go to school. And I tell everyone that I have stretched out because. I had a cat. In a scratch on base and I sold it to everybody believed it. Yeah most you don't think it was your mom this. Thing is that pretty and so. Everything is going good shirt double there is nobody really talks about it you know I healed up pretty quickly I'm but I called and the office one day and the middle class. I'm like not sure is gone but I guess it down on this counselor. And the likes of total revenues race. I totally cat. And I try to some whole story to manipulate. I know what's going on in on an umpire and it. You know we need to telling the full story. They wanted to do a whole investigation and my parents. Ended up happening is arm. Mom was. On Saturday but you're also a teacher. Com. A pretty well respected person but until I don't know. She kind of took all of a situation normally not much else what happened but. Then it really didn't too much trouble. And surely they're after. We got a cat. Or LA oh thanks for that yeah well how's your mom now it's year round. She's still around is she still have a snapped timber. She's a little bit angry lady which doesn't mean that kind of stuff anymore and we we are urged not a couple of years ago. Good I'm glad to hear that I'm glad you were able to forgive her. It would only I mean ironing out I'm glad you're able to forgive her though there's another I don't know nothing you can get exact that's why I think we'll always treatments. He's far far 999 all loaded your parents due to a bears and a lot of you out and pick me up that was hello Evan welcome to the men's room. It's. It's. Worse and worse and worse every time we get another caller. It turns more to an ass whole we just got corrected about. Well ought arsenic content and diplomatic. And this is that I could country itself. I took back another probably thirteen fourteen years old and Gracia I'd didn't. We're told everything out we you know that everything well and her kids walked over to us and he. And that says. If we want Amare walk like a little bit of money you're due out in nature and that I don't I don't go to. On another extra hours later. Well I didn't even look at that kid it's. I'm. Oh oh yeah. I damn I mean did you guys look up in Cuba. All around me. Why can't come I'll put that back and amount. If the. I did mark you didn't Doug the plumber here and all of you know I I captured in the open at the same time we didn't like it and Internet. I try to enjoy it didn't take that and it scared by blown out on an about it. How long I don't know how long ago was that how many years back would you say that was. I'd say. They didn't pan not yours elect. In that period of time that person who goes on knocks on someone's door who's ten or twelve and Robertson shoveled a snow or. Blow believes government mow the lawn they have all disappeared and the new generation of that age doesn't give two flying at about doing any of that stuff they do not want to do any chores around. They do not want to make their own money for any reason. They don't wanna do anything but sit there on their phone in their computer you can not buying that hit an important that was the last kid that ever did that they went around at that you know amenities and summer camp you know I who has given that activism by tutored with all the slaves like I. I'm out and I wonder how mormons I'm out what did it can't ever actually did that dude is they would I think he says. Ought to try it I had. What it's really scared OMM. I have like governor and you'd like. And my shirt you totally understood what I was speaking and so you're like okay. Thanks very kind of walked away as early October. I didn't. I'm not totally sure pick clicked a camera not it definitely do. Click with him. As the black guy I can tell you you probably knew your dad and look at him and understood there was this a situation known thing what Dick like luck. My kid he's what five little and he has the more of a partner in the daddy did it. I didn't really could I give you ever wanna hear black kids voice dropped like almost dead. We didn't own. A bookmark your way as I've mapped the human edited by our that's our would be suited me. Dwarf we've go to do. What is your parents do don't bears they'll out of view a 44999. All. suited to the that would come at the hilarious in a voice about a little daddy he did and some. We're good student. QA as a hello job welcome to the men's room. More and all. Stop. Though throwing out. We are very coal. Pick up truck big gap reached at deep court ordered. You're exactly when or another or act fired her. But that would that stage he looked at the trucks and there are also military did leave immediately going to admit that but. And tattoo artist Eric yeah that late the art. Comic art school. So embarrassed that this truck. And Utley. I that he could trot out. Earlier over by the order so that nobody would he do to Abbott struck. It did you explain asked film as actually wanna go beat Coca. No absolutely not at the time I'd sit down and aren't particularly adept at just throw up your pocket out and so we're yet ought. Like why don't watch it or cute military and L everything or so. And he goes there any notes in Goodyear bears aren't here like I popped up an epic I am I could just drive me out here. In my own no not now that the results. I'll. So we decided all the way up or school school. Or at about. Ten steps up to this school and they were all