07-16-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Stink's Up The House

Monday, July 16th

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And then became a giant waters about instead. That's just everything to tell you ma'am all fire NATO and no water. Show and many things continue on the men's room. Radio network. This is dumb men's room. I'm listening to. They don't on the story. Fired noodles can be dangerous for firefighters. Yes it's up by your name though be dangerous for everybody likes you had NATO would it was before that like take the thicker front and you don't it make it work is another nugget. Tornadoes can make a wild fires path of destruction marginal much larger than it would be otherwise you did at NATO and I were to meet you made it work still applicable could did you want to. Geez. There's one more. It just happened and and bacon sent this in Tucson you know we read this earlier this. Ties into the question and nobody candles and anymore emails is a said that. A love a bomb. Puncture the roof but foreboding in Hawaii injuring 23. Near where lava from a volcano continues to spill into the ocean why did you take it tour boat. During exploding volcano a lava bomb is a large rock tosses the area in a volcanic explosion according to the US Geological Survey oh thank you it's always been a thing is that just the thing now that it that a boat got it all the lovable and I'll be the first of her lava bomb honestly saying bull chemical eruption and over the one of the guys who was debating whether or not you would evacuate coconut and explain this but I do think about it of the Tutsi official lava you're thinking illiquid and we just kind of think water and it. So those lava bomb explodes. Hit this guy or is it just blows me he's an honest what it took his let's golf and play well and you realize because lob or. It's our rock. So even as lob it still waves as much as the rocks are basically in this giant molten rock and kind of forget that bar. Hit him in the leg wasn't about it burns my and it took his leg off. That's the first time I heard he only got a box and I'm certainly sounds the blow you don't see how far can be like. 400 feet they're being blown through the air and an atomic you know comes down it's something Chris Rock yet exactly crashing through your boat sell his truck comes down through the roof salvo of this tour boat and it was the size of a basketball. 23 were injured on the vote total debt four passengers on board the boat were taken by ambulance to the Hilo medical center. Until those passengers are stable condition but the third a woman in her twenties. She was listed in serious condition with a fractured femur. So we know where that hit her now think about this I think she took the blood the blunt of that didn't you said it's the size of a basketball right in 23. People were nine other passengers who were onboard the boat drove themselves to the hospital. And according to fire department there injuries were superficial so it's unclear the total number of people in the vote. Etc. that are about. People now and does that does not that man you know like you know you. Jorge is is a very expensive place to go on vacation it's very expensive to get a plane ticket there. The hotels are achieved the food the food is expensive. It's now one of those places are ignored or sorry about marketing and I don't have our tree store literally save you may borrow spend more money into your listeners are eating in and you would if you went out to a restaurant and nice when an eight. And then you go there and you get on the tour boat was by the way. Those tours Archie are not there people like fifty to a hundred bucks already excursion sort of elusive and actually calling on you got a lot of Paul vigna on the size of basketball breaking your back but being fair you went to an active volcano vertical we're talking about you talked about the fact that there was to brush fire than that became a fire NATO and so you think OK it's headed for the Colorado River which did in fact extinguished the flames but that it just became a would turn into a shark nets and the expert explain in far her medals and dangers we've that if you read anything. Once NATO follow through their views are per suspect and someone gave us this they say that poop approve NATO. That's met burger border NATO saying you're right if you read NATO it's just bad. When he's a man it was approved NATO we understand what happened. Don't mean that's that was diarrhea of the worst kind of put right at NATO people understand a lot of us who. And above they NATO are like yen or like every NATO NATO move potato tornado. If there's got to play Obama golf. I'm curled on them. They're talking about for a while ago and I never think they all the details you know men and it was like a bug to me and the Pentagon Linda began a century ago. I don't mail recently and she's. Eat cheddar. Hussein to overtake tornado kind of guy that I mean for you eat a tomato. Sure I would do if he may have mouth was fitting project. And Smart girl I think it's hello Andy welcome to the men's room. I thought. Wow. Time we'll go live whereas the the worst place you've taken a