03-20-18 Seg 1 Mens Room Doesn't Feel Good

Tuesday, March 20th

Mens Room Question: What is your infamous puke story?


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He would sure love to hear is real. So this radio program. Are simply. Trying to offend anyone. There's our. Invited to join the party. This news. Other than secrecy. This is now. They say. Or radio more than three times. And Jordan. Yeah. We're going to Arizona our 2786. Along with steep little hills. Do Ted Smith. For one ball. Why do I. Aren't men's a. I catapulted rugged charges induce it didn't spend a job. We go back thirty years for the top dissolved in the USA. Return as the bedroom get ready. Play profile list plus headlines men your shot of the day fund molester emails. And everyone's favorite. TV time would take my clapping really dried up Florida man's dog attacks another doggy Dogg mart's old Florida man beats the other owners asked to. Meanwhile another Florida man fight with a girlfriend and his nickname. Is captain do. Davis Square five women and I'll decide to BP managers as. Australia brewery according to red heads lacks grace and some class and if you live in Austin don't open anything. That is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's a question. All I've met his good day to you and yours was and bodily functions. Made our way of life burping parting from BP and sneezing coughing it happens to all of us. But the one bodily function that everyone hates. There's few few games is only the result of something very bad happening to you and it's never enjoyable. At this past winner Olympus and South Korea nor virus it made an appearance in infected 199. People. He's 199. People puke their brains out four days. Competitive perspective nor virus is also known as quote the winter vomiting book. Earlier this month the passenger jet is landing at Dulles airport in Washington DC good spirits high winds during its descent. The landing was so turbulent but virtually every person on the plane pilots included into the future. Homeless and veterans day weekend I'm sure plenty of dispute but the guy and Pennsylvania. He was pulled over for do you watch which is not that shocking given the holiday but the reason the golf pulled him over. It's because he was really leaning his head out of the window spewing out of it while driving down the road. He's got for not detectives but they won't close one equals do. The other Baltimore got to look to do you why we have a story about its international soccer superstar. Why domestic. I rarely get a bit about you can problem for years for new boy we'll get to that second look. Everyone has detailed look up chucking wrecking him you know cookies and today. For better or worse we wanna hear those stories so our question is what is nor in the disc can store her brother Joseph caught a four point 999 all you can Mike commands from on FaceBook follow us on tournaments are live and send your emails in the men's room and mints are my dot com. You are listening to the men's or radio network. This phone jobs. LA you're all gonna show number 2007. And an 86. Now Korea today is Ryan cancel the drug charge coming in to sit and spin it as we go back thirty years to 1982. For the top ten songs in the US the may actually it's not 1982. It would be 1980 aides to wait a window here's the problem Cassel he's not good at math knowledge Obama. Is he doing this song from 1982 when he thought it was thirty years or not he say we're actually doing it from thirty years ago we're doing it from thirty years ago today which in his mind somehow translated in the 1982 only eat and then after a little bit my body is like. 1980 eight's OK throw on us for this though. We're back in time and now Tony twelve give you the top kids dogs in the USAA from a thirty years ago today. On sit and spin with Brian castle also the return immense immense turmoil drink it tells for the show the day another round of a profile that's coming up and will. A talk today about you can and no matter how. The situation is when you start in the mouth sweats and here and one of those situations. You know it's coming and you know there's not much you can do about it and unlike holding in a sneeze or some in which you can occasionally be successful Latin. When it's time ago is time to go when you need to puke and it the worst is when the Mal starts sweating and you just know look it's. It's gonna have to happen the good news is as opposed to being. Sickened a number of other different ways when you puke it tends to relieve all of that problem is you're having it you can kind of somehow it's a craft to get a little bit better than the other. That goes it's awful late. If you have to prove maybe you can hold it for a while your body gives an indication if you did it. This will go camping a hold of a third and got a piece there's a time limit but as an adult. You can do pretty well once you get the mouse weapons like like you have about a 22 window right now because this is going to happen you have just enough time to figure out where your going to do it. But it's gonna happen and and the reason you get so much relief after you puke is because. A Philip when you puke so many things have gone so wrong in your body yet like that it just expels that all it wants. And it is yet it's the worst got it right I mean you feel better when your done but the process. Is the worst of the ball short of what the bunch you puke. We aren't always suitors while I don't them. Right I just had added fees they were just think there's a couple liquors Charles like I can't trinket it's gonna make you puke right away yeah. Too but really the only that there might Canada and it's it's definitely