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Monday, March 19th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines!


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This is dumb men's room. I'm listening to. Your consultants are standing by car 9844999. A little play profiled as in mass. I do better headlines on the way one hour from now first which I got in my car for some of the stories and headlines he is not working on high and is study looked at Google's shopping stats and came up with the most popular sex taught in all fifty states. How many are there fifty know. When I mean is I'm sure there's like how I've organization Foyt oh toys that they think compromise more than once they don't like. Depending on where you are maybe like in Alaska. It could be a flash. None of them are live breaking it down late isn't isn't there population dual goal. Vibrator or is it like back and drawn 5000 as a warning that with the north to code. Than women because right John flood watch him go anyway that's the big one that you know or something like that her at all around. To have the body worse is now selling to Iraq just an extension I don't these areas that these I thought well not all odds are about unorganized okay. You know you wanna ride to cynic would that would burn you know. Well at home that the smell that doesn't. Mean if you were to drop the wax all over your body as close you know bird must. As an important life that you thought man. You know make them better my place mildly scratched. Now and 03 when you come home when you have a crock pot right it yet but the differences. I no mood to eat this delicious thing that I smelled you walk into a restaurant and smells good it's like. That's great and and either but apart more outdoor restaurant who would you guys go can help us now from south to start and I think back I think it's. It's equal and alike the buffalo. Powder like it's not. I got checks mix the other and I have stuff because of a disruption. Selects it's is good as it is sort Roger can you put it on anything else like. It's like fake great under the taste of fake great when it happened that they can be like great but I don't mind that takes your thinks arrive job is not an enjoyable place. Surround just is very good. But do you ever you're dying to smoke. And Felix now handles that smell like cookies and cupcakes look at just cookies and Lisa happy you know and on like an eagle but a filling up I was I don't like the rocks that much but there are some people that votes or can they. Do they won almost closed down Mike gates arrives at plants in California I don't give a news out of the smell was so bad that people just tolerated my. Think you're right iron down suited it. We had a really felt like he puts a rush on three times a grandmother in Canada is going viral because whenever grandkids Deaver a snowball as a birthday gift eleven years ago. And she still has in her freezer. She in my mail order I Lugo goes that it would you people snowballed. For eleven years I think it's based bigger problem. To say what flavor was the snowball that could save as I want to. If it had tenants fit for the check in Africa program and ever entertaining. Then we decorate McKay it was Iraqi candles. A 63 year old man and Romania was officially declared dead in 2016. If because his family hadn't heard from him since 1992. Now it turns out that he's alive but he missed the deadline to appeal so the ruling is final and. He's officially deceit heats. Sleek usually whatever you want guys. Look I'm. I don't I'm Qaeda free ticket to do it every alone yet that you can't prosecute me if I'm dale on the dead men and what I have done a Guinea in favor of those airlines if I'm dead you know a wrestler hooker she's like repealing. And they'll cook. I could have made her a day. Right legally dead if this afternoon I didn't steal anything I'm Dan I'm playing and atop that little or what kind of benefits to being dead wrong. I and I was about to get in trouble for her crime now he's in the interrogation boosters like to admits tell those guys. Won't say abstinence and and it pays no taxes dead man there's a lot of stuff about you advance right. A nineteen year old bank robber and Indiana was arrested a free ticket taxes should have to and from the bank and use some of the stolen guest spent part damn man. I'm thing and he didn't use near enough of the still gasping for this lady got cut software might solid and I think if you just rob the bank. There agrees that a lot of rights you know the driver new. He's got to leave a banquet like. Well yes that's his sport that is you have to pay content to the bank right now walking out of ten you have a stocking cap on your face. The things we do the very. A judge in organ accidentally locked herself in the courtroom earlier this month and didn't have her phone. So she used adventures of battering ram to try to break out and cosmos you thousand dollars in damage. Yeah stores Archie when those are achieved however you try to get out another substitute the question does not India. Sheila just I didn't thrill with the bench. And I'm sure she did great. Harnessing the minister for the judge you know I give do we take care of your fine who loses those Legos and a