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Tuesday, July 17th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines!


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This is the men's room. Listening to. Okay by car and I made 4499 it'll play profile this in. And we go under headlines on the way one hour from now first quick check it in my car for some of the stories and headlines he is not working on. All right a man in Redlands Gallup nevermind we discovered that I was proud and Catholic news out pulled a man over on Saturday and it turned out he was on a stolen motorcycle. So it's a golf but it didn't chase this one of the cops actually recognize the man so they just went to his house to wait instead they knew Brandon when he got home about an hour. Later they arrested him from Pedro all round I don't know guys an elusive maneuvers period is trying to shake him and everything else all the time there is an honest forged wafers as your home. How bad. Oh I get is spent a good why chase them we know this guy we've resident before business that they know formally passed down from about one of the columns like you know a man and those guys don't worry about. Some firefighters in northern California were putting out a brushfire. When a couple stole their trucks. Thank you and the cops finally complementary to our Jason they were both arrested on several charges. What does that have to be like Matt. Yeah you think I have no doubts that a fire truck number one theme for this to a fire truck while they're fighting a fire. Although it. Yeah that that's only met I love you ended the Dubai owned Dubai and you're I'm only you know internists are going to go take absurd off. I mean I think we've all had the famous feud that's the only competent but courts believe I never quite the fantasy to influence in a fire truck kinda log out the window there but I can damage. Rejoice arrive for the new dish the track fighting for why it is hard earned. Earlier this month the service dug in a Georgia let its owner on December woods but it Sonny bonds was seven kittens inside a girl apparently some an abandoned them there but that sentiment time and also even survive there ago. I know a feel good stories according to an annual general originally nine might I think buff I was with that and throwing today if there was hacked to death. But the play the dog attack all we know they found the center and you don't held up by start it says it found at seven and about out of the dog ate three of the men got full in allure of the ordered the other sudden death. And I'd like cats haven't cats cats have a life. Kids can have letters between the blood foreign. Eight or 93. But it took him with a pet store and so stressed according to an annual study the way we'll tantamount Breeden my cat she's one. I'm just saying you're you're the cat authority now yes or no identity no mental parts that I stopped and I didn't shaft. All right. And I get your job bring Gomez over many as delayed in law I don't know how long I don't believe you want is Gomez says no all you want to go mental. Things just don't miss don't don't go meant to do them in Canada one know Gomez love Justin Gomez get these. It puts in the standing position dirty Harry saved her from Gomez left. Allstate you'll broken hip a little put your right alcoholic and yet Olympics and I feel and I are telling tale. Yeah. House and my dad. What he's gonna turn to your clear out at an indoor stadium and at the demand last Luna gonna put into that this thickened tragedy. Oh yeah preliminary both groups heavier than you it. Colored dogs won't eat them the kind of. It's also been happy to have a new round even at safety. Thank it wouldn't matter Covert decisions smells so bad I mean you know it was eating an earlier deter them with a roll eyes they have cut the rope on him now and it's not that is not Aaron. I malicious obviously guarding a good at math according to an annual study. The worst drivers in America are in and hey I'm out of ice Florida's are lord known. The city in the northeast and oil did a organized enough Omaha. Omaha Nebraska Omaha Nebraska to name another home home. Naturally they cannot quit yeah Barbara that's their way over the worse it appears that the credit or credits if you could say that the East Coast drivers and after. Drivers however I didn't I millions of them feed the drive incredibly fast. And they make an error in judgment is because they were driving fast trying to get some place. I give them the pass on that because the more skilled drivers in my. So we're like you know like even take your time. And you can get into a crash and these goes Iranian aggression on 85 for I think I feel like you are draft. And is committed to a December didn't bureaucratic circles. Golf doesn't go anesthetic on the best and to go to sleep and wake up to make yourself look good. To look good yeah I'd say. Went up in the ninth before you out can't possibly be forever. There's bedtime is 9:45 PM that haven't destined to wake up to 6:55 AM to about ten hours. Nine narrative and but lately you'd article good you're gonna look your best so if you're ugly you're so. Yes it does look the best you're going to look at. Yeah and sometimes they and have people plan to go to bed early and and and that happened right and are used to watching. As the lessons and a lot of go to bed at 830. And being okay what I did early you know that they get a unity candidate thirty. Yes no you don't. Sinbad have blood maybe a watchful Netflix all right that's all right I'd like an episode are a half with having only closure Eisenberg plays that now five. Nine home what have you ago. Sixth if this is good as you're ever gonna look. It's good to hear about your good example YouTube hit that you've hit the PR list government's not worth it in my caucus is because it's gonna get and there's no. Dammit he's got a girl an academy it's where I am ugly there. A new study says it'll be modular lottery numbers and the war of the five lucky numbers of people fled the most are. On the eleventh. Seven. Seventeenth. 