03-20-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Needs To Hurl

Tuesday, March 20th

Mens Room Question: What is your infamous puke story?


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This is the men's room. I'm listening to. Our present guys demonstrate a machine sandy outside and also 1057 the X rocking Peoria Illinois Iraq 103 in Fayetteville, North Carolina that would be our friends. There at Fort Bragg big guy show for you today rank cancer drug charge him in to sit and watch back thirty years from the top ten songs in the USA and asked the men's room. Is also on tap we're talking about Putin today and if you did not hear story goes back a few months but the neural virus at the Winter Olympics almost 200 people got sick there. And when you think about things to undoing your life travel see different things is a bucket list thing a thing anyone accidentally shows of the Olympics in South Korea all right I Wednesday's your government the tourist thing the winner vomit bug hit. And dozens of security guards Olympic site started experience and oral virus symptoms that includes nausea diarrhea stomach pain vomiting there is nothing in this is also. You've got tickets. It is like going on vacation and getting sick Wear them you know it's just like man and there's no more interactive vacation. And it's what you'd rather relaxed in their to do stress of being seen specific things. And aside from the fact you can't stop proven yourself your computing on top and it's more contagious than they say the seasonal flu or a bowl or any of that stuff so. They say one person would Norah virus infected can sicken up to three to four other people. Janet I denied and realized that I did not know I kind of thought it was like you say something man you're gonna get sick but not my first admissible in a hallway and on throwing out the first explosion and on about nothing and had a horrible. The first of her on Norah are from the cruise ship industry. Out of it because overall there's a period of only five years ago light rays lead utility crews. You're gonna get diarrhea in people in place. Yeah Gary did you know about how gay men you can go to you're stuck would you could you can't believe permitted you to go and you do go under for akin. Oh god. Fremont and in Vegas in needed about Faye and not get sick brash you know it really do need a food truck man in my panel known in the middle down inside of our highway yacht and the Dominican Republic you know I mean nearly anywhere your body is and you won't even get sick but you. On the cruise ship your he might get home. Now the alternate court humble little. Blues the back part grass that's thank you can't get away for anybody late in everyone just. 31 chip also elect our electric went down for awhile Emeril viruses as some people it could be in the stairwells like it was. The situation got really really. I have a missile to wait three days. For the can go reporter call in all the ports of call like hey man no offense we really looking partnership here she could you guys do that adds that the what's now what is your infamous story 844999. Hole I hit into the port calls governed for I did it with the what do you tell the passenger's like hey listen we try to Miami. Turned its back home track New Orleans. They turned us down man we we got to stop look like they're not taken those things were discussed. And powers and we got to figure it was a I was a bad tripped up a couple of couple of comments Damon says I wants the world under water while getting my scuba certification basically thought I was gonna die choking on my vomit underwater bonus. It attracted a lot of fish and I didn't doubt about it. Hall. During a flight in a Baghdad the C 130s missile toward an alarm went off and the pilot began to base of maneuvers. Young soldiers to do next restore in this helmet and and his delirium. He put it down that's when I puke into his lap I. High on man. As vs says the thickest ever got was when I makes mad dog 21 it was half and half vodka I got alcohol poisoning and a good everywhere including three people. By the way it's not that you mix mad dog was happen Ambac it's that you makes you mad dog we was using. An innocent IPO I love this move. Appeared to to a 62 first class during the safety demo as we push back from the gate. I did it is quietly as I could go low draw. Fewer alcohol all the how do you get had messed up you can't as the thing that if you're gonna sit in first class you've got to allow yourself. The opportunity to enjoy the amenities drink a certain and lets you just need to sleep it off which together you're rich you fly first class a time like I got a big seat I can go to sleep the man the times Jennifer's doesn't like. There to serve me food right. And assuming then I'm looking like hot cows grazing drinks. If if he. No no the hot towel is if my heels of the fluffy soon I had a flight broke it right at the from growth I would try to put up are just wants several items that a first class I