pro football player pro basketball player was like at a wedding someplace and I was like in a museum or something. And I got my stuff in there all night I couldn't be ordered this wasn't Carson once I. I don't know who over the years ago famous yet like somebody who you know I got stuck in African like a museum or something weird. Was that wasn't at the Olympics a few years back over in Sochi I can't remember Mel's bizarre story as that would be crazy like what do you do I think at. As you walk around and check stuff out I don't know. American Dhabi during his skyrocketing a 64% of adults say they now drink a cup every day. Back in the mid ninety's it was under 50%. Roy yes. We are prepared to drinking coffee all the time and I'll draw and play Alia growing up in the ninety's there was always a pot in the morning. Death always does this mean the tee shots are gonna go away now. I felt like at my house of no return call the road yet pump. And Philip Mallard I need more people that all have some coffee CDC hot or cold through their house that had coffee and on the north and the difference man I'm mostly a star strikers. Before Starbucks existed. Nationally. You're right even serve a part of golf in the morning order was but. Other than McDonald's. Was only someplace you went to get coffee and an all kinds of different design or coffees and all the stuff when Starbucks. As I think turn people on call for the would normally drink coffee and because of different ways to consume with an L how to present EST gee guess tonight no hell no I contending it began his injured. In years old are you actually cast court. How might you likes coffee drinking decaf tonight and sometimes it's nice to relax and dad decaf cafe. OK I guess you have regular copier just you just can't eat too much. You really need to do more drugs or something now they like Walter Jones I mean my drug or you know I don't give you the my animals you know the small usually loaded very cover gonna deny the fact that a ten milligram brown and end all night. Peterson and I would call that I could drink coffee after a certain time the afternoon probably make you jittery man I don't against drugs that when this hits. Because as I have leader so I just heard the cells pickle juice slushy decide together stupid missions about an iMac and I do. That's not okay when I was grown up right above got through my I don't like pickles my father does not like pickles. My mother my brother told the drug and so those are look at my mother abide dark I think there's been the most troops that it's like you took a cucumber and on the dare you made it worse is already are so. But my brother loved pickles and so at some point you don't parents are and I'm that way now okay from a public calls me into the kitchen. In he's pointing up is gallon in Diaz you are the pickle juice. And it's like a tiger out of all the time usually it's no. There is oil little lack of Florida are narrow double figure fondness my eight man I don't eat pickles you should know that you're smarter older songs. He drinks the juice box and others as weird awkward pause my father's does looks at me. So Scott and closed door and I was the whole conversation about that night my father's not watching and my Brothers act we don't we've produced in a glass Emerson now for better. And my father may can stop because I can't do find this is facing a luxury connection an Iraq style bring in the Jew. Thank you invited senator right yeah. I. I want my America over it and I'm. Since you left out in the desert Ted. Yes that's part there's a man Ohio's set the world record earlier this year for eating Najibullah for the most consecutive days at 426. Tees. Well he had their for the 500 straight day recently and announced that he was ending his streak yeah I got back his title as someone else and taken a throne safe. Started again and didn't organize moving onto a different way though would that be important to you ma'am for someone is terrorizing our highway in Florida who's that a cell about a one hour now. They've got headlines are annoy one hour from now first thing to do loans. Is true precepts. Yes throwing early to please everyone how profile this is playing at Georgia and miles of the simple game where we share a few real life news story. Something that happened right here on planet earth. Our and they do listen to the story based on stereotypes you believed to be true people and the decisions that people make. Well let's see what it is you think makes the story a story. Hello act welcome to the Madrid. Our job. And I'd thank you understand others here Davis plays. Yes there are fantastic. Here is your story and I'm like deploy another finally happen something interesting. Happened on a conference call. Now a manager at southern power grid. Had a video conference call last week and afterwards you forgot to turn off his video feet so all the employees. Yet they want as a female co worker came to the conference room. And as third having sex for eight there on the conference table. You remind his video feed is now planning to every one who'd been on the call now the fund was both an councils from media over the weekend centrist quickly pulled down. And the two employees who didn't who posted that they