caught street about fifty feet long it took steps. Portraits of shrine late audits or and everyone thought the look. At the drive up on the sidewalk. She's. Are born again. And he has slowly crawl up the stat. Yeah that's a whole lot yet week. Left right. Now you can get out. Oh. Without seeing anything or grab bag jumped out and Lilly and wherever we start and you laugh about it now all right. I actually end and we still do it at my best granite at that point story. Yeah you're ever notice that did you ever miss the busted him. Yet and now I got to end at the at a and it probably weren't ashamed of too much after that it. Yeah that's a throw it left coast and but you when you've been embarrassed for a good like that happen on other matters. How I'll put it that bad guys Africa at that that's exactly the notion that it has anyone who's ever put primer on her car ever followed that up by actually having McCartney to know if there's a primer as a primer like I don't know like clay color. If a great camera goes it goes agree meals also a vanish clay color that was also a line and it was just. It was always that old and new people that have these cars and so we deal was just that. Like I knew them for seven years normally do I don't think you're fine there's never went to actually know ain't the guide him mentally and even if in Eagles just a switch like he's idiot what black or one hand or whatever like. The initial thought is that just need to get a door and I would paint give it up there but that never happens either Alberto beavis is that he's a primer dispatch in whole or hold new panel can be a whole new hood you know it doesn't matter like. Eventually. This thing's going to sit in my front yard until I get another one to put aside at it and two you're dealing with when you habitat the car. You've got a guy who's got seven cars at home and one day one day. He's gonna get in there is gonna make that maverick start up again in six. Cylinders are gonna come back to like or it's gonna be covered in weeds. Grown over it just kind of slowly sink into the never to be seen again yeah we have one and our driver for awhile it was a look. Mercury lynx. Back home never the day of the hat back on this. They didn't work out what that's right yeah happily throw stuff thinner the lake they were good for that you never wanted to be and it. Yeah you know like it was we and what that dot omni for awhile which I did not understand what we act my problem was when a caller guy when he rolled all I'm normally. Did he have a stroke like why would he pick that it was so far out of Rome what you would normally want to. And I'm like man I don't you wanna get in this call and I remember I was around fourteen or fifteen adamant he was said to me is like. Hey don't go over years and utilized in this can be yours outside and I'm not going to get my license could miss the current drive. What did you bears do still bears the hell out of view we get your emails coming up in the men's room at midterm livestock guy you are listening to the beds are radio network. It's. Hundred dollars people Mandel might exist but I have a back. Our cause did when did your parents do to embarrass the hell out of you would get about your emails here for the men's room amends or live dot com. Guys I was a child I wanted to pony so in front of all my friends of my birthday party my pair. It's gave me a stick pony. I guys FedEx Mike here I have a great one for you when I was nineteen years old my parents paid for me to go on vacation to Jamaica. So we get to the airport. And I put my bags to the extreme machine and on the other side they EL bag Jack. They pulled me aside over of the bag and ride on top is a two foot long sword duel though. And a handle and a guard on a like a sword and you know what the business and looks like he. Yeah that Christmas they got it is a gag gift the TSA agent pulls down says this yours I'm like what hell. My parents are just sitting their cracking up and they put it and there's a joke. All the way back I sneaked it in their bag at the airport in Jamaica I'm laughing as they go through and no problems I go through a bag check. It I'm like god god and again they've pulled it out and ask it's mine embarrassed itself. Unless the all of my parents have been separated for about forty years we all got together my sister's house and we brought our little puppy. The dog jumped up and started licking my mom's ear my dad said he always did like it's on in the air. That from a Brack. So this is story how my mom and indirectly embarrass my older sister back when Titanic came out along with that game that god awful Celine Dion song. After watching my sister was a big fan of Titanic for all the wrong reasons the song the romance and would not stop singing the horrendous song. Which he realized she could annoy all of us with a railings it only doubled her result. So after the thousand thirst a rendition my older brother concocted a plan to my brother grew up to be pretty proficient with computers found a way to recorder singing converted to an audio file. And then make of the startup sound of the Pamela PCs so it would play every time someone turned it up. Then we waited until she turned it on while she had a friends over and watched their reactions needless to say it was awesome. Out of Amman and Paris are exactly she didn't tell my brother to change the setting back into my sister promise that she would not use the music to torment us