dump. Whether that be where you were in your pants or whether that be just the location of this and bathroom where is the worst place you've taken a dump our own. It was in my ability as a dad's off initiatives started. All the guys we ended up getting a hold his bottle down and we're also seeing. And Russia downs started doing the definition he largely reveals. Oil every year Dylan. And I was right out of broadsided wasted our said it doesn't matter it is not my garbage. So you remember any of this I don't know actually I know I look a bit about double vomit it okay. And he did it. Then his now father brings up to you later. Yeah he'll personally about it but I have bad shot lead to this day I I can't remember any part about it I just know I've been. I believe I'm but but I I will say this even if I knew there's no chance you'd remember. I may be somebody did that you disappear for thirty years. It's been an important improved in my trash can't I would still bring it up to. They can save you from a well you don't mean he was trapped above ninety de Ginobili yeah he asked my trash cans and I rotted out through. And I understand a group of basking in the house where being occupied at the time I was doing the bad so I just found the barrister hitched our. Can't look at a program amid a boot them trash they want to bathrooms occupied. It was the the laundry room of my apartment complex. I had to go proved an address KM which is in a bag but I did all that out I wiped my ass for the dryer sheet on which you know they are not effective at all. And they are incredibly porous a white my ass and basically a figure the government poop in my as smelled. Slightly imbalance with the very thing I think the work place were approved was a as far as the elements are concerned it was on it was at a state park. The US smelled it normally an overwhelming smell of just army everyone you have to be having this. In the bag align music or down there all of those things seem to be done and it was so thick and I remember. Who's like you the floor was still damp but it was hot it was in the summer and the whole bathroom especially underneath the bowl. Was mosquitoes. I call a halt hopefully I am I felt like they're just all. I doubt I gotta go I mean psychedelic. The I'm here it does have toilet paper. All those things and yet I mean like my ass got lit by mosquitoes I try to just s.'s fastest like how long do you figure. Hello he's your smelled or you got than. Does to me that's always been telling sign and a dozen of those one well see those horses based on big the bugs and how bad the actual stink was. One of the worst cramps I ever had to take. Was on Rainier in about 101000 feet in it was a black it was a wideout it was a blizzard right now thank god there's and there's an out there's an outhouse out there yet it's a little box it's it's by itself. But the wind is blowing so strong you can even open the door this place and any like you're you it's just it's it's it's insane. And you approve it based do you have like all these different kinds of pants Genentech offshore so that's hard bureau bunched up and you can't really prove. And then there's this huge. Pile of frozen crap below you. Which is about 45 feet but then as they keep the students in Q I'm pretty sure the your proved freezes as it full I would instant and and you could feel the wind deemed everything everything's whistling like he got goggles on. It's very and have an overblown thing guy boggles my strength is back in strange I remember coming out they got here but freezes to deceit. You know like he UG it's just like nah it's god forbid you have a message because Iran is just. I circles and I and then we have hoses and those those horrible I will they be home on a cold eye goggles with into the opposite of that just pennies a Porta potty Bernie. Oh you're in the desert how bad it had every one time and whatever. I break but also just 1011 you know. It was at the poop tour is normal things but it was fine most states in the last there was there I have like that Joseph went why mess now. But alas there was there I had like the messy one thing just I don't like it was in the forever YYNY wipe wipe wipe the future but did you ever known Indian never cleaned up. I also don't think about it right now they feel disgusting. Let's smelly as bathroom I'm in this is in the middle of the city. It is thirtieth street station in Philadelphia the drenched peninsula massive train station and I have to troop editorials deal went oh my god. It was close by and I go running in their past the security guard came and worst about them any points down this very very shockingly long hole. In spite of how long haul was to take two steps in the hallway. In you can already start personal and bathroom. How much you've got to be kidding me right because and it's are getting closer dude it's is getting thicker. And heavier and as number opening the door and it was like warm and moist and clearly the stink was all in here and it was such a miserable experience goes orderly cramped up filled bags up all over Philly and call in Italy I got to prove my candor and outsiders people everywhere. I've only get them and