can be facing defamation charge of their bosses claiming the footage was doctored. And he's being frame. Don't worry no one actually believes that but that's pretty sight my question is do you believe that there's an uprising ball to get laid on the conference room table. His black white Asian or June. But it did happen at. He says the southern power grid and rubber company that is. School. I'm a minute sort slight but yet they can't. Yeah I am too. Just because number one are slated MacArthur tartan copies label is the boss. That's okay that's the facts are right when I understand and we have video conference call and then forgot to turn off his feet. And I mean you're talking no time later. Whoever is other female employee walks in May third I'm incompetent. Plus it's. Analysts outbreak that southern led the name of value when well there are there's a southern place in all places it's just the most southern point oh. Look all up all the employee must does it look like final answers back. Yet here aren't gonna find out is. The Bosnia's black white Asian or Jewish next fat was fatigued you are listening to the men's or radio network. Smiles. I don't profile doesn't got a guy who's not a conference go there and apparently with a conference calls over he invited in the secretary your co worker whoever was an eight. Senator having sex on the conference table. And he forgot to turn off the video converts read so all right there for all do enjoy. Is himself having sex with a coworker on the live video stream and drank and they've been. Most of social media it was taken down but then the employees the post nuclear potentially. Potentially facing defamation charge them also. And news footage was doctored centered so I know believe them we'll see don't see some question was did you believe. And I business balls was black white Asian or do went with the white. Home. He's. And unique. How broad do you love our latest average he beat Sabatini. Countless hours in front of the talking marks the end of presents. So Melanie straight like a lot of things well things always go in and out of business but a lot of stores have had a tough time. With the advent of Amazon sure. I don't know if you're watching movies on TV there's on demand there's Netflix was that there's a bunch of different ways to get your stuff. Toys 'R' Us just window Toys 'R' Us is sad story today I love Toys 'R' Us is child. You know that and this is normal things it'll putt which is crazy to me is keep hearing about the story the tours are awesome and all the financial things and are closing all the store jeopardy the draft. Now has you to address such. I think to me Mears and our right and a good thirty Iran spokes draft Toys 'R' Us. They go out of business ever want somebody employees and I didn't but no one word about Jennifer amazingly supermarket pastor yemen's as an adult is. He was just on Jimmy Kimmel Live and it was a real us. She's far and. Hi I'm sue me I'm in Dillon I'm good I. I have a question for every one here okay. Do you guys want to always. Okay. Well. Well I know now abandoned you. We're angry. Ought to. On get a reasonably good material to and it didn't know it's not our right to know what. It's all new pitches but toy. Now I'm not at all. That's your breath smells a little bit like alcohol use. Tell me that that's fun. Welcome trading. I know how to groom the I'm primarily a darn good cars are good but I don't. I don't know all the noon moon at all. Some of the saddest thing I've ever seen gambles he doesn't take Jeffrey to maybe get them another drink there's something I do. He put significant take a look at the pitcher since what page he's it is so epic its. I doubt that's very nice yes they're Tyrod Jeffrey like yeah I was just knowledge to kill did not realize that it. And that's probably have the reason they went out of business is I never actually walked in there right but when you do walking your you to see all the new toys and everything like. This is a great store what does she is old cool deal to see it visually. Instead of scroll through looking like you're actually see what's pointers and I early this is Amazon I mean it also hurts the might even go to like a Wal-Mart or target true threat like a plate. It's not a special destination assist decimation gonna go to anyway right and they have you know toy stuff and they're one of the worst things man at an enemy in this very honestly like. You enjoy walking into a Toys 'R' Us because you're right you're surrounded by things that are designed to be fun but it's a drone or whatever and I was its own citizens but but the problem is you know someone who has kids like I'm gonna twice a year while three times you're their birthdays Christmas right. Otherwise the idea of bringing a kid into Toys 'R' Us is like taking your body and AA and going on the moon scores mean it's like. Things are big go bad to quit your kid. It's just too much from him and I don't care who the kid is I don't care what threat you have a man because you you're mall to go to the toy store in new here parent popular kids. It sounds awful. It sounds like him interrogation it sounds like there were two murder of her child because this kid has looked the tennis now all the equivalent of an adult on