27. And nineteen so the seventh through a blog they didn't seven's a lucky number of men. Imagine that does that because he will play is or is it because it hits there's a difference we not play this because I believe it to be lucky therefore displayed more often. There's a difference between does this number actually show up into a win win. Iraq that would be there and I popular you have played this number of this popular. But it's the most able don't win the lottery yeah sevens lucky down in our craft now. Their heads of the day that there's a point and again you can hit a seven and and you're actually making money. There's one leg and you actually do wants instant. A high heels out from. Crocs now badly where it looks like they've got about a two inch heel in the soul is made from that rendering is spongy material that made cuts famous you know finally me I can cross dress and no my feet to protect Natalie who's gardening I can see that cafe even I don't think. A child is up and I just release some let's also many Crocs they're being injected. Exactly act. I also think the crock I feel. Late Heath urine SEC college football fan look for that soon. Yeah W rocket or mayor or exactly how but it just released new public how to toast chocolate bars than anyone wants them. Some made by literally smashing avocados and Brandon to chuck. That no I don't think the flavor carries over like that title through dominant player. Avocados. In the light clearly you can have all the O'Connell flavored stuff because avocados more amateur next year and it tasted it is kind of a flavor. Well I think there and I'll kind of flavored stuff it's got to be like. And yet again topping front pocket bright yellow what amounted say all right Mike and I don't when avocado my sweet stuff. An agreement. An expert on Brazilian turtles recently got a big award. Then had it taken away after his acceptance speech included a slide show shots of skins hey what's it like you know us and egos to view a salute to their completely hairless. All right thank Hamas. Scares the genitals and you at. The present in my journal. They get home backside hoping to move that you had to go ahead you know myself. Billick might be heads fly that he is the fact women's lives study on her as an expert on journal's Ed and his army no woman visits Brazil what do you think of when you think of Brazil you are having a leg volleyball team. It's easy to who went to its include its apparently new Italian Portuguese accent. Apparently the newest parenting trend is to throw away how god period party for your daughter. That's why wait through personal things. Think you know and I know he region of white and blue dye did somebody anybody everybody right but got a better their myriad. Would you like to bring that up north my sons and try and impregnate the brain in the shower. As a jail Martynas the play bring about punch may have does bring your Lou they announced their homeland the normal. Yeah he's actually taking a bath now. Highlight something happened to make him sell our. Safety concerns that we know that is a buys the glitz and I agree that the ball off. At a buzz the goods and Wisconsin blew through the guard rails on a drawbridge and things did not go according to plan house that's an L bottle and are now megabyte cock headlines are only one hour from now. The guy. Men's room represents. Yes throw notably several now profiled this is played. Short and mild that the symbol game where we sure do gorilla news stories something that happened right here our planet ever. And it goes into the story based on the stereotype you believed to be drove people and the decisions that people make. Bless you what it is you think makes the story to story. Hello quality welcome to the men's room. Our job. Are you happy melodies you understand how does your game is way. I don't fantastic here's your story. We go to Fort Lauderdale, Florida or everyone's crazy but in this case it 53 year old woman. He's now facing charges of premeditated murder and aggravated battery. I'm a person 65 years of days are old enough police say. She be given rage when her mother back in July. Told her. That her siblings would be receiving the inheritance not her. To multiple draft than what your sibling to get and to out of my goods you get enough. Well. That's when she freaked out and told police that Cubans liberally living with the mother. When the incident occurred while describing the incident to a detective. She said she put extra mile to the floor grabbed her by the arms quote Rick Hearst involved. The reverend all the and I would both of her hands. After the beating took a mother to the bathroom wash the blood off