to do that they are trying to hold your breath. And this is what happened are run out of breath and now I'm taking a big goal today aired a real I'm just sucking in the state of displaced. By the time I got out of there and gets approved I handle my business I felt so defeated. And it also grows from I got a big gulps of the state get into this day I will not go back to that turns it should just tear at you never ever. Go into the back there was such a relieving thing it's not all right the big coming out and you're like I feel growth of that I wanted to I could. I did a pro edition of who my own pants maggots at least the statements I'm we will be my home. Yeah really go on their semi your clothes absorb everyone else's whatever legal or non mineralized and I thought oh my god. And I'd like you in the grumpy I don't grumpy because approved in this accused what's the reason I ask to. Hey shoppers disgusting and surprising act today store was caught on video camera and the story is still hoping to identify the person responsible known. Staff that prospector liquidation store liquidation explosion. On the third avenues in a woman walked in there store about noon. Paid cash for a burglar broke her above us all off and baby wipes and the golf. Leaving behind a number two and I'll won today down. And I'll wallet oh he loved her baby boy I wanna build improved I'm authorities say they couldn't do much until they identified the woman they say that this might not be her first time and her last many incidents like this before. OnStar comment she went off shopping asset alone that utterly sincere again those seeking to check apple. I would over by the tarps and you couldn't miss it. It was what I thought it was very obvious that now is like when my go do I gotta feeling has not at that actually cleaned up the mess. Surveillance video shows a woman apparently wearing a medical scrub uniform making her way between sag goes when she squads down and does or duty. Video then shows the same moment returned to the seamless shopping carts throw a lot of tissue paper the workers say she stole from another rile. And then she headed for the check out stands. What's really strange young says that the woman right walked right by the bathroom key in the bathroom. After the fact employees noticed the woman he would and removed an ID tags on her way into the store which were showing when she first walked it. And they're gonna do about Longview Washington probably knows smell either its entire council that way. So god and our guys that get as my categories will be athletes and Liberia and get your emails coming up next you are listening to the men's or radio network. Listen miles. Still got your guess is because my dad very deadly stand light beer and NASA men's or must go to break before we drink it tells of the show they first time for a few emails in the men's room mad men's or my dot com. I was just jump right into the the birthday emails if we get what I got here are guys. She turns nineteen today no waged by the way to know which are excellent and would love and I'll look out followed by an Howell hitting the window and then maybe a little wedding puke police. Been listening since the buzz days thanks so much for the countless hours of last cent from cliff in hoarding go look. Oh it's. Always knows it's Francisco's twentieth today good we help them celebrate wasn't turtle wax. Maybe an explosion in the Paz happy birthday Francisco you're the best and here's to another year. Hope it goes I'll always my son Seth a happy 21 birthday it seems like it was just yesterday. Always my son Seth had a 21 birthday. But it was yesterday. So I know I can't. I thought that I'd have him tell us how proud I am of them are now maybe next year that from dad pronounced JR and I'm so proud that you remembered birth got his birthday all my god you've got his bird don't fall for that man hello miles you know assess what a disaster I had I don't know the answer. Did you remember Father's Day because that's what people forget right. Can remember from Tuesday issued kid you might think I wanna forget Della mystery shop the man. Ozone days I Sundance Sony's six trip around the sign he is a lonely old days it is murder and her her listener police cinnamon OG faced sandwich in the dirty Germans talking alternative uses for men days. Happy birthday son loved pops. Sandwich. Don't know chumps who uses for my home made yeah you do instrument exhibit the group. Now come into McManus the producer for a lot of custom thinking folk group which thinks. Good birthday shout out to my lovely wife Sarah she is 26 today another lawmaker birthday more scheduled a hearing a barbershop quartet they sand wedge. And how about some German thriller and Ozzie Ted talking about American sign language thanks guys that from Eric hears it. You move people around these sandwiches. She's done err on the side. Television cameras and he's still early days in the morning and afternoon. You know without like most about this Sunday language so to get to use all of your feet. And I did it amendment. And I know it's not about American sign language but ABC met cloudless horizon you know mentally. The defective. Does