haven't been there before and won't comes open poems and like. Gives me the really hot as that guy and a night. I don't know what she thinks I should know this I gotta look around to see this old woman next resigned to an end sluggish. Did my hands now grown Ida I don't know I don't know I solved it another face brilliant and their hand to amplify our ever going about that I had a lot of help I got back I was just guess that made strategist sushi restaurant. What is your infamous duke story 8449990. Yeah. Couples welcome to the men's room. Okay. It's broke ninety broke we do you sort of Mexico and look to go to. I don't know what little due to let the early night. You don't mean it feels great but I don't I don't know what we'll with a motel. He's pro on the UK. Okay I'll tell you I want to lose a genuine that was and clean your dirty air this mud on Saturday. Yeah they are now okay belt now without another thing. We're now we're colder. Beautiful. But. It's a city like this doesn't know lebed. Bob I don't holy party goes back towards the more it is our ball out so we'll buy you a month old beatle Halloween party so. About electric motor bike or you know world towards don't want brought it from bottle to bottle of every day. And I beyond day to my group regardless. Your game back from why don't means. It's you brought the nuclear adults. And then we got he's got colt's stall this like 180 groups are I don't ordered. Amazing this implies a re doing shots of we're good you're doing shots and then makes it what would agree yeah late. Beer beer and it was a great starter car that ran out of gas. That's our space I don't know usually flop and I've ever clear to me called never clear in my spare yet exactly. And so anyway is. We've only heard three children are my friends yeah. These cases. Well that. All American or are among our mayor Oca. It's. Everywhere and knowing its. Market. But I just told my friend you are edition. And totally into the night or debated that I'd be better. It was similar to laughing at all but you aren't pew don't so declared. Hold pleasure and our in our brand new can't get jukebox. Is ahead we could you dispute that and our members Snead they stopped it there. The music not much there are odd since it's this whole big cities both the you kind of like slumped over into it wherever you are clear out like Carlos you later departed or did your belt. And all of like hell labeled dude that guy is a front like the lead candidate I'll let it. Yeah I'm going to contribute in that opening morning. Low. We Lebanon overnight look at the only they'll leave you with a bit. Jerry meals locally well. Also he left and into play and let our guys demos all they realize what they've done an age you you don't want to be the guy that that that the Putin has so when you would tell you how many times have you dealt with roughly the same situation about time we turnaround the guy I was gone to puke in the mess was stolen. But yeah no more often than it Sean when man really come on man it without even sometimes and if that person's fault they're just they're sector that now. Sorin based you can leave it I last MR Putin I mean an app you to a lot of hours I just got really really sick and I thought you know I did a really good job doing this and then I went to peel like the next morning are lit up the lead. In the hole underneath side. Hated in this pink and red whatever in my throat and I resident of the greatest epic and afterwards I did you don't think about green and everything else rather than go to. You're like that's dried up puke and try to upload but the thing with the blue led the pew Hugo all manner most do. With the blood delighted with the me believing. I think what's more only light yellow sidewalk but hop OK you can read this very could hold real like why isn't blood in my thing. Q going in the last time I had this mysterious blood it was very easy to Trace back to what happened it would happen. Alley straight man in. Okay yeah a little. All around the world GAAP outlets did you bleed I'm really glad I bled it bled a bit you know that those things we do little to do a lot of it. And I'll do for one I operate wish our. Figured I get the water government stuck in the the next step back from a couple drops of the old Santa. Once a leisure and I was cute story 844999. Cola. Hello old Michelle welcome to the men's room. I knack. That now. And it was probably about New Year's. Or they are four years ago. My Iron Man decided that there'll Irene. And everybody's hearing in him and I'm in that kind of lying down we sit down as a naval grads and they explained he's got. And then my roommate. One in Newark feet and jump and I'm about to get out the word are you okay. She project fell vomit. All of it and they got it I was sitting at a guy's lap as he now we're all drinking and then everybody on pop up everybody. I think you realize you remembers you with the human shield. Well not exactly what he can't beat the shock Demi Moore. I'm yeah guys doorman