PCP. You cannot reason with them they cannot see beyond all these toys and want every got him pay and they leave and to tell me it's it is as you walk him happy you leave angry you can even if you take yeah. The car I don't wanna hear about it anymore. In the grocery store only one is one thing one item of food which people eat either naive gap back to elect. Ali inning relief through release those rains and toys are like. All just they got nine things like that doesn't happen as apparent even the satellite back and they were as a kid and our Toys 'R' Us slate. My parents had to go there also to get like stuff my cousins are right right or another little kid June oh. Like I know in theory is an adult I can tell a child hey you don't get anything this time but I was a child when I went there was like we're getting something man it's not looked. Yes you can tell your kids do make it we're not here for you was it your cousin Eddie's birthday that's why we're here this is the mission you can pick out some conform. It just doesn't matter it does not matter and they will tirelessly badly you you'll hate your kid and it's just is horrible thing by the time you leave. Yeah you gotta have the bag full happy stuff and you're in the worst mood been in all day yet yeah you are the kid is. But I remember being jacked together oh hell yeah we'll see you later Jeffrey. Sergeant from opera and a half a secret that Akaka talked a professional I'm sure if I think it's always produce totals. If if if if Kimmel also has come out recently he's do they can most definitely been a little more political strong last year to. That's got a funny Hispanic parents again like my monologues basically they they. They call me they cost me some commercially as according to the polls I've seen has cost me commercially that's an idea. But I wouldn't change inning I said. You know he says that he you understand these jobs make you collapse is quote I don't abuse my position based leisure assailant looked. I talked Ross of his skin was also dying yet so I think that's always gonna health care was an issue that knows the top of the platform on the record but I do tonight. I can only pretty thing you're doing got to pick the ones and they choose I. I was it is there is sometimes for all the shows are all doing political stuff and it is a little tough in the legislate. But you can't skate right it's also I think. I do want a break for it aren't enough and if you go much to talk about who praises it it's just all the bickering in the nonstop. You know just this counter intuitive counterproductive garbage that you hear. All the time and it's the same thing every day so right you just want a break and there's a you can do it and awaited serious where you can do it in a way that's entertaining Trevor know make you laugh for giving you the same information more camels and up there rated some. Now one is a little bit more different of an approach it's a serious approach because it means and again personally we're trying to noted that he'll do it in a funny way Jon Karl Rove doing a funny way it's just. Saturday Night Live bulletin to do in the funny I think for the record I think John Oliver you watched John roberts' show you watch Trevor no they have a different. But to me there's a different threshold of pull because they're specifically like a little little free use the exact right yes sometimes I mean turn and you let that stuff manual and a drug Jeffrey the direct. Right exactly how to do that don't get New York that's thought Clinton got the idea and I don't you're used to selling toys yeah I mean. He slang destroys. And I mean let you know as much easy saying it's hurt him you know if you're somebody else on the right you know and you go on Fox News all the time it's probably open you've built through doubt that. It's it's it's a tough balance there. You know what we Canucks can't skate hit it was history in the making. Just a quick reminder. In the NCAA tournament expanded to originally 64 teams in number sixteen seed has never ever beaten a number one seed. You NBC universal Maryland Baltimore Baltimore Tampa are far more counting the mates made some history. The. Chambliss. As some of all the breakfast they collapse if I mean it's a satellite you ever think about that. Yeah it's the University of Maryland like the terrapins. Just their Baltimore now right for buildings they have been putting a college hoops this is unheard of right you got to remember university Nevada Nevada. Is in Reno yes that you see UNLV was great for years now it satellite campus and make its site college hoops you can do. You try to make them a football offensively and I call at eleven dead now all of Las Vegas says the bigger campus. I don't know I don't know but maybe not the biggest football stadium but teams on their campuses pretty bit. Billy literally over at ESPN on wall for a I'm not an honor to get a hamburger five walk into the air and that's because I know the general public. Really nice campus literally like ten preheat. Complete bracket out thing that's actually is doesn't. Because people what he took a one seed so you got to remember Virginia going into this is not only a one seed. They're the number one number one theme of the Arnold wasn't