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Monday, July 16th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines!


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This is dumb men's tour. Listening to. This film is standing by we'll take collar 9844999. Old little play profile this in. And I would have your headlines only one hour from now first which I did in my car for some of the stories and headlines he has not working on nannies not wearing on them against. My cock is in here seeing you all throughout your garment off. No map is nice I'm about to graduate being distributed to Andrea what good would he not work. Looks like Kellogg's has were called a bunch of honey smacks cereal now the CDC is telling people to throw away all their old boxes because all the a Salmonella outbreak that's affected at least 100 people in at 33 states fortunately most of you do not eat honey smacks cereal. Oddly enough miles McDonald's has sickened 100 people believe it or not with a few different restaurants it's true. So gun illness outbreak they believe it's governed from the McDonald's salad. I cannot believe that it would goes to McDonald's for the silent only does this affect the door and puts over 100 people didn't make those are two accidents as salad fair price. Yes you're right your pride that he both of those if you want to get us out of McDonald's. Saying. You've almost got to sound McDonnell that is lighted place itself practiced again burgers and hammered him for a a match is coming in Houston is looking to hire an intern to test out Denver mattress is a blog about it. You just have to be over eighteen and quote proficient in mapping regardless of the time of day. Gotta take an effort into. I really don't travel to. Taft I'm headed to an eight years ago and professional NAFTA. I got a Massachusetts that has wallet stolen on Friday vale. Are hungry Siegel. Okay yes have you guys been anybody and a crow come into yourself lately. As is not active in the crow this morning than to neighbor's yard it adds is keeping an I mean squat to me. And realize I was an interest to be disappear relatives friends and now I doubt. At a malformed full of food. Did I told him in the pros my neighborhood for a while now. I don't care what Israel thought they were Armageddon they know their stuff not only donate I watched OK so I was watching up well blog planet earth to him. I there's these crazy big ass site Eagles and they hospital and then there's not a lot of foods there's like a fox are summoned. The crows come out to the Eagles. And start bothering them. Pestering them on their next to distract them so that they can steal those things will get the grab him attack the ball they're not a bald Eagles Browning who I think we've learned military bowled leagues it's incredible and would crows like. It where yard it's you can you can hear that he's crawling at you. Tornados and all of a look right badges thing when you talk. Tony for a guy Dallas parked in handicapped spot last week in my cap confront him about it he introduced the count those fifteen year old girlfriend. Whoa. Adding that she was quotes going to be sixteen since I was a day. I've also found an open container in his car and a bag of pot in the center console was. Was she disabled was this an excuse they don't know hearty immediate as part of it and I girlfriends that team don't worry she's going to be sixteen to. Someone at Virginia about a 300000. Dollar McLaren sports car last Friday and then totalled at the next day yeah. Yes they were speeding luckily they survive analysts. Pleasing is the highest dollar car. If you've ever been and the venerable event as far as the price of that the price towel Rolls Royce phantom. You're Rolls Royce and I know your rent you should have been a role Reuters Mike that's gotta be no. How much is that. I don't know I just know there was only two in the area one was professional athletes and won the size. Buddy's father in law who ended up in a federal penitent alone in that the federal government is huge middle won't. We seemed awfully nice and our commitment the guide to know if you know please. Who's not even found dead so the fact you're gonna to you're gonna rafting. A new study found that drinking chocolate milk during or after a strenuous work out can help you recover better than that. Gatorade I think a lot of people know that they'll have Xavier has been around a treadmill for three miles or something like that does not work that it's for more strenuous stuff so be around ten miles were here more and the tigers picked the thing for awhile and oddly enough the two major things consumed in my home under the beer from the from the some of Gatorade and he does things like physically is active basketball we'll stuffed in my daughter who does Legos chuck chocolate milk received that energy that you don't then snapped themselves together. To blockbuster locations in Alaska there were still open just announced they're closing by the end of next