that I'm probably still do this day don't you yelled. And I'd act I'd probably buy in Houston really like all of the. Just three flags I'm sure wasn't personal to you know it's just. I mean look we're doing the same thing I would do the same thing you're you're an obstacle between me and whatever was in her belly. And everything you got that aren't on their. As I live in I hide there and now not only leading animal of any but like I think he'll beat being inside of my. How much did you tell ya my those those energy boots either are the yeah. Okay why is anyone Wear anything nice endorsement of a New Year's Eve I mean I was like there's there's three days out of the year. I understand lumpy before parties but if it's New Year's Eve Saint Patrick's Day or she could mile understanding. How we choose so riddles like. Don't Wear any thing that you didn't buy Kmart. Am. They're up like Kmart I don't run on merchant. I was excited about wearing them cute book or bad I don't now. You know it's like the same theory as you got freedom like you're welcome anytime you Donna I don't unaware unaware much that the white. And any time I do it if I Wear white teachers and it just situation we'll. Where we don't like the place to try and I think that volunteer their sloppy Joe's going to give me now. And that's I think what you're always listen to. What's alliger infamous two story 844999. A lot more calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio networks. Yeah. While Massey has revealed that they no longer get second vomit on the bench during games all in all to a change in his diet. Here is the quote I badly for many years chocolates busy drinks and everything. That's what may be throw of during the games now I'll look after myself better I ate fish meats salads. Everything is organized and taken care of as the Barcelona forward admitted that he used just get sick all the time. After rebounded while playing a friendly for Argentina 2014. There are big concerns they might hasn't got a serious illness or whatever it is said now let's Allen Liz I just basically a crap. And I started eating a little bit better and since that point in time I'm not throwing up nearly as much the I would say that but would you think that maybe he could have been hung over as well. Sure I mean but does not what you gonna say Iran. It's different too late he's professional athlete usually play sports all the time I. So like any normal person you're go to the gym you're probably not eating candy artists notary for you go a Democrat that's the only late hour of activity you're gonna do you think that. True or is he still used to eat are just like your ability whatever the hell we want to apply in the hormonal and there's a fine line between being able to run for two hours nonstop in wind to eat before that and when not to eat and still maintaining energy and everything out there and I'll play football people puede almost every day short. I mean even just in conditioning or whatever he did today hit and sometimes you just dig a regular are strong and you just brought it to your face mask. Beating your head spin and you know to me like you're just you're not just all there are outcrop and you'd take yourself out for a sudden. Drink some water is like the beginning of football camp and my dog comedies not the best it was a high school wasn't passionately bureau those gas and your first father's know that I'm right here every year nothing that there's nothing that they just got to the just sucks more than those two days and just drop god I hated the smell of grass sometimes I don't think volatile that two days. What are ever really doesn't smoke in my bedroom bring in my Q how. Like some coaches will help give like. You know I try to stay fired up bright short selling a sophomore slump they're called me Tommy so it's really fat. And we're running gas is right across the field and back insert comment I don't dragon that eases he's coaching standards from the Kamal signing. We have got you may come on you can finish you can finish. As I finish what you thought of how we utilize data due gosh you with a little. So much good if you could fit. At that speed and ease up farm and yeah shots I need to what is your infamous feud story 844999. Cola. Hello Adam move welcomed to the men's room. Allow speller yeah. So well listen as my junior year in high school. My step dad and I were on our way to Daytona to Daytona 500. And I've never had a problem applying a lump sly especially to you know little window. And out. So verse line now generally over were continuing on in the Daytona. And it was really windy. Well so when he that the captain decided they were inadvertent go to to Tampa. Well till it is a little less windy and and where one of those planes where you got the site seat across the middle to undecided middle lied about it and India. Not the nurse's station the security station there's one like me playing so yeah our seats were backed up against that and the numbers more passengers at the