should throw it down when it comes right back up easy but I'm not positive that's real orders a mental thing. But it's happened to everybody and then I and the pastor if you can early on when I was a kid. The rose row why most of us start was a lot of it's. My friends a girl that I threshold it's like the third also at the dinner was different because he could all of the different QB and there were all four lane highways were I lives those switch back roads it was two lane like you were flying across the back into the sea shorts or he would just get it was just like them a it was just motion sickness basically play did not the worst seat belt right it was one solvency in the bag and knows you know look look you're gonna pull over and embrace throw off a couple times anyway I mean it was just kind of expected. I don't know what I was a kid driving it was a bit when my Brothers but I mastery out in West Virginia they didn't have a lot of highways when he got onto inroads and you certainly get really. Just disgusting leasing mintier in and to this day I still have a problem with motion sickness and but I but I have figured something out. And about like as far as being on the waters to answer. Now I can be on somebody's elbow right look I could be on a small sailboat I could be on a jet ski I can beyond any kind of smaller. Water craft or even bigger water craft or whatever and never get sick thinking keep my feet on the ferry no problem you're out walking around absolutely no problem however. If for some reason you put a fishing pole in my hand and I wanna fishing boat I will throw up. About 99% of the time and I don't know what it is ladies like let's get a charter boat we unhappy they the kind where you just drop the line straight into the water yet like not one reroute like fishing for marlin and tuna. Those make me throw up do. Will forever he's a man on a regular on a boat get a fishing line don't pull my hand I would throw up but you love fishing. I do officially this is the problem but it's going to be who's throwing up every single time and it does matter if I drink before and or drink during the thing it. Two things are gonna happen and probably have to take a dump out there and I'm definitely gonna throw up. Aren't rather appropriately computer. Again because when a boom. It's just hoping I could ever get your body does that a few times today it doesn't mean anything wrong it means that things right and I know. It's not the ideal situation like we announced host of really my vote is a problem there I mean I hope that this man. Oh going into the water. Not moving on durable I don't think I would you think that a bomb on your boat doesn't have to move. I'm an improvement gore is no votes came as relaxed squat toilet right arms to our wings and off the boat which generally agree he but it does look to us this summer is when your fission. You know you're in the cup being yard. Sound or something like out there was got a fish and think they're going to try and I know I got like move. I don't know and once you're chairman and I think he does not appear gulf of both have to put all outside relative question did it's just yeah am I just need puke. In doses it's never pleasant you bet proved relate even in the process you like. This feels good I'm good this is this is one for the ages I'm glad this is happening these experiences and station has wonderful you know. We knew puke I've never thought but not one time about thought yeah this is C I have before we did what done it yet what are my daughter's here's. My three part of puke right when he started to get not just it's like. I wish I could puke right I'm one wrote it was sure and you start you can you know I wish you could be okay. Then you're like I'm glad acute threat threat no girl with a I think my worst sort of whooping of what do I have to boot right analyst Saddam do additional stress for instance. She'll be great my mile time I think. The story that haunted me after Putin was. I want to TGI Fridays after work Monday. And it was happy are they preparing for the storm knocked couldn't I can stay for very long but it some who are working with was leaving retiring whatever. It's a happy hours on what is I gotta go record but I gotta get home and got a gimmick kids from daycare global blocked. So I get there and I have won the Coors Light Miller Lite whatever the domestic draft was at the time I didn't I get a big mug I got a he's got a pint of beer and they had. The Jack Daniels menu going around the time. Which I was a fan of Billy Jack Daniels grilled shrimp. Jack Daniels chicken wings ribs all covered their Jack Daniels delicious barbecue season links Trent so his apartment so I started Malin of that. Now I in the time they did do one shot at Q which was probably like Jose choir or whatever was anyway going to it was gasoline and but it at the time might look about still was able to drink. In the course of an hour fifteen minutes hour and a half one shot of one beer is not gonna get me into trouble so. I eat we will get time much aren't I gotta go there we go pick up my kids to get the cars are driver on the beltway and I'm on the west side of Baltimore. I get a start getting them out sweats and then I start getting the sweats way is now one thing I know is I'm not drop right and then I'm like oh god I'm gonna prominent. I would it take a crap in my car and a cloth seats to which you know like this is this. Was your congress voted to gonna prove I could have got I know I've got food poisoning like this is common like I know what I've got in I'm sweating. I rolled on the window mankind do and I think we're gonna head out the winner Mike I cannot believe it like. That