month. So that will leave only one blockbuster standing in the entire country any idea where that it still Alaska don't Alaska right now. Bend, Oregon. Wrote I'm following you spent some time there that there was a a blockbuster. Oh yeah I'm Lisa it's huge maybe they sub play other one down but yet when I lived there when I first got clear and 2010 or three of them in town which seems excessive. What double hop rock and stationary working on invent upbeat when a four point one pequot 4 point 1 every morning efforts of islands here. As they're telling Michigan notre. I I I doubt. The plot well you clearly think McCain have a a 672. People still going about 10 yeah I impaired. I hate yeah isn't anything there besides why do you heard it. I didn't have a car they just log UN with your phone number yes he didn't like Ron Johnson and there's one left. Yes I didn't need to spend the money any. Explain what they gonna check that you'll have a membership yet prelates the last war the last minute of the round. The only bad. Apple for 67 year old woman a New York was hit by a stray bullet last week. Twenty years after she was hit by another stray bullets on the very same street time to move what blocked a few little don't know Albert please bear out working. You'll get him out of hundred on a year to fix that but if if if I forgot about how do you rate the percentage isn't that bad once every twenty years you've shot it's just stood real life if they dismiss anything but you know don't go to monsters. To Kathy in Georgia pulled a woman over speeding back in April arrested her for reckless driving and other facing a backlash over a video that shows them a using an app to flip a virtual pointed decided she should be arrested or just get a ticket. Q&A winning the coin toss. They arrested during. Listen at the same thing we say to criminals and say the cops right so if you're criminal and whatever evidence of her crime is in your vehicle litre fought all the traffic treatment. If you're confident that the we're all humans if you do so with a man don't do with it the key Amazon and 42 year old guy in our mail try not to do anything wrong but we know people were all people we're gonna do it. Dumb stuff they don't do it camera and there's no denying the sound of that act. I don't yeah I think they talk about it that there clearly did it and they still arrest siesta go. For Ichiro got organs Rentokil bunch of lottery workers last week because he bought a bunch of tickets and did not win. For years that I write I mean. If people have been doing. Buying a bunch of things in the lottery not when he for years he can't threaten people how many tickets did he backed don't know if you bought less than like one and a half a million of them. But c'mon man I've learned in and the Murray's defense is just a if you want a chance to when you got to play. A chance to look at it at five the lottery. For. Most people don't win what are you hand of one dollar and again and you know you are gonna serve I can attest to that regulate their businesses and based upon everybody that's not give up be thank you windy month entertainment at its peak it was right I thought that they have to do well the casino but basically go to deceiving I've given a month there's a reason they stay in business and it's not because you win a guy. I'm Pennsylvania reason got fired after challenging is also fight and try to collect unemployment he got rejected. Here's a crazy 171 year old guy in Florida recently committed suicide the tried to make it look like a murder by tying the gun that to a weather bullet. So after he shot himself it would float away apparently it was an insurance scam thing and it almost worked but our forensics team figured out what really happened. How did they peas he was on the he was on the beach configured to damp weather balloon based on the wind currents would go up. And then come down after going up what 101000 feet oh yeah they Atlantic. And in sync and and they would say like what he got murdered and they could never find out who the guy who shot him was how did they find out the blue now makeshift. You know what I'd done an outlet for you to listen to them all you know they did I think someone shot him right thousand feet and I think they went is Google records on the view is looking at suicide looking at whether we'll have on all the stuff and they kind of piece it all together. I mean that's the sad story in his defense. I thought it terrible fear and it's now but I feel bad form if you probably thought it worked in 1911 now talk about real life profiled just laying out the California profile this played out in real life. A black man in Long Beach, California was racially profiled recently after a white woman called the cops on him for sitting in this car. Turns out he was waiting for a yoga class to start. We need sun that the exact count and anybody yet. I have no right doing yoga Thompson even believe him when he told a map to. Dude out what I'm black I wouldn't