anymore. All of always learned that sometimes the best solution to a problem isn't always the obvious one that from Jeremiah A comments today I got views and my dad you know the use of bond when eating hot dogs at a girl over one billion. Shares worth bar on was and he replied as quote out of the brawl ball and I mean. For me now Liam he's not my dad used to wears tight or wide he's usually stand around my house even a quiet friends. That's never. In Baghdad would talk on the phone. And when I just you're on the phony marriages like in his tiny white eighties attractive picture armed marine and Mikey gets to count or like talk gonna weigh in night. Nick in years stuff found that Iran's thought it was the whole look. And my mom was so embarrassing you would bar in stores have been stopped attract people and I'll loudly blamed it on the skids. She'd throw pads and tampons that within the store to make a whole bustling with our paled hurts him once she made my sister chased her own friends with a bad because one of imports from Jesus is if you don't ever if you extreme as here for the men's or amendments or live dot com yeah. And Elaine ago it's Alicea hello guys. It's my son Brian stand birthday and my sister Heidi sporting a bird take a look at turtles Sachs where they suck it up cupcake believes that from Lori and Caitlin. Guys that is our daughter's 21 birthday would be awesome of Uga givers shelled out heavy 21 birthday touch it don't get too crazy. Did you get a second a cupcake and some dirty German talk for her 21 birthday thanks guys that from now. And I open the book they renew my glue gun made the student. Yeah photographers birthdays and that the perfect time from the Simpsons. It's the bug to me in the Booth. And two shots and it's and when we get home to get the last attention but. Guys have expressed no broad Diamond Hill I think Iowa for my birthday is the dirty Germans talking about beer thanks guys kibo of the great work that from James in Portland Maine. Yeah. We both like the beer I would take much much and you introduce you to my videos that. I thought he could deal just involves one thing. A lot of credit and don't forget we really enjoyed some via. To perform in Africa. I. It's our visitors sons Tony for a turnaround has done please give a big old blogger evidence Serra pale and happy birthday Andrew that from your lovely family we attack of the bong first ones. Oh. Hope it doesn't what goes on to my sister char main she's in the Coast Guard recently got transferred to rule. A lot who malign a lot and the ooh I'd like to assure Abby Tony sixth birthday can you get if they sandwich at a second up cupcake thanks guys from and oh. Please wish happy birthday to my husband frank the most amazing guy ever can get turtles thanks thanks so much remained the all the jewels giddy and happy birthday shout out with a cut dead bitch off and you like that to my awesome boyfriend Norman thanks from Cassidy. And it now. Column. Still look at you as robotic Erica have a birthday today is an awesome guy also gonna get some dirty German talk about the joy is a becoming a 26 year old stud thanks a lot guy. Two pieces good days at the time to pull in the burden. 26 the black lips of an upside down. Add a few numbers they do have sixteen I think. The math is taught in Germany. But don't do it and I had my husband doesn't birthdays and we just visited Germany gaining given some dirty German talk from his wife Ashley. The end of your book they might think of this Molecular Insight. Now let's be very careful and I'll show you my son had. That's always my bogey bunny drew a happy to what he's seventh would make it through the day without him can you have a below turtle wax with really yelling wound a little things guys from angry Andy. Yeah it halo. Had a thirtieth birthday to Tony McCain now by Italian brother from another mother also to miss sunny LeBlanc and ages seekers over 25. I give Tony your best Italian accent a birthday please for sunny some dirty German Taki too it would be great. Had a dim the dirty term. He became a two agency would you have a new constantly to how could go down below to come. Now we're also wishing me happy birthday Sammy McKeon I'd love to us. Who deserve it Avian. Dragon original measure that would drive 34 birthday today why drink all the men's room gold that I cleaned out at the whistle stop. Thanks guys and rock on. I'm aware that story is I wanna go. The whistle stop just now the fun story that we're Yemen Campbell was stopped you start was an enemy to stop all that was supposed. Guys from the many. Fans that make airplanes or we wanna say thank you your stories guest interviews events and humor make a long commute less of a pain in the ass. One of our Brothers is turning a year older would you please give a happy Aybar to have number dated Jason. Let's see here how about some Stephen dead dirty a dirty German talk. For the in house Germans here is a description of the man. He's really liked relates all wait do nice to everyone and stands out in the crowd with his red hair and goatee keep on rocket and thanks again guys. Yeah I want to see the red goatee but the phenomenal thing. John you flip them upside down. We expect him to change a fast. Guys always my brother then it would no man had reported mr. brown the son please give an original face and was it a big old because. I. Guys my husband Stewart turned 54 today loves you guys never misses the shout today can