over. Put her to bed and then call mama while trying to make legislation I'm sleepers. The mother didn't want my hospitable veterans who died. Hello we if you guys would the irony being you're not communities will. While the daughter she was arrested that night she is in jail now. You've lived with the angry daughter is black and white makes you or do you. Actually. I am I think light. Definitely. For example I don't know who's in Fort Lauderdale when did not banned. Everything lives there or media Tom Allen a little crazy guess your when your Jewish. Now. Because of Florida Florida has a little bit of everything there is a will to be had and to all the other kids get a this woman does not get her mom's sheriff what she thinks she deserves it seems to me. To be widened in title in some way but instead of going with a normal white answer Harriman broker bongo Jewish because it's slower than it was a big Jewish population. There but the Arizona thing you should you know be my guest. I think I don't think we're quite put my final answer a Muslim thing miles I don't buy it grim find out there Nadia but she was black white nights and jewishness. With the keys you're listening to the men's or radio network. I just above as they've got a 53 year old Florida woman and I she's living with the mother and she became angry when mom says look. As far as my logos everything's going your Brothers and sisters. Solve the woman decided then to basically push her mom to the floor and you can under arms back and I guess you Joker in the field. Told Bernama the arms in the mire own admission ripped her stint on closed her work. It. Stability we ask you do you believe that this woman was black and white makes you or June. A million you're white you start of wife Elizabeth miles is an explanation start with white. I love our and I. Accident and ended up thank you know above even though I was down for TV damage game. Yeah sure. Countless hours in front of a talking. Presents. Yeah Danica jiggling cornea and that's truly all of us. Yeah I was average of the last night in New Jersey goal additional growth. They don't give David Levy the name of the all males for whoever was an obviously jiggle a code including the daily English scholar of racing Lexus ladies. It's how. So this day and age people like to get real fired up about stuff that frankly probably matters moved ballot does not hunt her sometimes you say hey. Brad Biden does have some fun. Point in case Major League Baseball. Now they have an all star game before that they have a home run under correct right now for years a lot of people have watched a home run derby. I may have fallen off the last few years I've cared as much short but. Last night to meet was one of the most exciting around everything everything I remember back in the day. You had outs the beauty needed out of the park. McCarron isn't out token of our. Are there you know and I mean today Indian home runs I forget you've got as many pitches you wanted to Jolie act and outs. But that's how they changed it now if it's timed out so you can hit a bunch of quote unquote outs. But he just a matter of time okay you get a set amount of time to hit as many home runs that you can't Bryce Harper who placed the nationals is going on Nationals Park. He just absolutely the last minute just crushes thing and EEE. Had to tie it. But nine was sixty seconds it was something in city. But technically you've got to let the ball that you hit lane in the stands before you get through the next pitch so be able that he cheated but I don't damn excited. 45 and win the masters I think. It's at his old blue. It's. Appalling to me it's. Runs got to get. It's. Good. Okay. Okay. It's good news. Second it's time yeah. Yeah. It's. So literally as he's walking off freight on that round he's our you the 32 bonus but he goes to zeroes in his last film run lengths. So now he's tied up. Via the guys even the cups and other tied up right he's an excerpt bonus thirty seconds to just hit one home run. If I remember correctly it only took one pitch India after the crush jagged. Price one. So toothpicks or one you know the man who faced a page you can watch the video many of my question earlier. Technically is dads pitching O also is dead you know this isn't all my gosh did you not see him was like Dan belligerent. Other crazy I've convinced yet so yeah. But so technically I guess he did cheat. But it's the home run derby it's his son he's pitched into and out of Russia which didn't go watch the video doesn't it feed it right there the rate he's sitting at home runs parity but I thought it was. It was also. I think the market demand. You gotta watch this thing now you know I got some good. Was dad's groove and a mom pitches knowledge stuff thanks to god and I mean you have to think he worked for them for years yet it was just pretty cool and not. I am not against a good back with the UN game I'll walk off shore but I never seen that he hit that thing and he started walking on the line holding the bat above his head. They just throw it. It's a house like that's pretty cool belly. I don't know final out of baseball I don't know I don't well I would do that during the game. But you get a lead them back flip if you took to the hands of the best thing I like the somebody's getting clocked in at the game's over there was that thought it was a good round assignment and I'm like