believe what cup brought you won't wait for you only really when you believe everything. And America service CBS in Chicago called the cops and a black woman last Friday after accusing her of using a fake coupon. CBS is already apologized it was in the face coupon and both of the managers who treated her not very politely. Have been let go so there you go. Let's see here all we need to do all lizards I'm the game. Polyester for precepts. Big profile has been throwing over to please everyone help profile list of plane at Georgetown miles that the simple game where we share with few real life news story something that. Happening right here. I'm planet earth. And if you listen to the story based on the stereotypes you believed to be true of people and the decisions that people make. The last few and it is you think makes the story a story. Hello Mac welcome to the men's room. Oh and our guy I met you understand how this here game was played. I do fantastic let's go to Minneapolis Minnesota for a man is accused of not only driving drunk but. Putting his one year old boy behind the wheel of the SUV but wait it gets dumber. The 31 year old suspect is charged with a child endangerment and DWI connection with the incident last Saturday. All charges are misdemeanors punishable by up to one year in jail now police say. A witness saw him instructors will be one year old child which way to turn while driving through downtown Minneapolis so. He does who did I'm too real when the couple from over. The kids drive. Now the suspect has never had a valid Minnesota driver's license. And court records show that he pleaded guilty to drunk driving just days before the slaves rest. It's attorney believe me not ever return a message seeking comment and you've got remains in jail but bonds sent to 20000 dollars. You believe that this guy who not only put his one year old drivers even had a driving is black white meg C or Asian. It comes to new light to me back and I get the mom assistance from the racial profiler. Deep racial profile Ted Smith. Yeah. That'd be a racial insults and yeah he's not quite profile and status in RBIs so check in his background. I'm with you I don't know why the FBI that he feels pretty white. And in the end. It just seemed stupid. But you've never had a bigger doesn't this seem stupid but it's incredibly stupid ER Popper do we never having these beef and then he's ready and a one year old drive the car I'm sure he had his foot on the accelerator and that he was starting to. I've had a wonderful I don't. There's not a whole lot of information they process work. Yeah I analyze them the what is my wife put your hands as to intent they don't know what that is. And generally think in. A low light quite final aftermath. Eleanor and I are gonna find out of you as black white Mexican or Asian next fat with a tease you are listening to the men's or radio network. Big chill and gentle men's room. Why does exist to Minneapolis Minnesota and a man do what drives drunk at some point on people as one year old behind the wheel of the car. Many tears it was one year old on the with. Debt and a witness was even saying that battling to keep behind real but even the actual goal was taking the time to explain the kid out student. He pleaded not guilty to do you like days before that harassed and questioned Mozy black white Mexican races. That's over yet you met you came out of the gates said white your stuntman Mike's ascendancy is why. I. Insane I've heard of people putting the ball or the kid in the seats. After they got pulled over. But not actually trying to teach in one year old child how to steer wouldn't you think you would actually drive better drunk. Benefit one year old who thought they say made you want to broke over driver of the one year old overdrive. I had some bad ideas drunk but I don't smarter than vehement whose did you wonder overdrive the one thing that no one really thinking about witnesses. If you're drunk and you have your car injury everywhere rural steadily over now. There are made you had your kids with you man. Now abroad TV news. Is down for TV damaging. Injured countless hours in front of a talking again in the mid. Presents. Don't you think deserts building a lot about race. Right that's certainly not gonna say people say hey I'm from Phoenix Arizona you're like well it's dry heat whatever but you live in the debt between the united you know lottery. But when it does strained it can be pretty intense they have monsoons if you don't. Do January when his together my uncle as birthdays and it was a mine in January that's when the rain seasons used to Vienna who knows they are now but. When it poured it was amazing to just watch how much rain came down. Right it's super intense rates if you live in a place like Seattle you're used. What eight months out of the year it's raining cure but you don't get lake is devouring our gap right we he do with a thunderstorm isn't yet yet. So we think reported here Daryn Phoenix being crystal Henderson