you guys in the face sand wedge and a little turtle sex. A PS he loves the way you say Stuart. Thanks guys. Areas to where the air India. What else do you Wear. It is. A house. Hi guys here you go. Happy obviously. Yeah they have a bird. Obviously. I create good paying you to pay you big day ball boy this subject is red vest we have more Saddam is for read them all right here they come. Hi guys we are brewery based out of Bonnie lake in huge fans of the show in the station. Wondering if you guys were looking for brewer worse more red as we would love to be apart of a thanks guys that from Luke had lost woods Rory. Absolutely we're looking for you to be a part of that man probably the most he'll be in touch. Guys were you on a short list of ideas or read this but I want to pass along something the guys did along time ago. Did vs the FCC lie does bring interest in the first time I think it via a great intermission activity what do you guys think that from Beckett. Well yeah yeah like timbers a day what. Devers is the FCC is a lot harder than you think when you tried on your own. I can't I'm amazed myself that I can get through it every time them messing up and I'm only doing it went on to a bad practice over the make him. The American people up there. Hey hey we're on the streets and you're looking for me Horry fire performer. Feel free to contact me via my email here's the phone number and I mean no I'm here looking for warmly. A rainy syrup play. A rainy syrup are tyrannies here aflame here. To play through Friday. Sounds like kind of applaud you buy for the fire hazards Armonk new fuel blame all at the red Greenland and got a bad habit out. Upload how about the men's room sausage kebab vans were exiles that John's pizza. That would be great rock on that from Afro Molly. App role Moxley the ban the and I are not perfectly read that a darn darn. Hello fellows this is your boss my phone has been blowing up what people asking me about you guys blasting me for red vest. I've not heard of for myself but the fairy tale and what have you guys had some questions about the human block enact. You're free to call or email me since I can't seem to get through do you guys that request maybe I could chip like that are on the what the hell look the fun freaky SI do list. That from the lovely Tara and I'm not on what they're here. This year it is red festival yeah he added festival and mobile do the best that is all right that's the Boll movie that music. The best of all the little boy does that fast I was also wondering how fans can audition for red festival I've played a local band called river pool. Kick ass latest feel like red vest. Anyway you can find is that they could. I think like guys that for a man. If you have a tract of lead singer probably holding a station that map. It is my dad or knowing an event accessible and no you guys need some ideas as possible to get a far just in to play a few songs in just a few new trip dress you know what man. Obviously I'm powerful people like our I would love. To see your forest where coaches up parts section. Like come on over to thrills far pale and far veil quite primitive and beautiful little acre downtown part mail yeah also BS at my wife wanted to do you but since you found that you don't know the alphabet keys and said no. I don't do married went. Yeah it's a little ones that are vital it metro red best mogul announced Saturday September the ninth in the you know glide Expos general what is it. It's outdoor drinking and other dumb stuff we've made this thing bigger and better than ever. Bands appear live entertainment games and of course plenty of outdoor drink and enjoy your peers and cocktails we've got to each of those sales benefits the seeker foundation. Also on the Fisher house will be benefited eight hours of insanity. Fifteen bucks we're looking for any ideas that you had that you would like to see as part of red festivals going to be carnival environment. Bigger better and cheaper fifteen bucks on the tickets no more beer more breweries more bands more food means or sausage. This is going to be an incredible of that what I think would be fantastic. It's what you demand from each city that the show was packed. Look if you're sending in Boston in any band blunt about down air isn't that a white guy goes out of God's mad I don't during San Jose that my child to the road trip was like Norman. I'll bring your washboard man and Labrador iron level. I know much but in a lot of movement didn't dumpster funk activism don't mandate kicks some analog the Cheniere Brothers left engineers wrote I want to get there are noble because there's a guy the worst in this building and his work again and it looks exactly hit it like Aaron you know. This week. Email your suggestions for red festival to the men's room at men's or live dot com are going to be exciting return of the word but first yeah. Israel wants to know. Yeah. Yeah. CNN a time for those guys left it at sixty to throw hill every week you bring us three stories from the news and it's up to us to determine which of these three stories. Socked the least. Now if you have like demands are on FaceBook the debate is already underway on Hulu sucks laughs yes indeed and today we have law makers that will be taking on a the mother of the year. And they will be taking on two teenagers from Florida blood stumble lawmakers. Republican lawmakers may block bolt. But the vote on a bill that would allow veterans affairs