god grant her oldest active game. Actors escalating things I thought it was great though and honestly and Timmy that was one of the best things they've done and also let's tell people this earlier like. Whatever they also are game vision thing you know and when I think based policy original one lake. You like like specially football right at the pro America sucks right but also our games themselves are outdated fake baseball started the sheets you know. Decades of go. Because people never solve the National League guys right like if you're yankees Red Sox in universal the National League guys when she made the World Series sure so I mean this is the anchor were all star game started. So to me the skills competition is the best things they can do. Two will again not only that but if you you know when you get to the Pro Bowl point two whatever. Based on how all that went down. The best players are playing in the Super Bowl they're not playing in the Pro Bowl. When you take a break in the middle of the season you get the best players that are playing to that point to another now that they could have the best second half of the season NB. All Star Wars that you want later contact football but not gonna hurt themselves for something and I mean. But unique but in baseball the game doesn't mean something and soar as the World Series is concerned anymore it doesn't address the holiday tragedy struck a. But I've seen even with basketball rightly know what not a lot of defense is one on one it's kind of fun to watch within that day. You only watch Mets Saturday night you receive the dunk contest when you see the short point contest I think Vienna vowed to seems to do some of that stuff they showed like I didn't sites like I'd rather watch all those dudes go to a skill competition and right and then if you hit that stride I smile to my C Dallas at quarterback storm football through tires. Gonna play imagine right UN wants it to seriously who's the best NFL player plays map mean. Columned do yeah you don't got to practice well. And courthouse or free throws a mean it doesn't matter what it is a glittering free throws a lot of other whatever skill is like you know it could be the home run derby you and do whatever I don't want I want veteran ballplayers do the home run derby. It's better than the crowd calling out there. Watching other athletes know try to swing baseball bats can be beautiful okay what do they did the NBA are I'm sorry the NFL dunk competition. FL I think athletes get the got to make it do you like oh my god you would want that I don't back him you know he's got some game obviously. Throughout the. You guys know Neil yup yes I would say most people if you're rock fan you know Neil Young. From Crosby, Stills and Nash in his mouth and say sometime jump into a positive he's also like each DeLia is this are front. Brigham alleged rape but he has a very unique way that he thinking that he talks. So Dana Carvey was recently unharmed with that Jerry Seinfeld and coffee comedic cars in Caulfield Netflix. But he does a pretty good impression of Neil Young you're singing Christmas this is nearly on Christmas album here. Better not on. They're not. Wow I didn't mind you know. Saying okay. Home. I think I played Braylon. Get the biggest idiot and I proudly say yeah that's funny you yelling at it down about ten years ago it was all like American love songs of lullabies like all sort of an. It's. Same reckoned thing. Yeah totally but a little America get out in spite of the fact that are these kind of does not come from Alabama. I hear like oh my god this is near equal and doing exactly that and Dana Carvey and right now about a before relate famous from Saturday Night Live. He's been a few movies. I'm here and there should yeah but me and I forgot how funny he gets that was just the one thing I picked out and there was a ton of stuff and there is impressions are spot on. Forgot that he did impression he never liked stocked stocked well. Do the Muncie nobody's always kind to the site. Play and he did bush back even there I'm not gonna oh that's right yeah rodent yes. And thousand points of Lye yeah Satan yeah they're tired than about the best. And good news that. Stranger things for hands. But let's leave it basically a teaser for season three strange things. Apparently there's a chance the gate could reopen at Walden books. I say it that way as I've never watched the show but it seems bracket down. It's all ball Walden books is more about the date of what you're ready to watch two seasons Steve to report on the script. I am gonna parlance as he's on our values of these eventually given the thunder season three I'll get there's some time. I just need some time off. By the way it's still about a year off the hook island because I got tired got I do over the bad guy goes digital order and you're really a dribble of upcoming Thanksgiving holiday we have here. You know I think sometimes it's tough part with slate with all the with Hulu Netflix or stuff like you get so used to bin much binge watching the show you. But I I do it I forget. But I think we're the hell is that our heels and you're done you're done right that will help with the third season and we'll still take some of the year to fill this Diana's life and alumni and even as discreet Kennedy's sort of watch that would lose Eugene Levy and has. Oh come on so good it's almost