to her credit she holds on. As you can tell the weather is so ridiculous any itsy located just blown up on our right when they cut too early their little concerned. You didn't like the umbrellas are going up pretty steady as it had stayed the night. LDC. It does it's it's yeah all of our hurricane. Oh my goodness this is it. Looks like art. Streak of 198. Did not come to an end to this ready for the best regards. Like and it let me look at this storm approaching from the heat so I didn't do. Then I don't. Com I don't mind let's latest crystal out of that day and doesn't look safe and it really is that you know I I I wouldn't. Ayers if there's lightning let's get a guys we got her out of there are. Look so the videos have mentioned FaceBook page go watch is soon as they cut to a right lake is Susie I don't think it'd been raining repeat flake. Two minutes before they cut tour. But she is absolutely trashed and not lake a little bit wet like water dripping off of her okay. Number two is as she's talking that umbrella flips inside out. And I I don't know how she held onto. I didn't did you lose their hat yeah. The hats gonna need until you don't mention FaceBook page. Watch that video of like his audience kind of funny but then you see that you like they have crystal but could work today crystal. Would be like the weatherman. In their truck. Yeah I just put out the window agree to stay in here I want another look when you see was going on his laurel. What's the worst thing she just to think the standard weatherman thing. Like I'll just walk right out front and do report. But then she got caught in the state unforced but see it leaves she's a local weather person the ones always feel bad habits like ABC news or CNN like. You're the person they send more of the say the weather's going to be bad. It's hurricane season so here's this guy I was standing on the shores of South Carolina. Well it went like trash cans were behind the Mike hey man we were urging government side is that the camera and that there. But that's the one guy got famous now that I think that his name is is it has been you know my head. I'm like what he's is always the guy that flake. It's late Jim Italian salad. She didn't accept it don't even in good of them and that is it didn't win didn't believe that he's single handedly basically to get Torre. I don't know thing and he got famous easily he was on the weather channel for years and every time the religious deals it. Yes and many started showing up I wanna say like a college game day he became a OK I don't like that in fact of gas and right but it's like Beckham today you what Scott was never out there. Hello known as the great lake who thought it was OK now. They do the easy kind of that yeah it began you know their power broker broker seeing broker in the elements. Guys outside of the Times Square. Yeah. Even them if you're a local weatherman I woods or meteorologist and we still think I really do needed go to college you meteorologist. I still think he would be on that whether debt. If you want your place that the weather deck you know we you can just kind of flake seeking all our Megan's out before a crowd you buy out backed stakeout. The appellate court crystal here even if they just that a weather deck as opposed to send her outside front could just walk back into a guy's for real. We ended stretched out there maybe like a weather slide. Are reading this over and outlook outside and open up from A Guardia. Why more and it's mostly local news air miles it was great it was 1 points and 11 o'clock news comes it to eleven PR. You talk about what a court case happen if that's the big thing and they they go to the field reporter understanding outside the courthouse and the depth there is nobody there it's 11 o'clock at night and you're never reported what happened but. But why couldn't you just do that from the studio why is the person standing outside of a darkened courthouse for Ashley nothing is happening is air field reporter. He's got the strange hours ago record but that's the only seller I. Right here in this very courtroom that you see behind me you didn't trust us now pal Antonio the African stadium in philly's been empty for six hours and I'm. Four he's affiliated I stand up and at and T stadium effect if this goes old dole the flow of you know when shall return offers news and murder of I'm steady and they still haven't got a lovely does it makes them feel lonely unsure if they know well of nick pulls gonna have to Karen from here on out it looks like his news dawn. Back to. Rick good good Leonard studio probably to keep the video. So aren't so rates of sports Joyce have begun it's still there are minutes so there and they're still talking did anybody have to watch the World Cup final. Yes yes I will vote so if you know any about soccer you don't know ten about soccer but he never watch soccer right. So whether it's a club tournament and it is a hundred tournaments whatever. But the whole point is. The captain of