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Friday, March 9th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines!


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This is a men's room. I'm listening to. So let's say violent take collar 9844999. Hole play profile this in minutes. And we better headlines on the way one hour from now first quick check in my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working out. Can cash is held there. Alone and all of recently eating catches when she found a bloody human tooth in the back. Our own merit a young man Shula could have just cold through pieces. That would make a difference yeah because it would be hidden got a picture of it here it's as an hour announced. I'm Tom hi and thank you for the whole nonlethal run and yes she's a great finishes investment after the other group that's on the road to do not enough. That's Laporte and just that's why they're the best. Full crowd a drug fight tooth. And as bad she'd be okay and where is my bloody suit is right that's kind of what I'm not here. Damn it Tony can do you think he even before she found two statutes associated couple handfuls of them right guard at a certain. I think that's not a night you have just our fruit that you have this life but see here's the thing right. They're gonna Trace of bags some guy Billy Graham we have bad news we we found the guy lost due to should be noted Wall Street team. Yeah pumped unusable began samples you've probably I don't know swallowed two teeth. Source familiar plus an amount of the gas you factory and in front of the things and he avert a tricky part of a team. In my whole area kids golf yeah. Horrible. I'll bet I thought it was part of the oyster shells like techcrunch and. On its fifth music. What was your tooth gap with the part of it now it is a 61 year old man in Florida stolen and Hilton drove a two. Drove it home on Tuesday because he was sick of waiting to see a doctor. When he was at the hospital the doctor was not showing up so we just have one of the ambulances went home last gasp us. I am where how much accustomed more than over because I'm an ambulance tried as it is a pretty hefty fees. Have had to bill well now you'll find out whether mothers and drivers who won't rest. To fill the tank. Revealing Cleveland jays down to teenager suspected of stealing a car the other day that big a resident of enforced the just kids in the truck at gunpoint and drove bill PlayStation. All. Come on right now I mean I am not as they did have its. That's rather not supposed to let us take an amateur on another paper or anyone male lead bound and gagged him and tortured a little they did they really do all that now okay. You know when you can also not steal cars. Death is people react poorly when they discover that she's trying to steal your car okay here's what I think. I think if it's just other people's random cars you're watching them do this. You would just call the cops hope they they can take care of over the I'm gonna get there in times on a high priority remedies being injures not gonna happen however. If it's your car there trying to steal it to divert I can see the adrenaline taking over and you stuffing these two kids in the back here trunk. Terry Darryl please I can just kind of got some other miners are. You know yeah absolute. Amid an Australian blue of his kitchen on Wednesday when he tried to kill some cockroaches by using a can of bug spray like a flames are oh. I mean yes. Seemed seems about right now that's story should add right and it. I don't get how it's supposed to end well because it'll Rundle seeds don't feel the heat no run. Still unless you're right I'm already and they just instant die houses supposed to work. It's not because you know what if you live in an area that has cockroaches or has any type of cockroach infestation you you get rid of them for a small amount of time it. They live there that's earned Byron listening isn't gonna come back you think trying to get rid of mosquitoes in Canada you're gonna get rid OK I mean good luck you know you're gonna get rid of that jump to album but the rest of Bristol hiding. The older women and all leads and they never go away right. That's why the roaches rights everywhere vibrant have a problem opinion roaches. But the matter what you do there always the right the two that you see there's about thirtieth on the you haven't seen rats at the same way and if you kill one Roche 800 were born and yeah exactly it's it's. Feel like I've made a hydra he's a man in Singapore originally posted some photos of displays on the real estate web site. And he didn't realize along the photos showed him completely naked in America how is on the window Andre is playing hand that I hope they want to refill them play. I think it's fans as that it's you isn't the brings removed bedroom but there's a little bit of mirrors people don't appreciate how I when you look at him there. You see him while they can also care. Honey look at what good does places as a it has a ballroom he. Not particularly like he thought ma. I don't Wyden said that you think you put on shorts that we think I don't think I'd take all my pictures naked and I am banner and it's a vision for NASA jerseys there's other things like I had real steady job. Out there is a demand for her she could and do you think somebody alerted him to it or he found it. I go to someone alerted them what the rules BS and going mount on