not always my girlfriend. The lovely Angela I'm happy fortieth birthday gonna get an original they salads in the dirty Germans talking about some bird based rankings please fish sandwich. Young and talk to install or do all for the suspensions. But remember you speak to meet in the front. Now that the amount of strength you on meet me on you this clarify the. Hello does today is my 35 birthday a little when you guys talk all over each other. May be Robin good talking German and miles thrill and Ted could complain about each other thank you guys you guys put on amazing show each and every day. That from Josh. If. Yeah. I'd like to help out about your opponent I have an entourage were desirable it's really going to be a busy and I did you look at Israel welcomed him. All right guys. Do you know this I mean I didn't OK have you had to return of the behind him wow. I'd pay him pay good for you but today young okay. Brunson and then remove us so available through these world in a men's line doesn't come another sign retailers. Should I fly. Oh no contest online for your guess is as good as mine we'll take color 98449990. Like your guess is as good as mine is coming up here in just few minutes collectors here. Sex before dinner ten I believe that always wetter yeah like I shower of beer this is pretty well your institution you've you've calmed to recommend that to have sex. Do before you go out. To a before Democrat and John you skip that whole weird conversation in which you're gonna have and I think. You enjoy dinner more. You enjoyed it more in up they look first of all you'll save money second of all you don't mind slowing down colonel retired burned and I yeah. Regular much wind to bear I wanted them that basically you don't amid the value of your time and Carolina would you guys like C user manual keyboard all right stabbed the laboring for many years ago. Were in no hurry to get home one or your rights Thursday who lost grip relaxed per. If anyway. Right size thanks reported on the subject. Oh man just had sex before dinner dad is great we did the deed and then we wind and a good food Carney is now I'm full and tired there's just TV and sleep. Thanks guys that from there and somebody else to do now senator in this trial if you think you're gonna live like you after dinner. You make a difference who tremendously you don't mind and garlic Fries now how we is that the mag hunt he's never out. Oh totally covered at all things Iraq it. I do now I MA I am a small time farmer and Celso I produce at the local farmer's market. My business name. Is twigs in Barry's. And I like to say that I specialize in DS PDC produce which is a fun inside joke that my friends. A this last market I got a picture with my market partner when I look to the particular picture I realize that the greens coming out of the purple head of cauliflower directly in front of us. Look like a giant penis complete with a huge veins the bag Barry's question out the box magical I attach the picture for your viewing pleasure you are the best part of radio. That from Christie smash a Kristy thanks so much and that whenever you see and just post that for everyone's enjoyed shaped like a Venus that you let take the time to us in this picture of that its fantastic and a funeral on you know carbon penis in the year along with the gasoline there. A place in those those we're like Google Earth you know if you'll. We'll take it every time. Our subject is one again here's subject is. The Fisher house guys I want to give a shout out to everybody who came onto our fifth annual patriotic pin up Barbeque silent auction for the Fisher house. And these snohomish county fire district when he six. Abby to say we raised almost 3000 dollars to split between the two of them home to have an even bigger event next year. That from Dave in gold bar nice work guys couple more here. So. What else. Oh. Is a downer but are real anyway Logan vigils last few days been very challenging our family our best dog friends who some thirteen years decided. It was time to leave as he passed away peacefully asleep. I send this message not to bring down guys does that thank you your shows welcome distraction in the last do help. They allows timed let go and he'll I hope you all know the when people are having a rough day they can count on the men's room for laughs and bumping someone seven Daniel. It doesn't isn't gonna show or people not like men's rooms or restaurants and yeah I think that's the least and as I make people uncle which is which is pretty creepy really has. Hard time for a little like your guess is as good as mine as he began to play we get be a couple of categories everywhere they can implement. It's up to you to figure category and get as many right into the category before three strikes and your ass and do we have a contestant ready to play your guess is as good as time. We do miles and again miles thank you for the jam music. Hello Travis welcome to the bedroom. All I do they go oh. All right Derek strategize. I don't often give doing well thank you welcome to your guess is as good as mine tells a little love yourself would you thriller. I manage a fan club as those rumors he's and