like watching. Best in show Spinal Tap in the twenty minute variety and it's just that type of comedy. All right it's hysterical I'm still stuck in my new superhero got to teach I'll check that out and I am I now play a game with you to. Some of you know agent's own well I'm just not positive that you're gonna handle a lot of things. People OEA will play game that you got a subject that's brazenly weighted down by TV has put out their list of the young and his cohort. Nominees. I packed event. Video of the year and all the silly goons this year evening carted me. I'll go with Carty BM Bruno Mars then make the list for the yen down the next knows he'll be Star Wars. Star Wars the guy who played listen. How could come out oh yeah and we've got to watch out and challenged and beat Al east tower was always I don't ordinarily don't mind you Udoh is probable are gonna win that's absurd based journalism awards gas well this is America with a massive mass today the video I don't video watch. Donald Glover but you just know who that is yet that they couldn't fathom who is that he's a rapper too childish Gambino though are literally elevated the host targeted to people last week who had no idea who we wise I'll run it was I was laughing like a maniac it was at midnight I've got to drop relate. Utah are happy with me you don't know Donald Glover is samaritan oh he's really did Danica has yet to sign. Tone Gary hello cal received death right right it's worth it 010. Now than I thought all that you can always see this W when you look at the list to do what I think's gonna fight so. Arianna grind days in the air Bruno Mars Carty be. The corridors challenge indeed a good call them course trick dots like death. Which childish Gambino probably win but in Ireland electric well I have an artist of the year you guys are close so far. Artist of the year regular same some of the same people Drake Drake is in there. I would just guess he wins based on the fact it is Drake and he's at a very big year for your boy Bruno Mars is an Afghan army hasn't really had any big radio airplay or anything like he's doing well on Torre's units on efforts to keep it. Yeah I guess. Those Malone gets in there. Then we would know. All right now that's what I'm to give you some name's Steve even know who they are is the best new artist you know party be. Am not really an over many. Are you familiar with either of these little fellas look fails mosey Burt. Don't I'd seen his name will pop. Yet the public heard the aren't they Obama as he doesn't mean little aggregate. What about that that's igniting a of that tattoo on his cheek to see 69 yet to you thought he'd I have it's like Alka makes club. If that is I was look at the soliciting other man I try to see if I was at some lists of people I don't even though you could tell if you're listening right now that I skipped some of the names of these categories and Annan. And a lot of live out of town fallout boys and a rock category goddamn it and realize like I'm twelve again and I'm like this press on this rock purist and yet people still get fired up and the real you can play live and love and made it a heartbreaker. There's a weird combinations of stuff out there wouldn't you know late. Even for us right but he said he was still to get sounds weird that the men drew has appear. Right now yes I do all right Ramirez I don't know of Christ like I was on the Osaka so you know I like donuts Elly beer that Seth Meyers there had a good point. Pentagon adds is partnering with harpoon brewery surely say coffee infused beer not to be out done four Loko is now partnering with heroin. At best at it let's TI if you like fear and I was guarantee like that. I get there we appreciate very again I'd my schedule headlines got a beer and a few minutes you're listening to amend your radio network. We are Swiss miles. Now let's see what's happening in the real. I you know part a man of that video burnished again starts attacking beach goers when they boat anchor. We had in the Jersey Shore where a beach umbrella blows away and peeling a woman downwind in this bankers. Caddie say look at the iron inches and 85000 a year and a woman in Texas whites often swallows a friend's nose while holding a beer. And a woman survives being attacked by thousands of bees in California is that your headlines. It's time it's. Yeah it's beginners might call. I've done our advice. Nicholas the Wisconsin blew through guard rails on a drawbridge and things did not go according to plan. The video sharing online so the cycle is weaving around blockade keeping cars off the road as the bridge rises and making their way to the risen bridge. As they approached the brits the cyclist fell into the gap created from the bridge rising and disappeared that if all you know as the bridge rises dress like right where it could be the beginning of the bridge if you were meets the road they're guys that have to be that little gap there as as it kind of goes down into the road. And they feel alone. Yeah paramedics were able to get the site was in the by Canada GAAP and take them to the hospital they shut down the bridge because honestly didn't know where they were. So if that came shut it probably would have been Alia and even nastier seen as a you guys see the video I did not. Do you see him go disappear again they ricochet off the first of those barricades so they might