your team right he gets this trophy. And then he's gonna walk over to a stage for the rest of the team is right there are gonna kinda. Ottawa first second and he's gonna lift this trophy right defend he's gonna shoot this is how it happens every time every tournament across the world. I don't know what happened in Russia but France raised they have that moment for the you're gonna lifted up personal support rained yet this prudent assuming world leader error that umbrella. But my comments too dumb to bring an umbrella that but as they lifted up and you get that final shot. Agencies two guys to walk from the camera at all I'll know students oh yeah. Was not the best little younger. Another angle they came out but if you watch just the puck at all are you and I both they have Fox's defense I think that was the shock the World Cup sent all across the world. It's just you dislike now here to lake. It it took forever Olin needs to see these dominant yeah that's the whole thing menu you watch into the game it's like all right they're gonna lifted up it's going to be awesome. We got to do it's walk in front of. There were a lets the guy from the French president call now prudent if he thought they were not to enjoy this moment. If we go to life. Buzz he put out pretty good list of just shows that people once loved but now they can't stand how live simply shows I've never watched. So I don't know. But they'll sound familiar like Grey's Anatomy is on the list. Time to write so Grey's Anatomy I remember years ago people have a parties and you had to show but I was still shocked just on the air. To enough people still like yeah. I think any time that your show has earned parties. Every week for a couple of seasons but you have to know you you can't go up from there it. Yeah especially for just a week you'll get weekly show Google phone for like. Good for you to like this is not going to last what is generally you're only have a watch party for either a sporting event like the Oscars yeah and we did goes yeah yeah. Like leak. There is saying hey the first after season two went downhill. Great ice in Berkeley was a massive state laws are remotely musically was like four weeks. You can look like the billboard and it'll top. Ten album the Mike what ever they sang on that show. But somehow he is the perfect example of a chilled and I would never watch them. Yeah yeah Julia and open areas is everybody else loved ones oh yes trust it though when we they're talking about exact I'm I'm very Gilbert culpable. For the he's accent think American horror story in the Walking Dead as I know bunch who used to watching you don't you're not throw this one hit home for you. A show people loved than hated at the net loss then and now what's another when you so much. It involves a guy named Ted. I comedy ally no matter of other area I fell off with the show because the main character name was Ted site is couldn't listen to him. All the time was warrants it yeah that was the problem and the thing is you cut your least favorite character yeah but how I'm rich rather made this list and people. Eight people are real fired. It did and within width of the I don't know anyway I am I don't know. Yes I have no idea epic Steinfeld says he'll even make this list because I felt the last couple episodes. Were kinda crappy. Many Jerry side Phillies in cyber event. That's all the reasons they got back together try to do like a little mini reunion I Curb Your Enthusiasm because they all agreed. The beginning of the show sucked the they would wove that into the idea of getting back together. But the show itself state can write this that we're right in the last few episodes and yet assignment right it's not it's not like sopranos there isn't a season or to reflect how. And via. I think it's funny dancers on this list I've only seen one episode of Dexter was the final episode of okay well myers' cuts the quick yeah well you know did a book and read the last page by certain date somebody who's like I really loved X there and it's like this the last episode it's like you know it. Just for not exactly what I. I had to lose I'm not gonna ask questions because I don't I think it's with the weapons that with any of these diluted the first episode you'd have to try to piece together how you got to what you saw the last the drug later reversed you know when I mean you're probably just as difficult. Think I was game with Bruins made the list Nashville charmed. Friends I will say this I defended friends for years. Good show. I got to go back to watch Steinfeld so friends and it just didn't hold up no I don't think I think the concept of she'll never held up. Yes vote everybody lives together advise I appreciate it into an eight of us living together where his friend yeah. Well how close friends and they update within the within the group does a super tight shortly that'll happen everywhere and a daughter LS. You know what I do I like Saddam for general least once a week with every acts of overhead