it blew it. You know within the community as they usually are getting good guys who aggregates into whether Nelson I don't I can't I can't tell you what there are. You can go to Google numb various metals like that you have. Fifteen televisions and here ironically only fourteen showed up. I don't think there's still TV's still in four years ago when they don't think it's. Our analysts go I saw that season the wire seems pretty easy to make this thing is to sphere and out. So we have is. The ten best tasting light Beers and America is one category. And the other is the ten most famous athletes in the world. In the entire world. So you wanna go athletes or beer on your guess is as good as mine. Slash other more athletes and its football and I'm not a beer drinker written. Let's go beer you'll be here. Our surveys say the world. As far as athletes noted that beer the fears are. The. They are the best selling best. Tasting light Beers in America however not all of the beer are Americans our America via. Our our correctly if you were to say. Budweiser. That is owned by InBev which is a foreign company. So technically even know it's American beer is not on Bob animal rights cup. Those agency advised him learn in the matter are you doing this deal so the idea here is. Is the top tasting light Beers in America. You have to get as many right out of the ten before three strikes and you're out so these aren't the ten best selling light years in America which is completely different. These are the ten best tasting. Light Beers in America. I either going to be complete yet I'll start off with Miller Lite. Miller Lite nice steady enjoys an ice cold Miller Light you. That is the number. Best tasting light beer in America more Americans prefer Miller Lite. Based on taste look taste great and let's drill slowly let's get Miller and I Thailand where you know it was let's film. Because at that. I don't they just knock out the big ones like these are all our scores like bud lite does corona they get in the leg action than they have a light through. Yeah there'll be simultaneously light beer are they look like another hour and a. Let's go into that silicon nor my Bud Light. Gas. Line is number three. And let's go live. It's all right I'm Natalie. The silver bullet. Rely on futures. With a Q and number six suddenly remembers things humors like losing. I'll tell until you you realize bush like. Shouldn't. The best tasting light beard America you know the time I don't like it try try. Mean I always like natural light to the final product. There's instill lines. Yeah yeah yeah Slater what. Well you know Manny eyes lie almighty god I drink it but I'm okay I'm more of these natural light and a life. Is gonna go natural light is again. The bush. I you have to strides you've gotten three out of the ten number six scores like number three Bud Light and number one Miller Lite. There are seven light Beers the remain in the best tasting light Beers and America you're a one strike remains our Ted. You're more the light your dad but as far as what you think university. Like you said and stole items they can applicants. The other thing I tell you guys might be a give guys one hit aren't. There is a Mexican beer. That is under 130 cal. The does not say light on the bottle but in Mexico is known as they light beer corona to account saying he Mondello who think maybe my doubt. It's a hunt is on her 130 calories or Vegas is technically considered like here just as soon. And we know this based on its massive advertising and they've gone through a couple changes here as far as their spokesperson. In the United States in the last few years those seconds I doubt it doesn't matter. Think this techie. Those those sexy. Just don't think he goes tiger attack. Leave. Time ten it. Best tasting light Beers in America you got four out of the ten. One strike remaining six left people suggest could make little old truck a corona light. Take a joke. Middle closer guy number nine all right dog as the best tasting light Beers in America all right you've gotten five out of the tent. Someone also suggested Luke warm still reserve life month probably not know. Live in those they have natural late let's see they came right on the canned don't throw this into a garbage can discard on the side of the road. Back after Iraq getting myself to always say that they make don't recycle just throw away your campsite girl out of a moving car dealer I think it. I thought the make Tennessee oh what accounts can be this weekend it was a nice there are. Only the best pure visitors is don't put visited garbage there. About anything and I'm flanked. Yeah I think that it isn't just for that just came and slid up the one you guys look good being with make a light one I don't know I think Yingli makes all kinds get here. Rounds he did kilometers. Yeah. Like I think generally of the federal southern I don't like like near the trial does rarely drink I guess things on I don't know. Yeah I think like I exemplified. The drill all right guys. And everything and someone is in just a Milwaukee's best light so far you've got Miller Light bulb like course like make global trend goes techies are five light Beers