doctors recommended medical marijuana at the pain treatment in the states. With the drug is legal again so worse in states where marijuana is already. Veteran affairs of when I have the opportunity to would just recommend medical marijuana if that is what veterans to do. When a Republican lawmakers but are even having a bow on the bill and you know that means that means they probably would have voted in favor of the bill but house rules committee. They start to propose veterans equal access amendment from moving to a debate on the house floor by keeping a measure out of my house proposed BA funding. For next so produce up from PT yes the and all of that remember goes into the battle may try and help you when you come back then I think you said the best. Everyone loves sold for Renault in front of about half that's the thing rational way we will be a global want to get back. Runnerup. So anyway two Republican lawmakers of work not understanding the benefits of marijuana thank you Jeff Sessions in the big stupid. Now we talked about a mother who abandoned her tenure olds on. With special needs into what we go to New Jersey the woman accused of abandoning her two year old son and a special Beasley so it in the woods double wide. She started with the endangered wolf for a child was according to New Jersey State Police not to pursue the passing motorist spotted wandering and wooded area. Near the visitors center at joint base McGuire Dix Lakehurst near Trenton. Motorist contacted military personnel based they took the boy didn't food water treated some minor injuries that he suffered. But boy told rescuers that his mother took him into the woods with his luggage in the left them. It felt asleep but he woke up on. State investigators and social workers replace the border temporary home. While they investigated the case and I thought was mom but I today that regardless it was drawing to a roller salon and a child program at the base. But she abandoned the nearby after learning that he was not eligible for April. Jesus. I want to you common rob made about the woman's face but it was funny enough or go to hell with. And now you may have heard the story go to floor where police and prosecutors say there's little that can be done legally. After the revelation that a group of teens filled a dying man who's 32 years old and disabled. They were mocking him cursing a laughing like he drowned in a pencil pond. Other Barbara county State's attorney's office the release the video in the gold against have been tragedy. Instead the team's lack of action actually had no moral justification. But the teens have not appeared to have violated in the ball so the minute long video which police cold extremely disturbing because it is. Out of my muscle for media a couple of weeks ago before ending up in the hands of detectives. The clip anyway the takes depicts the unidentified team ages fourteen to sixteen. Laughing at me and screamed off in the distance. Before born under the murky water and then eventually did not resurface may even joked that maybe there's an alligator in the water etc. etc. etc. They tried to find a way to fund punish teams for that there's not much that they could do. So you of the teams that want a guy in filmed a guy dram and that an offense salt pond you have the mother New Jersey. To a man the general given special needs in the woods and you have your Republican lawmakers won't even allow a vote. The letter veterans affairs recommend medical marijuana to the veterans in my knee. I think is is pretty clear cover that again when I think having is pretty clear custody delivering have a good point you know my right number wrong. So I would go this I think that the group of teenagers in Florida who wants to man drowned and without help. Filmed it and laughed about it made fun of him and he was a disabled man. They suck the most. Was no question about that man's dead and he that no doubt that could have been prevail no question about that now. As far as the woman in New Jersey. I'm going to say. She. Sucks the leaks and and here's why. She abandoned her special needs kids are obviously she's not mom of the year and if you see the picture of her you realize that this is not much of the mother at all. What I'm hoping is is that a special needs child which has been taken and and has been put in a proper care facility. Basically the end result is that kids in a much better place. Did the kid was before hand this mom was not competent she abandoned her two year old this is not the person that should be able to keep that child agreed to and you to do. Stupid things. Therefore she sucks secondly it. I'm gonna say. The lawmakers have blocked the vote about allowing VA doctors to prescribe marijuana as pain treatment OK although they do not suck as much. As the Florida kids who watched the man drowned rat. They stuck a lot but there are a lot of people meant their effective and admit they don't give a flying at the so that's just horse crap. So I'm gonna have to go with a woman from New Jersey sucking the least. Yeah. Man that's a tough one and I hate to see this is I hate those lawmakers but. They might in the eighth at least. The lawmakers and the green it data analytic go to human or people I mean like before we Kimi. Actually talk about the using marijuana they should just give that the veterans like actual support them with they should do already and give them which I don't think they allow the VA to do. So