tail it. I really like that play another. There regularly come out this is nice and spacious put your bathroom room nor does not like those planes to typically means I'm going somewhere for Data Domain and that they like I'm going somewhere cool. Exactly and we work. Well I'm on the of this peace in the middle of the far right so my elbows hanging in the gallery. We're coming into camp and Odom stepped on the light I'm a lot. And like it's never promised or races now are not. Well I mean big an extra little wax coated laps beatle paper bag and I starts doing. All my right across the island to hit Rabin as early twenties and his little brother is. Article appears underneath oh kids snicker now you point denying things and Mitt literal you little else or maybe you don't stop laughing you're gonna be covered and it's an attack. Well the captain so come back our leader commentator. Now let me ask you this any idea what competition is going on in Daytona in February. National cheerleader. Guerra competition. If I mean you always say that I was not aware and I you know and I'm glad I didn't know yeah I feel bad about myself now if that. Well attack comes on it and decided to have ordered that the whole tail end of the airplane is. A cheerleading squad and Aaron Downey aisles and layer of interior and big line still dripping refused at least from my nostrils mouth ears weren't sure so yeah Iowa as one of my less glorious state amongst. And it be glad you were only five. Now be much more horrifying if you like seventy years old. How old really set here I'll are bigger and Arianna. You're seventeen and I'll. There high school now clearly horrible that they don't really bad dye and Sylmar bears are those beautiful people Eurasian all I don't read and make an impression. Our. Salt so I'm I'm sitting here picking great editorial in Daytona and it's going to be glued to girls pointy things it's okay hitters tattered backpack GAAP. Thankfully we drove to Daytona from from my camp blend didn't see it and are you still are you a NASCAR fan. Out of this year now haven't this here this yeah. You know what they've just seen the rules microbrewery sincere only in and we've been to Daytona three times. Preparation intimidate you it's it's totally different now it what are. What are the rule changes they've made better changes significantly though because for my point of view does he drive left so I don't know much more than that. Well back in the good old ladies built but in daily poll Pluto pole sitter now just part. You know senate front he started to act yet or get back. And now there when these races in like three C boost. To where they make it all equal and equity group backed up everything it's not just get out there aren't circles its we got to make it. There was this TV revenue leader doesn't. What pat Ollie Ollie and then stitch just you know it's just it's getting so political and and crap like everything else is nowadays. Judges I read this recently about NASCAR does is Bertrand threat either today or yesterday but. I guess NASCAR got its breed big television break in 1979. Okay this is the first televised. Daytona 500. And so and people watching but that the thing that put NASCAR on the map believe it or not our members are very into the race for some of the medal but two of the top drivers. I guess maybe they have been Robin or something but they got out of her car and on to a fist fight. And middle track and people in some liberal blue water right and that's when NASCAR blue wolf delay hell yes come back and I'm not I don't got at all. And nobody is big and he was always trying to convince me to go under if you'd both my neighbors took to go race and so what are my neighbors went. And it went to Dover whatever they'll Iran and Dover Delaware down and so I asked my neighbor approve of the win for the first time nobody who go all the time. He's a man he's and it's a great time the party is unbelievable if you don't know anything about NASCAR. Go for the festivities go for everything else in a civil how was the actual racing. He's like well and when you get in there it's wild and you know the cars go around his eye but. First of all you don't know who the leaders then right right you don't know who is you'll know how many laps are like they have different signs coming give you some indication TV may cities it does and that's the one thing about racing that has always following the front of the pack but. As you sit there you internal look at aboard a but you're not exactly sure like who's in the lead and you're not a great attraction a mile long to you can't see everything rats are bigger than anywhere they go violence that's when you need to pick doubles isn't. They go by so fast like. As a layman to go but at the same time yes you should go integrate to our top uses it might be harder when you get in there to kind of I know I don't and I want to frighten their team as good guys got here and there he. Yeah back in the days don't bring your Corzine. Well that's