remaining all have a life in the kind of the name. And bitter bitter. These are the best season like Beers in America. Maybe corona has left. Is green and make a Lake Erie LA. I don't think so. Thanks for the reminder back in the day learn. Keystone lines get a double suggestions like governor and the never bitter beer. Connect your own light. A cool. Half hour. The guys got any guesses that I'll let you know people again highly ambulance come and how I get nine hole on number four real number four hole I don't know I'm gonna. And stuff like and still like number five. And I thought that amstel light basically was kind of in life when you only impression these midair connect they're connected whether they're different have you ever had a regular amstel. Now I don't care if I ever have but I think they sold everywhere else out there aren't as I was less than a regular cools. All men are good though they're blue they're headed wanna read rob yet he gets sacked and just like Gordon driver of the vote. And bloom in DD sixty forward. No country so our Miller Light bulb light how to get my camps like cores like Bigelow Walter does that keeps their own life. Corrode like number seven son of a big time. One of your old fades Stephen number two for the lighter versions say that implies. Items in a number film. I think it'll take theater and one more on the favorite lists that include life here as you probably never drink is does matter to you. You got it done you got this one. Steele. What's what's the one from Pittsburgh. Iron sitting I'm sitting now around Fung and Yang Ling like. Italy's ailing I don't know I and number I can't beat up ten best days are like bears an American number ten I don't think he's followed by. Make global try you England like core kernel like cores like amstel Heineken light bulb light Sam Adams like the number one light beer in America according to tasters. That would be Miller Lite. I still look on the return of as a men's or missing a jury we'll drink and those with a shot of the day on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network. I go bring it does sound as loans labor voters. It's been said that there are no stupid questions. We disagree. Because you'll keep us get over. He's this guy. Passion STD yeah. It's my mom hold our questions that need answers and yes we can help. This is as good. Now because of brass men's rendition as an email to the men's room and men's or livestock make the subject as a men's room and ask away in a waiver goes and says that guys have got two questions. If the lovely Robin fox were to drop one of the seven dirty words in German. Would you have to dump. I believe that is correct I believe you have to go out and now we. Like anything else if you don't know it's dirty word in a foreign language. Kind of hard to know but I think technically you're supposed to dump they deadly you're supposed to do but again it's with knowledge that somebody says something all the brightly around and deliberate to move which used to. And also do you guys your go fund feelings my fiance and I need help covering his immigration calls in our marriage license. If so let me know that from our good friend mr. play mammoth plane and we do put up go find yourself. We just good at diamonds remind dot com and all of the links that I got it and put up there's some tournaments or buy dot com. Look for gulf on yourself just got the point we could do volunteers are we had to sit on their to our website Terry got. Get a budget ransom and initiatives and emailed the men's room and injure my back up want and we managed to bring in Jack. Bloody day. Severe rain yeah. Men's room knows just. You got it and as usual we had today during desk and Steve throw hill to find out who were toasted yes indeed they weren't toast thirty year old Eric Lombardi of Dover, New Hampshire now. Eric is currently on bail from a drug arrest somebody saw cops pouring into the parking lot of the bank that he was that. He just knew that were covered for him and so he got the hell out of their took refuge at a local grocery store. That's an error spotted police approaching the grocery store and he realized almighty and Islamic come over here three went to a back room. Climbed up into the ceiling to hide. Bloody fell through the ceiling it was dangling above the Delhi but even fall way down the top cells legs would be do. He climbed back up to the ceiling kept climbing around the sealing it to leak fell through the ceiling again. This time Ted into refrigerated meat section well all right he still would not come down part of the cops had dead. Coerced him to come down which they did he was finally caught not keep mine. He was charged with criminal mr. Trespassing. And resisting arrest but the reason we're told Saddam it's God's house we're not looking for him. They're looking for a suspect in the bank robbery and it went to the grocery store received they had surveillance. Cameron. Yeah. Yeah. So reportedly is losing it during the boos because we Pickens yummy and it over the tongue and down the throats of party in our tummies. Dow not a whole lot of job and I. The show and many pins continue on the men's room. The radio network.