what do stable and I. Of the I had my or use it and at and then just one for the ladies out there they say sex in the city as well. I guess I guess again who knows an assault on a you have I was the monster who have yet another back in the day like sex in the city. Because Samantha was hot and there's always a sex scenes and show you want to do it right at the teenage boy there was. There's a time playoff so did you like the show or did you like the opportunities and provide I like the opportunities provide major institute showed that the correct a couple of yeah it yeah some anti. That's but that's yeah definitely one of the reasons. I watch the show there. It like each other. In real life there's one person who doesn't like the rest. Now the woman who's running for a New York. Representative Cynthia Nixon. It's your aunt Sarah Jessica Parker. It's not the Brunette who I don't know my sponsor do you Parker and that's out there until Kim control Kelly trial she's a wanna doesn't like Iran or she may be doesn't just bring it just turns or just go partly don't go aren't. But it's again yes. So they're just like her character's supposed to be the main character right Samantha character was arguably the more popular are all her role that that's all that. Spoke about them out into her Mattingly was popular. I think I wonder why the pick and Tesla to pitch perfect tactic if he. You know sometimes you get a reputation rep I mean since educated bad rap yet. Maybe it's Iraqi hurt. Yeah for John Mayer. Obviously he has a wrap a lot about. You bring in our own women that he's been with the whatever seems on a while ago the Andy Cohen. He's talent Andy how nice it is to meet their friends if it. You have a lot of friends yeah who. Without you would want nothing to do with me and I find that excited I. No insight and your friends Jennifer Lawrence who will just do it doesn't want anything to do I mean look at that don't have the world's greatest track record. When it comes to celebrity relationships. It's amazing what your friends humor me and a friend level but also keep them a fair distance program. Really area fun. If you are someone who cares about your image and then you're viewed take this job because it looks right you don't take that job. Dating John Mayer at this point it's conceptually just sort of a no no. Now when your friends at eight. Let's start brands that otherwise would be highly uncomfortable sitting around well it's an hour thank you for that well I want them to see you in the new life and I see you thank you. I can't tell fees lake painfully aware well I think he's completely aware or John Boehner got a mile and a half to America. Yeah mayor Justin Bieber. Posted a picture was though the Baldwin. These are regular old Hayley blow it for example is always want to Billy Baldwin years and this is not Alec Baldwin is like one of their Stephen Baldwin it's one of those the other Baldwin brother right. I don't know I don't know and it's one of their daughters that he Gatti got engaged aren't. It's Stephens Stephens and they see the religious ones via a place so. There is also in the usual suspects or hot tub together but obviously neither one of them are taking and taking this picture but there are embracing them make an out you know. All right so John Mayer jumps on its programming is like so awkward to be the third person in the hot tub taking this photo that's all left the pit mine. Somebody's face and I beat those in the but maybe it's like a job for me it is an equities you know hot tub third person this over to her third we hope that who is that. Yeah practically ET I think again. Very good point there John. Your right you don't know if he's because he's he's pretty sharks who don't know if he's just don't bust the that are. Those of say puzzles and John Maine so there's sometimes you can't tell like if we just kind of doing it to have fondly he's painfully aware we have. Or just John Mayer he knew little about my adventure John Mayer has worn basically pajamas for the last five years. Like everything he wears this like sweat pants. Just baggy stuff like he hasn't put on time as a lead singer for the grateful that I nobody don't need those farm yeah he's like look at editing at people like. Oh they do which is amazing you can't win anything all of those people. John Mayer can. Jerrold good Jesus Farina. I mean again against file their high. Yet as a good she's usually Gucci you can sympathize. Grilled cheese mattered back in man really did news you've done. It cost G. Who would say who would you say is going to be a tougher people in your family. Tougher yet probably a female. Pop my grandmother all there are like ninety years old although Iraq talks about how bad that's his. Grandma. Or my grandfather first started learning how to be a professional wrestler he never told my grandmother so yeah that was wander up so as far as she knew it was. Real and there was going to be a fight he has the match and the match starts and she's of course