right and the infield at least I was certain screens stances. I thought that like in late in the ninety's that puts you could bring a name like to the state depends on the track probably like anything else like you know preakness or mountains constant trash you know you can't so. Want to alliger infamous cute story 8449990. Love hello cats welcome to the men's room. Larry Dillon had an hour. Yeah got a great start clearing. It away at all. Horrible night I would want to gold. One of them gets really really really your luggage got it only. Awkward apart. And not so I'm running out loaner right now that I'll let out. A wedding dress guy caller Mandell do you do what do you don't doesn't keep working when I hear these lonely yeah. I'm not a guy that number go up only loan. I dirt and audible where held it up or I go nice. Little machine and I've never come to force old. Don't don't know I am glad you called huts don't have this not get out of it. I think it's the third time around exactly. Well well this girl she's got to go about it you stumbling drunk and a little bit yeah a little bit all the hurt up. Under her on Louis Walsh you squat. And relieve yourself right standing behind. Of course yeah I can blow was because off the island that helping. She let go oh I didn't were paying a dinner and he's been everything us. Good buckled up I don't garbage back. It's. Are you tell. What do you do at this point like your drug to be a gentleman which is more gentlemen that I would be I'll be honest so now. I'm still Joan and I remember panther and it. Yeah that's that's. Just you know just hearing that out of guns what do guys when a guy. Okay it's oh anyway. Yeah well wash everything. And noble drinking fountain. In us. A pink Floyd's. Does that include her bid slate you have to earn her vagina and water fountains and apart fears that there. I know I thought well I'd I'd get on a mop around a little bit. There. Are all but you are drew gentlemen this is. Yeah we got to San Diego can't we drink with the youth. Absolutely dominant he got a lot of guys might. Adopt a Delaware yellow plate. I don't take it down just a town do you do you ever get pulled over it like look commanders that there that we have like. But if you do drugs and you just put a giant pot leaf decal to back your car and it. Well the cubs are more prone to pull your overview of the dancing bears and Grateful Dead wood says I might even be stoned as I'm driving. A billion to the cops polio refusal whiskey under license plate like have you found out. Go to all mean well walked out well I'm drunk on her back. Do you are that's my guess is important that the that that that. I didn't follow what I'm gonna pop up about their own up article did you know go go. This duration. I expect that I think America. When a little notes are don't you men. How could well I don't. I'm other gear ratio under a little older now. Would you do now. I told her some ever heard your show no I wish Olivia you live in San Diego. All I do not really originally. Long Beach. How long boom boom you know on its. Chinese are you now live every now the red do we feel bad Perry is acclimated to the long. They you're okay. I tell people all up a lot of elements where you live from a California. Our season. I had. Well when you're gonna manner that I like via. And when I like every quote he had a concert. I was just armaments are removed her parents and planned thousands of Britain's mopped up around her vagina and put wet panties that I soaked in water fountain and apart soccer. Like I'm pretty sure you can put that hallmark card and that's that's why and off the shelf want to know what is your infamous feud story 844999. Cola. The lol or welcome to the men's room. I hope blown out guys oil I don't know I. Sorry breakdown Pollard get used to it reversion and I know you're on hold for a while ma'am thank you for your patience. Absolutely love this show great again so that their opponents. Street tell my story. But having a hard day at work up work late but you go to a party of don't know what he won that match the Braves that they do at the wall their beards and are. I was running behind it still had to go pick my buddy upstart I would be a good idea to drop my party tilt at the beginning of the drive keep Seattle from tax. Always a good idea to do for a ride yeah. Around. Yes yes well it but did timing can you know he'll have that like period before they actually. Take effect I was trying to time it just right so I depart can be good and and watch him and he prepared at 10 o'clock whenever. Sizable drug draft yeah that's all I. So early timing and everything got to count that felt I get there and ready we pull out still dead over and I was still angry and I'll talk to my body could take them same amount of what I had. Birth first time ever at all bad for him to the to the point where we think it's yellow one then I can you tell him perfectly. That I need a minute I need a minute and get out of the car he'd like oh god am I gonna