have been drawn a kind of glides. I don't know if they were like attempting to jump off the bridge or. Just wanted to be first deadline for when it opened back up but it fits it didn't fizzle Barbara you know now on a bicycle. And among our picnics I. If you keep losing momentum is continuing to go off it's drop there was a story fighting gravity it was a story few months ago and I got in a Saturn is basically the bridge started going out from underneath him and he made it try and had a stout and a little effort friends in other news to go to Florida where a man has been arrested for disorderly intoxication after he made quite a scene at a local beach. The man was seen by many witnesses stumbling around the beach cursing at patrons and even swinging a boat anchor at those he deemed necessary. When asked why was swing in the anchor one individual in particular he told authorities that it was because he ruined his checkered. Fable couldn't help but notice the smell booze on his breath that he was arrested odd days a long time ago to get on your decision as bona. When you really got into the final I'm ready and are definitely got another way to hear it and get one shot man was amazing as is the enough boats anchor with a rite chain on it on the beach just a freaking boat anchor is ready to go to town and attacked the auto involved there's. There. It was actually swinging around flail style offshore thing. You know goes set up goes our writer on the beach than tactics and it. We do a fair job opportunities that are making headlines for those currently in between jobs or one of which is mattress firm were looking to hire a snooze turned. I and injured but it does news from cemented into. They'll be responsible for testing the mattresses and creating written and video reviews of the products must be quote proficient in mapping of regardless of the time of day. Good but I don't think they didn't expect like the dog just evens things out. People never noted that there will also part demand for instance like that all the way and really cushions and the US. Is Harvard from page 47 of the doubles and I doubt that Saddam did. I love the adjustable back. The other is an opportunity in oh I didn't figure out at a Manassas he got I got Japan. About 300 miles from Tokyo thought India it enable uncomfortable there currently suffering from I need you knocking ninja shortage. Oh. They're willing to pay 85000. Dollar salary for people's time. But you know don't say much of the war the city it give me more. This city's biggest tour of tourism draw is their annual into festival with brings it roughly 30000 tourists a year. And they are currently suffering from a deep population of the town home to New Jersey apparently in this town has a very rich need to culture. I guess a lot of flooding fifth through eighth of an influence at all at it and throw it. Particularly if it. Everybody would McIntyre and I thank our time has come of arm yourself and had to defend ever been around Sony did just. Death of fluids and we're not doing that you're couldn't get it. Then just sort of his death. Stick Ouattara the guitarist for big red did not have the ideal vacation experience when she went to one of the beaches in New Jersey. There was a rather strong sea breeze film role came through and took a beach umbrella all in a man have you. You know Mike I know your if you image no. I've seen this happen before where the wind picks. Well people bring their beach umbrellas rights they dig him in the in this in the sand as far as I can't yes. Some people about the idea when these things tumbling and now you have the speech umbrella which is faced a parachute right with a big stick steer on the enemy and and it's yet to spear and so she was inhaled right by this thing is it tumbled and blew down the beach. I was just get married almighty god Dennis and I never heard anyone in Palin simply no no doubt a force that it had to and it went all the way through man because. Just say hey there's a itself like a real spike on the end and it's just a little horse right. That's a throw and then yeah I want all that weights and all that talk comes just. Maybe years in fact moraine wins being invoked through in one side that's the other authorities were able to freer from the umbrella integrity of the hospital. And some dude ran over worked put a picture of the whole Lee asked caddie. I think we're safe here is to have each of these expect the rubble assault a woman at Texas is facing charges after she attacked and neighbor of our friend. The three women had been spending the night out together in a bar when they return to the neighbor's home to the to end the night. The woman wanted to keep the party going but the neighbor wanted her to lead instead. Woman and attack the neighbor dragging on the ground and biting off a large chunk of her nose down. The neighbor. I don't smelled that bad I'm sorry I just see looks like it looks like the kind of human and you look like and has battered in May god you I guess you know I knew she was sick in the hospital for emergency surgery normal with Brett about that for headlines that might not. Per share on CNN sound there turn of blue Sox last the word is Bagger wondering Intel's with a shot of the day yes indeed it is all true but in the meantime the we below a vocal track. So until next time do we do best in coral because it. I bet yeah.