easy either local Muslim. And I also lays much of craziness that. And I think you guys the Lugar. If anyone manages to mail the bracket. They don't know a thing about basketball. It's normal now that pick out color you got your buddy from like Mozambique is like are probably almost embarrassed while magistrates and team like. He's the dad MP QU ECU you pick one team other than those seeds to go all the way that your. Bracket still ridiculously good. It's been torched but if that team makes it to the final wins that mean he might win the whole deal just based on one pick yeah filling I would say it was pretty exciting. Is go looking UN BC's Twitter is and you've won that came in either one seed and they were just troll and people have been called daylight no chance no chance that's. Down because it never does happen. Yeah so in theory everyone's right up until the time and play well I posted this going to this tournament this year people said there's no clear cut like. It didn't seem like there's a team that just automatically should be that good woman how Idaho maybe Virginia assets to a halt this line. But I think it's exciting. But there's been great and Elizabeth that is only a couple blow up in a couple that caught me off guard armory in new BC did not play a man game the other day when I got knocked out. Yeah that'd that'd. One of the best players Jerious Lyle's course I'd be remiss if I didn't match missions to Africa look stacks of. You're watching the game and they bait and like they just mentioned a car while you'll receive you know whether it makes plain words words locating all this so. It almost live and him are crew from the local area mean Baltimore Washington DC in the war over the freak in Q they point out. I want on the map guys who want insulin like. Tennessee and instead of thousands like California Edison he's just going to make it a point that that's religion. Yeah initial data that the prime hopefully will mean checked back a couple both of us that the ethnic. It's the Bill Hader was back doing since Saturday Night Live stuff Bill Hader has a long run I'll marry you see in the movies now one of his best characters. Was us Stephon. Which is a very flamboyant game and on weekend update who recommend that club should go to. Here I really. Gorgeous wife and violent. He's playing studio PX how is Irish club news. Church monitor. Located in the clogged heart from the Bronx it's corner 3000 street. Marshall memorial drive. Being ridden skateboard park with a ceremony spot. For Vern Troy is 2000 pencil or when. Keeps Ted talk. Roman. Be sure to hit the dance floor. And doing Jed. We lose our confidence that this club you know they're kind. Feel like the concept look like terrified. Yeah minister fair. So I just think ancients fact about this a dog hater for years to Stephon threat and one of its signature moves with you always put his hand. Over his mouth almost when he was laughing in between right so part of it is that got these two right there for them John Bellini. Too much tuna. He was right before they would go to Italy the live version of the shows Molina would go in there and change some of the stuff crackers skit. So we did like the first time that's how became part of it is he was read it for the first time to. OK let's try and I want black outline how does he think it's stupid like this can overall like some of those lines when you see him doing that bit it's the first time he's ever read those slides OK so that's our became so famous that he would have to cover for the rockets he couldn't do it. I will say Stephon was when when we characters. That it. Is this office so insanely I remember revolving Medicare your but I'm I'm positive I can go back in quoted I. Quote in the other but there's always is set up in new nose and in some weird kind of sex movies ever before he explains it. The thing about stuff fine you know we morals and after earlier Ridley modeled Stephon after. Blair said man I didn't really come up with a guy I was so there's a Starbucks. Located close to just thirty or Iraq. I do think that you are days like are gonna get the coffin is like the garden duel with me so much for a lot of tore through the equities like I swear to god to be and why and and look. It was a good play for here at our kids and that in this particular Marreese decent man this is almost demo on how he was. You pretty much an insight. In which really happening in New York any dislike people worse suggestions can be enjoyed this look like haters like basically man I'd just imitate this guy to a tee. And then they write all the good things. Ought to do president back in the office man I don't know follows just stone or a good mood what I thought that episode was hysterical I thought those colors now that's that I was also stone but really close but I do think you know funny no from the biggest Arcade Fire fan. They were okay yeah I wrote in the second song but I really like he would ever have the skits were great yet and that we bring up the music that's when they argued Saturday Night Live like whenever. Over the years ago I've seen many of hand on there than on the site how big a million to whatever but it. If it's super popular than their own genre you have no idea what's going