starts getting beat up at some point. And she freaks out she jumps in the ring. She jumps in the ring takes her clogs up. And I don't think they grab a defense machine that's rarely do the time wrestling is is new world is just the notion is he's. Figured the Garcon did that SP as far as like it he picked up a chair or ladder all the silliness goes with Omar got hobbled by improvements. I do like that them so grandma come off to like I know that was his dad's mom in the south Graham often come off tougher team. Can't have the time the were if you they rely heavily else lags in the web raised he was a disciplinarian and she was a one million dollar basically ran a whole show so she is you know the gasket. Yeah but I'm not shocked the rocked this whole family's got a tough. I probably isn't that friendly family tough path thank you stereo TV talent that I headlines on the way and minutes you are listening to the reds are radio network. Please tell you Swiss miles. Now see what's happening in the real world I don't go now. Good news as multiple Costco and Sam's clubs in Virginia switch the regular gas for the diesel kind. Meanwhile crocodile in Indonesia is a very important man and then the villagers lose their minds. Jaguars days in New Orleans zoo and goes on all you can meet guy announced. Eighteen mowing the lawn has very Florida reason to scream and shout and George accounts entitlements they with a coin flip it just after headlines. It's time yeah. He just cares might cost. Not true it is now my god we're here are familiar headlines in Maryland out of her bugged Donald Trump met with Vladimir Putin for the much anticipated summit. And Helsinki and basically in spite of every American and European intelligence agency's conclusion. The arrested and in fact interfere in the 4060 presidential election. Facebook's admission to send to millions of dollars from Russian interest percent to regarding targeted political ads and the indictment of twelve Russian hackers have ties to the Kremlin that. Trump announced that he doesn't fax I would Putin after putting themselves say. I didn't do it sort of not sell the American president as they can work of a houseful foreign leader over the word of the American intelligence community. Sleep well tonight three did new good news for Missouri they decided to ban the controversial practice. A fifteen year old being able to merit now keep in mind. They did have to get their parents' permission but that was it and apparently it worked out well one of the things believe it or not I would not fall this. A lot of people over fifty years old and are dating a guy eighteen or older so they can avoid the statutory rape charge people from out of state. What actually go to Missouri across state lines to marry so they can avoid. Prosecute think about so Missouri realizing mess they just 28. Let's see Papa John's founder John should matter. As you know he's not and having the last few months and he has officially. Nobody kicked out of this office by you may have known that he did get the boot. As far as being the C nobody was still the chairman on the board. An electric capacity but still large staple. Well guess who as a result of the act its latest blunder they physically removed he and his stuff. From his own office and pop injects. Get out. And beach closed at the end and out the door fast after Cheney's. You would hope so at least that some garlic but garlic butter garlic butter consumption AFL Brandt. Let's leave Bernardino beach it's right near Jacksonville Florida what they've had to close enough or anything like sewage or anything weird water but you know the sharks. Because they bitten. Two people. Big deal by eighty things we have an escape jaguar from the Audubon society's you endowment. I'll protect leave France passenger red bend but. The judge wore it escaped from its enclosure and while I was gone it killed before our packages and and return to his house about an hour later some of senator Joseph later went what was had been set up what is a jaguar ties. When he's getting Egypt and that I believe in response was out pack a lunch time. Well thank jokes much better now we gonna as you may have heard me I don't doubt Pakistan great dad want to jab delicious. Thank you reminder in the same enclosure so the jaguar smells them all the time and now but it got out of the things like. You can tell me it's deep into. Africa deserves club in Virginia where many people choose to pick up the fuel would get points it's a little bit cheaper unfortunately. Where your regular unleaded gasoline would defend the they put these away and they were highly underwear has him because it was not good miles at all as I imagine people complain I'm. That is able CNN samurai Kathleen rugged charge in to sit and spin the return amends or rules and we will bring Intel's with a shot of the day to resonate it's all true but in the meantime we'd be all about to adapt. So until next time please do what you do best and morally to sit. Day.