die. Until it it is experienced one. So we end up walking down the street you like you get NAND I'm like knock it gets them out sweat you know the entire thing but at least among my friends I mean there have been notorious you Kurt but I am absolutely the collided cougar. In the way of Indian. Howard you're polite future. Because they're not bad guys who didn't puke on the couch I'm not that guy that can keep I'm gonna find the most convenient situation cause you know before anybody every seat it. I have a role that nobody should have to queen might vomit so I don't have but can anybody else. Did remind your mom and enough that you have to have that rule but still a life it's taken the time to initiated. Absolutely absolutely it's so we and why do none street and the potted plants for the arts and I decide you know what it's gonna happen but I don't wanna be in the middle of breaking everything and Eric and I want direct. At the hands of my whole. Leos are right well I think those are right decision to make to me that's why they're part of Kansas cities like look no one stand around potted plants is man's beautiful play but I've seen I've I've never heard anyone say that but I've seen multiple people PMM. You can them and I am occasion dropped to do some. Yeah I mean it's definitely what you got to do the dot. But I managed to hit like this he could have urged Q&A cute Dominick street get every plant not a drop on myself did not stop walking. Now you can walk and I've had many of those experiences where it just was bad on your stomach right away and you just kind of have to throw up at the beginning. Right what do kicks in the near an addict yeah I like and not talk too much about paley but the same kind of experience you attack was a dirty blonde and that means you don't mean. You start I do it all your friends like I just product. It's raw broke wagon you basically draw the same time like you know from five be able to download you know I don't thrown under the new pot back govern like I'm okay. Rather than you know you fought around radar I'll just say that's what I've that's what I have. Heard about pay if you hit if you're giving me your first thing in my never pretty much got if you're going to be really have a great time yeah we actually had a trash can in the middle validity and waiting as we knew it Els and Adam his last album founded before that I had to twenty years old the other night. This is exciting times have you done it twice twice nobody was one of those. 117. Native American guys got grant under way he knew enough that you try to get all the ready to know who he was very experienced that yeah that's why we kind of felt safe with a it was a great time but it's like it's just understood you've got to puke before anything. Start did you know that the first time. Yes OK I everything was explained we're all in a learning environment ideally like to tell if that there was a huge rubber maid. Big trash can and after every one cute like the guy that Brett tied it all up men. Through an outside and we were good to go now basically it was another night started it was like it was understood we just a thirdly if you look at that we puke and then we go and we do stuff and that's very colliding at the trash you ready you know very well I think it was benefiting as people just didn't really get the dollars and service and as an antidote to. And this doesn't back down because somebody doesn't get it all. In an aero drag it through up and we're like all right it's go out. Then everybody goes Joseph blow up OK then I'm good not about field by underwater flight as your kids if they have to go to the bathroom usually our president and it's just make sure we don't you were wounded. What alliger infamous feud story 844999. Well hello bill lane welcome to the men's room. Yeah bacon Mervyn truly ambitious time. I think thrilled and I particularly like this one given that it background working in the kitchen my story about bucket neat. Stuff. Bucket and me and so my wife is Mexican her endless and plotted and a bunch times you tell me about this great stuff that her father would always getter retention go to America treat beat back. I know who would normally. Try units and you're you're trying to make it. No I was gonna try it from where her family might Olga. And I hadn't. Almost played enough to be transparent. Which means that I don't really fitting allowing clients. That I. I'm gonna go well I'll go get this food while bit and we walked down the street. Tear gas station. Near work apparently did and there's some dude standing outside the gas station. What what are those old metal like Janet or mop bucket yeah. And then make sir explain to me all of excited bucket that used to be his father's pocket. And then they open up the lid and inside this bucket. Is heat. What kind of how we have. Yeah silly it basically try to that was. Essentially fried energy editors fail. While. It is not what this is what your girlfriend wants the UYOGYYOK. It's edgy yeah when