on. But they're gonna be all they do get turned on some good stuff and I'll probably like them later I think that means is that initially went down. Yeah that's tough grows army does that the time you're hearing it for the first desert day dealings of the new world. Yeah I mean right he sees the stuff on menus like I'm an American and but I really like in this 830 West Coast time. And Daryn I'm down I'm home it's Saturday night and by Ahmad Chalabi tells me I'm a visually although I'm all out of our Chinese food. If it's. Netflix put out basically like a study on smoking on TV Anglican. So they were saying. Season one of stranger things loosely promote the basically how much smoking is shown on the ships. And I think for the record NBC intern who think that I have not. All you need to know there's a cop was one of the main characters they chief copper you had short irons they're united but the dude. Is smoking if he's not smoking. Then he lights a cigarette if he's in a scene the singer comes either of the scene starts and he's finishing a cigarette conflicts it. The scene start she's already smoking or the scene search to wind down the because we get some weird news he pulls out a cigarette and start tomorrow. Yeah and I should say it's an antismoking group that did this of course Netflix just the biggest offender and this is done in 2015 when he sixteen because like. If you're like me probably like house Marcos on this list they smoke. Constantly. There wasn't out yet. But he said season one of stranger things had a whopping 100 feet to tobacco incidents. Thanks mostly tobacco incident incidence they chief hopper when notre Ryder. Yeah let's just say Winona Ryder and that both of those people probably smoke. Outside of their character education are that much. She's treasuries among some about her Biden tells me she's a smoker and the dude out I'm on somebody was a camera referrals Travolta or some of the talk of the and and Tarantino flick and just basically saying like look. You know you have to smoke in a smoker the hardest thing is even as a non smartly Travolta's like I quit my TO twenty years ago. I find myself like I'm really enjoying your credit in my village council said and done six months is gum I'm is like now I realize that I'm having the occasional cigarette again. He'd like you wonder about that did you watch some shows only actors aren't smokers. So like do you think they give a much stumped cigarettes cloves of murder use a lot there's a guy and expire whether it's a government and all the thing is I think he was an ex smoker same Bangor but. It was important that the Turkish vote I think people called him the more moral man as a nickname on the show. But he said man I just won't close the whole time. Yet there I know there's other stuff you took decisive action you know there are better drag you nonsense if they use folks dvd we need the doesn't really did you. Yeah I mean there's other like Blake herbs and stuff that what you went the sensation of smoking a cigarette OK okay you did so pick of the basically some of those factors is no way they're all smoke and AMC's the Walking Dead was on there were 94 scene chewing tobacco use basically luck changes to play give it it has to do with an older. Time but people are so long and I'm Sharon met him probably more cigarettes you can walk into a store and buy a pack of cigarettes I know this is the anti smoking brigade it's still an option in across many many countries as you can buy these things. There's people still smoke it's like you you can't ignore it not promoting it with that people do. I would argue I would say is an act mistaken now my head as for me I feel it no matter what movies and semen at some point Samuel L. Jackson. Though some math as an actor he probably has had more smokes in his mouth and and when I can they go off the top my. So I just think the strange things orange new black is on their prison Julia ferre how hard science but then Fuller house. Bull what. I don't know because I remember watching me ritual when I remember it like any of that of the three dad spoken. But the uncles that we haven't seen Fuller house but I can't imagine that but smoking isn't a mainstay I mean I guess one of the girls grow up to be a smoker. She got a lot of these veggies and recover or I don't know if I don't think what's weird all of them right like oh yeah all our house is only shows that makes sense than that. Yeah let me get a cop show you got counts of robbery also was a piece of dudes broken right. The like for health. Coverage in just Little House on the Prairie there. Thank you Delaware bridge there ever get your headlines on the way coming of enough minutes of my cock you are listening to avenger radio network. Swiss miles. Now see what's happening in the real. You're a couple real high tech mom and daughter in Georgia over cold fried chicken are have been since the day. Do not put your dog for any circumstance on a United Airlines flight for any reason. As a new story of another failed. To tell the police looking for person responsible for dumping hundreds of males on the streets. Journal that a puppy in school now turned in the turtle soup for all to ease. And in Sacramento the FT CA said to have a big old rabbit feed