happened that quick like I am getting sick facts. So. I think I can make it and I get down the leg Glen Bernie or someplace. And all the sudden I don't even I don't even know what happened it just goes but. And I mean it it it just comes out of right and I didn't even have to do is no warning it just shot out of my mouth he completely covered. The inside of my window it my my steering wheel and the dashboard which. I'm like oh god in packets relative Q&A like if I stop there's also and I'm pick up my N also they can also yeah barbecue Jack Daniels you know make. God so I think a grab some napkins out the glove compartment I can wipe the inside download and I'm like I'm not stopping because let's stop and think and I Koppel's behind me. The whole inside the car is covered right in tequila and Jack Daniels sauces is not good like. I'm pretty sure I could pass a breathalyzer no problem but this is not a good situation. So I keep on driving a drive home first and go inside to change my clothes. Clean out the inside of the car can't get everything up inside the car wreck that the majority of the car. So. This is like in the I. This is like the zinni in the summer and beginning to fall ever so anyway I think in my kids at some time passes I don't know what they'll deal as. They. The first freeze of the year. I have to put on my defrost and I knew a lot of the puke. Had gotten down at that guy in that hole but I didn't know I don't think I knew the extent. Of what was gonna happen. When I turn the heater on 1 morning and I completely. I mean just now how fast it's only key rat had died in might call it. I turn on the heat man and he just started blasting the much. And immediately after smelled Jack Daniels wings and I guess how the path opposing where Bo. And I'm like all dog rule and Hisham Iraq threw up again and those with all my golly how. How I get that out there. But I still need to the bras correct because they can't see you don't mean he didn't like Atlantic and came back to haunt me because there was this. I can never hit it to every announcement geo prism immature that that. So I reckon he's amateur night and browser for any reason like you know some dimes event that rainy period res Canada frosty side can't figure out how to get the right them journalist of business. Anytime I attempt thing on it was just. It just smells like it's only Friday it's no secret the but that's about it. You do the cooler once he left it outside in the summertime I'll hope for how long it was a solid two weeks before. Their top guy yeah. Well dude I was sad I was then I just sort away. Now. Com our neighbors our Brothers who would at least know he was like you're cleaning that coolers and used a device because I puke in it right I would think the high schooler. I completely forgot about it and he went to use it at all I know which you do anything good clean that they have cooler toward Iran today in Fremont was even more puke is still out there from from saint paddies on believe us though how are you is out there that's the horror of the pickle back. Do you drink it whiskey into a pickle backs what was drawn up. The pit like pickle juice O come I'm fifty I don't dragon for it right but you can't feel your mouth water. Always overcome it and I didn't come to put zero or if it really happy he. That's a big thing in Montana isn't the big election out of there were letters and from. Get a bunch of dudes 125 it's okay it says it doesn't need to be done. This is out this is a horrible story is just the beginning of this month though winds that lashed the East Coast. Part of a powerful nor'easter I don't know if that was 123. Or the most to lose. To maybe this was the second one in the last four weeks or three weeks whatever was. One the flooded streets in Boston grounded flights knocked out power for about one point eight million people. Anyway it's a storm's high winds exceeded fifty miles an hour. And force airlines to cancel around 3000 flights to give you an idea how bad it was. Unfortunately for passengers aboard a flight that landed at Dulles in Virginia the high winds were so bad. That according to the pilot as he wrote to the National Weather Service pretty much everyone on the plane. Threw up even the pilots were on the verge of throwing up amid what they described as a very bumpy descent. And if you've ever flown into that airport there's not a lot of mountains blocking too much stuff it's just aren't we don't there and it's windy and you've had a bad landing before but I mean. Granted there's a reason while. Why as far as the society is concerned the only places that are. Equipped with puke bags treated you get and any time playing partner to limit the tune in and all the years that I did and an airplane and never seen anyone if you could've bagged. I'd try to go to that I've never seen anybody and I'm not I've not seen. Now the people have been sick or whatever but I've never seen anyone use one of those banks and or I know there's a reason for them to be there. I can't imagine how bad that he first of all it's and then everyone drinks are gonna die right. I think more than my stomach subsite yeah I believe they thought the light was coming to and this was bigger than just you know I ambulance because at that point average of throwing up and vineyard like nervous noxious like it's like our guy like I think it be like. If if someone put a gun to your head. You might prove yourself because they highlighted I didn't go to the bathroom and in this moment to relieve muscle it's OK I understand my computer. Usually you're gonna die. Or maybe yeah I could've just been that active. I think it's both but I think look if you thought you were gonna