you take an inventor I'm guessing. Now she was gonna take me where I was there what is her brother and me. I think her sister was there dude. Her dad may have walked with us as consumers through her parents are. Oh this is about what are we try no issues. The next day is Christmas Day we'll back in El Paso and I'm like yeah you know let's just go out grab some Chinese food. And I got the worst food poisoning I've ever had in my life. Do you go from being Mexican situation Tony for hours if if if if if so the tribe the bride and the gender but it did not give him that he thought it was fine. Bucky prisons Chinese food to New Orleans hotel and leisure infamous feud story tabor parred 999 along the library golf coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you is you. True. Now broadcast trying to charge venison and we'll go back thirty years for the top ten songs in the USA since been is on the way there we're gonna talk about that talk about puke. As a guy was busted on saint patty's day for throwing about a NASCAR while driving drunk that comes our way from Lancaster Pennsylvania. Probably drunk on the angling that is you are you ruling is not coming out with a pills that are. Idle time for the first got a new beer in a long time unlike peers man I don't know what it is pills through my least favorite that said I will never turned around freebies Lionel Messi reveals why he used to bomb on the bed she basically just boils it down to is Diane city crap and now he's much better fish and chicken and vegetables and all that stuff. And we have the story of an oral virus sickened 200 people at the Olympics and now more recently public. Either nor'easter 12. One of the ones that are is that still the fourth was still hasn't hit but that was a bad incidents. At Dulles international airport where basically the pilot said that every single person. On the plane and threw up including. The pilots who were on the verge of throwing up on a very. But be descent so our question what is your infamous feud story 84. Or 9990 look hello rusty welcome duke and girl yeah. Because somehow my brother the body richt really heavy one night may end up that he up bowling Alley bar. I looked up the blog and your doctor for a couple hours to do a little bit ball a little bit more weight or. She thought Jack he ducked her play upper you woke up do you know her house. Do you giant red Gatorade. That then down and we are doing the no don't spit in the opera. You know bathroom a little more every doing into the bathroom over home. The you know he. A couple of bad. I'll kind of I Indonesia Clinton whenever that still seems like you're in the bedroom and make it right but maybe our elected. Way over their son. No no Madonna daughter wouldn't think a little bit and yeah jump out of the water and now. He. John Annika thank all her hair like Iraq. Everywhere. I went up. More then appealed to this economic around there about the lucky dollar let me look back. Did you ever see her again now aborted just he'd yell and I did it or not but you are in the black. If you never got another day you have your charm now does lead lap it's still go to that bowling Alley. You all all of Alec play. He's tolerances. Nothing nothing shout out you know sat down with her death that you play it at you when you drop Monday of impact if. Familiar Euro got a trombone in your living room I was a little drama over the plight of draws and run of he for the Jumbo like yet. Earlier now what is your instruments did a story of a four point 99 and I know about the need to go to Cleveland's house he's the democratic. Steve I am trying. This is our man I Tim Russert you said yes these things out after Cabrera lives and if the united that we are what I expanded many breakfast is bold enough. How do you do your hair like individual read your thing I guess who's the real ID law exactly the worst kind I mean that that diamond stud made it probably does the inside of your stomach price eased through the answer I wasn't their log in like John McEnroe it. Did you to have the back of your hair red. Now you and how it is when this alternate Vuitton bag in my view what's on active. Was a fruit punch Allen's day semi funny music as the nicest dog puke on personal in my life all of us who also stayed my shoes and equipment. They were rationed hello Trevor welcome to the men's room. Liquor pool or regular cards. Go longer cars. Lowry is built on goodness. All right so this story he is. It this is one of countless stories we have but the trend. Can truly great basically you know we were all over everybody does or all have a good time they're preaching to her and her own good. Welcome the scrutiny in a circle outback he has like. He had one of those patio tables chairs all the way around the world gonna sit in the surf boards. And for whatever reason. I don't lover at heart yeah early bill station ID here they'll get back your story which are gonna pick up make faster. Right. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.