it is time for your headline. It's time David. Yeah there's Mike Cox. Our job star in Florida on highway one a man known as the quotes mad Naylor. Has been terrorizing motorists for the past six months gauge me by scattering nails all over the island. He loves as president and nails and possibly their unintentionally but authorities say that quote if it was accidental it wouldn't be at every dad gum turn now. Dad gum turn had no that's a direct quote as direct quote speed data Gomez Al enemy that has them and not you but don't talk to Jerry Jerry's world of tires. I'm only thing you do there is so leave me out of bed and we're here to help now all the nailed about on Amazon knocked out. Yeah you have nail holes being dumped out at a major intersection of highway. I Garrard did there's an auto repair pleased with the NY. And eighth of a mile and you know just the same intersection right rod that the that the oh my god made at least doing four intersections the way your. Some are also people who are there for the most parts there there on spring break though there on holiday so it's not like the locals are there just to get into rivers down their birth. Like a week or whatever you don't mean. Got a huge entire face you're not gonna get your ass hole is like for generals and on the court and their organs here look at Taylor family and world tires. Around the world in investigation go home buyer of the Folsom prison and a full some police department Dennett. And actually put the SP CA and a bit of a pickle. During the investigation please note that there were upwards of 100 bunnies at the home. City code only allows two rabbits for homes animal control was forced to come in and claim the remainder of the Ravitz. On top of the 100 is that police found at first glance 286. Rabbits were found the property were taken of the animal shelter. The shelter is now taking donations from any and everybody to try to get funds to care for all these animals they actually they can't. Give them to people yet there's still part of the investigation. So they're basically trapped as does animal shelter. Part of the embassy Emmy winning unit interrogate them I don't know what it is my hand me the rat like forty William doom and tell me more than 280. 86 will then you wait too long rap they're gonna go America's seven home that's you know I mean like Ali how this happened I had annuity. They're actually only there early was a hunter when the pleas left only came back there was the do underneath suggest that you have more sex in a rooster. The fact and isn't it makes you roosters and losses. Really Omaha Mikey yeah they do manage walk around a secular but this is the concluded faster that. I have an answer announced its XP David I was watching a rooster do it leave it there. That's likely to play the banjo and fortunately I mean I didn't get around checking this and there's a rooster you have to watch very long now he's he's he's aren't the only guy you haven't had a good idea why is as. United has done so watch yourself united is found themselves in the news again this one yet again because of a dog. A flight bound for Saint Louis from New Jersey had to be diverted to Akron after it was discovered that they had loaded the dog on the flight by mistake. He was supposed to have been flown in a fly directly to Akron but he was put on the fly by accident. All 33 passengers will be counted send them the animal's been returned to a song let me just say this people on the East Coast drive everywhere. Wherever you are New Jersey to get to Akron Ohio would maybe take you five to six hours depending on the Pennsylvania turnpike whatever the deal. Did you get an opportunity you're almost better off to put it in the front seat of UPS truck from. Ski boot thanks seriously just shift the damn thing by US mail I think you've got a better chance of survival and you do if you put it in a plane the united. Thank flying is not good for dogs in the first place well. If you can just be done and a four or five hour drive it's probably worth it if you love and care about that I think people who are starting to learn that yes I mean health it's across the country I understand that if it's a long way to go I don't want you night but but why are they so bad that. They just must be. They lose us a little like you know there are 24 dog deaths or something right related to other irons but what you guys did. It was a response for 50% to look in Georgia couple's been shipped out to the state prison after their reaction to cold fried chicken. A pair pled guilty in gear and and were convicted of assaulting a restaurant owner and her daughter because the fried chicken that deserve the couple was cold. They are called but when they came back medium Fries she when they visit the chicken was called in that there weren't very many Fries so. People offered her refund. And then they just beat eleven how much football as every effort to put. Canada follow finished out for the record are dragged out Lambert fans bring the return of the myrtle dragon tells Michelle that day and another round profile that's coming up yes indeed it is all true but in the meantime we knew all about this bitch so until tomorrow prove what you do best. And Orly this thing. It's OK AB.