survive and you read your thing you can. Tonight puke because then you're that person pew but I think if it's that bad and you think you're gonna die and that's like under is gonna puke. That said if you're into a situation on a plane and you think you're going to die it also happens be bumpy and you have to puke. You can take the time to use the people bank. And I'll let you probably gonna die you think about it of what I think I'm gonna die but I don't wanna leave a mess really. No one using computer bag if you think you're going to be dead on the dispute on the personal front I mean Billick I apologize but we're gonna back. Yeah if you really thought through and you knew you're gonna die at that point on he's come up with a better thing to do like you don't have answers to back to the beverage cart dream like five of those the trumpet Venezuela. I like your theory but I won't throw I like I think Emmett died this is horrible turbulence up you can all our problems agreement something woman next to go and I'm grabbing a few bad you're just like last time is just. Look what my problem for us that nobody wanted to that I just wanna die either I'd rather die soon if he he he did you last movie you went alliger infamous duke story before far 999 ala how much you fellow rivals and I think what you're a Smart guy I don't do as a man on Donald write that down as. And the plane lands and attitudes about around with the fact that it is if it's a good. Then things got awkward all of our all of my little no doubt that Richard the writ of you'd expect and it's what despicable. It's still being up front and then I don't you have like crazy to say magaw the carousel and if it sir. She my hello Cody welcome to the bedroom. All. Okay yeah. I doubt. Now just below ya thought about Stanley gathering at once although they are expected their bank. There have been older guys and balance church here at all her friends so we decided it Ciatrick partition. I probably Dallas early our own Alex spirit and do it and start get out sweat spell it out. Now I'm not I don't get appear at coming out it's much that prior rents are over a tried kicking the app keeps on just like squeegee my stomach. And the battery has cheap or I travel around yeah I let go of the court I straight it tire after. This is off. I mean I had eager earlier sure it everywhere there's spewing the child in this big double fault not what you will drop oh. Yep that's that's impressive that you miss the toilet entirely forget everything else but. Let me ask you did you rate of the threat yet seafood so you can identify the strip but senator have you thought you saw a little weird sidebar bullet. You puke me if I feel like crap and as you look at everything coming out of your mouth you start thinking like. Man you really have to chew better what I can only be a bit like you almost are doubting your own ability to food are yours is really under musty really fast. Yeah admittedly. Cap I didn't check everywhere. I don't know I was did judgment a lot and I hate to even tells story and do it's not meet you being it was a woman duking I would not go through the entire process. But we're in our early twenties so mad dog is more on the menu than anything else you gonna drink and it was a big party but does that play some live. Hearn I go to my bedroom and she was not the most attractive woman on earth but at that point. You have the most handsome man either battalion seventh mad dog to wanted to leave the torment when he's not for your vision. But an important she looks great that night right so we've all of our room and she. She's performing a few well all right MMI policy her rat which yes is an eagle blow I understand but. We're both hammer which puts her hand over mouth and I sort of backed away too I understand what's about to happen dude and she spews directly. Into my girl. OK I. Hillary gusting and I'm already directly. Into my growing and that is remember. It was a very warm. John. No like mad god. But the thing about the memorials and it's a sweet old Larry did you believe as I looked down and make it feel different on the back of my. All the C. It is only there but but here's the thing about chewing your food. If you're looking down as I can have my hands out Connolly what the F posed to the enemy of my hands are out I looked down and I must remember seeing like the. All. Right using healthy well Italian feeling if you would say that's the thing I thought like. And I know this is terrible fall but it was a fleeting thought it was very clear about coleslaw is based on her size and I see this terrorist liberal women she seems silent. Very fleeting thought but yet it was. I think they could not honest and can do put that there are remember most is very easily carried sliver in my pubic hair aside from all of you. I can identify these terrorists whoever. In my view because what's known as your infamous feud story 844999. All the library gulls on the way you are listening to amend your radio network. Did you know you don't have a gentle men's room. A thirty year old guy. Named Michael bell low from Lancaster Pennsylvania got drunk early on saint patty's day that he made the bad decision dude tried to drive but he was caught when he. Miles gone down the road and cops spotted him leaning his head out the window as he was driving to throw up. Every time we do that heats were belittled and sometimes he swerved in to oncoming traffic so cops pull them over. And he was arrested for DY and his mug shot is it was I got the dispute. I've been guilty of opening the door computing out of the car tornado first birthday may be when you driving though Ohno won the title one of the time I did it's. Then