the dough to with the status quo. Up by what Obama drew veteran red felt like we domino smoke with him about it bill lawmakers couldn't socket. Like the men's room on FaceBook as the debate on whose excellence continues there are reentering it tells commendable job today and the return of the word ask you to stop using these all those buzz words that's coming up next. You're listening to the men's or radio network. Pitches you. It's true coming up we'll break it tells with a shot of the day also. Here racial profiler or standing by for another condition a profile this book for. Topping our opinion ever worked at nine on the chances are you over co workers discussing. Thought showers and maybe blues guys think I'm now we avenue that we were in a different kind of an office. But those those words are among ten of the most patent office jargon terms according to a survey. Done by the jobs like glass door. Here are some of the twelve most hated jargon phrases you guys have any that particularly thick would you that you can't stand. For a while people kept doing synergy thing. Now senator wants like she's right we and that's what working together and we know stop saying it what do we wanna do I get together go have a beer. But failed to get in here to play there are ranked in the office jargon it's known as let's touch base Ryan let's get together and discussed them again. So let's with a of the phone and email averages that is not her eating together it's it's let's touch base all right we're you can took my mates yeah you know it's it's like it's supposed to mean that it's a real meaning. Writer Ira it's not formal. Put her obligated to be that let's get together in an in to get over ideas and I the next what is game changer. Translation a product idea or process of represented a significant shift in the way of thinking or doing things. No Braylon sucks because if you're trying to come up with gained teachers often seen changes. Naturally. Right yeah what if we wanna go and tell our boss of the see how the idea slide. Running up the ladder rung up flag bolt did you I found out there and back day. These are more of the things that obvious target wise people can't stand if you don't like you get off the bucks. There's also were on the journey highlighting that a company team up project has not reached its mission objective or vision. Do we have a mission statement a mission statement of companies have a mission statement and what is our mission statement a stated reason for being basically. Pick it up and go rumble that translation. To continue and activity your process of someone else started often when that person could not finish it or make it. Sometimes we call that working. How about onto puppy got the car down on ultimatum I fail to something horrible for the greater good that the punch a puppy on the our allies like yeah I heard it you know like ten but these guys for the 500 mile. The blood to Buffy on this one. And let's get our ducks in a row France and malign a team of multiple parties these are terms that you should stop using. At work and believe it or not survey says they drive your co workers grades. I buried on the part of an Edberg attack. So bloody out there deserves to be ready. It's time. Men's room no. It just the way news. You're the toast of hour show. The data advantage you're still way ahead does a great debt fifty McGraw-Hill find out nortel's. Yes indeed and then we chose an anonymous man for Manchester England I don't really understand. Why this happened or how it happened but here's his story apparently used very wildly confused. About how happy ending works so the cops and Manchester they get a call last week about a guy's standing in the middle of the women's bathroom in a restaurant. Plethora. The woman walks in the map and hears those guys out of any stall he's standing in the middle of the bathroom. And he's masturbating about the time the police get there he has left he's now gone but it didn't take them long to track him down. Because he managed won't to a massage parlor closed body. Where he stripped naked incompletely to do it himself up occupy my. He was not paying for a massage they did not ask him to get make him nor did they offer him the lubrication. He simply walked and took off his own closed. Loops himself up. In every possible part of the body in about entire sequence of events sounds backwards you. It's because it is long story short she was in fact arrested for indecent exposure. Again I guess that he goes into the women's bathroom at a restaurant Matt even in this ball he's just standing. In a little bathroom handling his business naturally he leaves and when they say the cup for Colin. And like other areas that the naked guy and without problems completely covered in blue. Which again. Back to my appointment as a cop apparently no matter what country are and you have to deal would make people one Edger. Or. Actually stand he's already in the massage part that is correct. He got naked in moved himself but he was masturbating before he went to the massage part. It makes no sense that that's why he was arrested and got toasted today. The report was booed him a drink this booze because we think it's yummy yeah bag over the tone and down the throat to party in our time days. The town hall allowed Arizona. Syndicate desk online for profiled as we'll take collar nine right now a 44999. Alone. The show and many pins continue on the men's room. Radio network.