after that at one time I did it in my own car while driving you. But that was it. As it's been a bit on a good run of of not the most of the time up enough of the good run or is that just a normal life man's. Good run I think is a good run because they don't get graphic again guys we don't live normal I think after like forty years shouldn't go all right. It's normal life but it hasn't been twenty years you you're good right yeah I mean right now place some good rupture and I didn't even think I got and it ruined everything lately. I haven't got drunk on vacation to the point right throughout most of the time when I think about my throw up stories it has nothing to do with drinking. Like that's one thing I've I have matured to the point where I don't get the book I'm so drunk. That I throw up however. I throw up when I'm not drunk more often than I used it yet so that's the real problem might have been getting more sick lately is just like all of our property magnate is both sides is it's more about Nora virus thing for me when I get this thing that I feel like that that's completely out of your control you know it is nothing new decade right is this something that happens what your infamous duke story 844999. Cola. Lol count and fellowship Maria welcome to the bedroom. Only oh god your name sounds like something I would say when a stub my toe to the kids around. After three up. Over it goes to somebody's going geez presents are going to make it's nobody should breed the supreme. You got that phone call ciresi. Smells like stripper and things and that's she pulled. Or a new car from white Daewoo in the drive the new day will ship Berea. It's got five places the blood opponents with his. Own. Eyes what deported to puke there. Old yeah they don't know or court. Or parent or I won't presentation. All know how Baltimore will pay off tomorrow we'll have more than Obama little eight model for what that's going to happen gluten corn and and I don't go to all the problems. Among all. I don't know quite. Ultimate teaching had to happen to benefit in the now collection. Amman between his. Own shoe deals the limit. A pretty good. About the toilet and I just that. Yeah I'll open it and glory which not only takes my hope that stole money that can be done that you won't. What are you okay yeah I'm great I'm doing I'm. Okay if it yeah it's funny you should ask you know I really better than ever and if there's there's there's very few times and live for you really just don't want to assistance from anyone. If you if you want to New York is the only one I know for a fact that it's consistent like we're that didn't hit in this and jewels yeah yeah all that leave me alone mode of the two times but really don't want sympathy I don't need you around with just. We knew the did you ever make an attempt to talk to your priest between your legs and and spew out oil and out of a win over the. I know now I would my clothes I was. Jack and all that and. Did you presentation of their proven and you can't lie I was very announces he did not do the present at all. So once the bottom of the other day. Let the afternoon and I had to be matches more I grow up while talking to donate. And have trash can actually dance. Get connected to our kids. And I loved and had backed him all over the floor because I actually. A ballclub that they let them. He's thinking let's close until all the marbles and we're told. You still pointing tunes that you like full on reports secret the nurses man there and bomb and now think back to the stone ages and then yeah for good measure you puke a little aliens that. Shall we tell did you did you view in the school at four different times. It also went on and you graduated got a problem everything with a honor rally hooker. What do you do now imperious. On the Olympic Games and into my the little out there right now what can I call school. You could come. We Jazeera organ of the school. I know a little. Snoring and I hop com and be careful. They have any places serve breakfast sort of four hours apparently you combined did you hear what haven't I hop in Memphis Tennessee. All all all five car will be delivered however the manages their minutes from plates that doesn't throw a chair a video of herself from favorable global Memphis I hop woman numbers phone call and you might rethink where you're working. Did you get it did you get a name badges is Eileen just Wear for a day. All I'm goat got duke forest is the deceit theater gives I don't know what it is but if you serve breakfast all day people are gonna fight in your place I was all it's a matter when you're open this 1:30 in the morning to write stuff here right. That's those who think this least you're there 24 hours to yeah. Finally what's the limit on somebody puke recede you know nobody wants you to be that bothered them yet but I guess everything you're back there are few key lake. Now a bathroom thorough pat Buehrle twenty minutes it's tough economy like. Oh yeah are good that a little welfare check right I know are on welfare but you don't hang out with you know these rendering the ins when he hears the pew eagle. I'm okay who can't look like let's put your hands on back and I just get it out about it you know I just like a lot of blue I don't know normal moment. I don't believe in that situation to twenty minutes like I I gotta check out 80 yeah yeah that's our welfare that's good Beverly absolutely. Still coming out drug charge frank castle's candidacy and enable go back thirty years. For the top ten songs in the USA governor frank castle right after emails on our question. What is your infamous cute story 844999. Olof. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.