hey man right. We can't we can't really post newspaper. Might you be fined one it's a I know that it should push into a cell phone not opposite if I have season America going to the world Buckland the most unselfish isn't a bathroom and obviously she's put on makeup or something but. I didn't notice that first brought the comments came on say hey you might want to flustered through Donald Boyle also told you realize you could constrictor. There's only a third of the film blood and she lived a bomber exploded a farmer Brothers take it felt like I thank them and like I think the floods we knew quit that you. Not trying to make friends with good. You're used to learn I think you're so used to smelling her own dual core you don't even written. Realize that people. The bathroom your weird to get distracted during this hour trust me after I've lived with a guy who never voiced his craft and plus one once you. Now but lately heat down or drop that hoop. Now you're hanging out and there you almost become numb to move the story didn't add it then when you leave the rules and I think JRR. I guarantee you I'm not live with a guy 30 years and I am not met his wife. But when I'm doing with say this Chad still not much is that could easily go. How did you know that I'm gonna say because I live within two. Conclude that. According to a new study fake news spread six times faster on Twitter than real news to us when yours. My guess is because it's a bit more sensational. Yeah I mean more sensational headline more interest in people are reading everything Roland quick break things you know exactly. Exactly I'm not surprised. According units started the average person panics 36 times a year because they feel like they have nothing until where about your close to. The sure it is we have approximately 53 things in our closet we just don't want to Wear any of them I have never. Ever had that problem lies in his shirt that I said. Now aware of that and if I sent about six on Fletcher goes like garbage that our goodwill or their well yeah absolutely or something new boss that you really like you realize it doesn't that you Ryder AG is after something like that the you just know there's a reason why you wouldn't Wear all the time and if you have just get rid of because someone else will Wear and Wal-Mart exact position universal truth people and I'm nothing wearable club quote close people who have nothing eat every refrigerator full proof he has just nothing in here. According to a new survey the person. The average person wants to go to 25 sporting events comedy shows and concerts a year. I think there's still wolf but only makes stage. And about realistic if you think if I thought I mean I don't wanna go to Tony do is never as his wanna go there if things don't wanna go to normally I do wanna go go. Bobo don't get enough money to be able to do is make the decision to go you probably of what time did you did when he didn't have the money to go at them yeah I mean I think you got it. In here to go to a lot of tournaments you have a season tickets. That's right Fred Phelps it says should you hold out for your perfect soul mates or is there a point where you should just settle for someone who's good enough how would you even know according to news survey 61% of people say you should hold out and only 11% say you should settle. Which I kind of agreement. What about Miller 30%. You just live and you don't even care attendants. If I don't matter donate to the matter is 61% like eleven right now you just love that there's a woman and Texarkana on quite the surprise in her trunk both that assail about a one hour from now. Thank you might not headlines are on the way one hour from now forward student loans. Recess. The throw to please Sarah run how profile this is playing I sure can miles at the simple game are reservist in real life new story. Something that happened right here on planet earth. Or and as you listen to the story based on stereotypes you believed to be drew little people. And the decisions that people make we'll ask you what did you think makes the story. A story. Hello mayoral welcome to the men. Thank you are not an unwelcome bear all the time Mary understand how does your game place. Yes I do fantastic. Here's her story a 22 year old woman was booked into jail this week nearly four months after LSU officials so that she managed to sneak away. Into one of the LOU graduation ceremonies. And take someone else's diploma. She was accused of inserting herself into the December ceremony alongside real LSU graduate. She was able to walk across the states now police said she was involved in the entire graduation process is successfully Togo. Purple the global cover along with a diploma then again belonged to a different student. Now according to the arrest warrant. She put it borders diplomas in sun would come or give me impaired and the G-8 hundred degree from I was you know some of the graduation later confronted her. Where she admitted. The team given real diploma to another person. So she was allowed to leave but she won't win the cover and the fake diploma in hand. Jews both in the jail just this month on charges of theft. And unlawful production manufactured distribution or possession of a fraudulent post secondary education degree. In other words it's illegal to do make it through therapy and again my question is do you believe that this young woman is black and white Maxi or Jews. Oh. Should I'm gonna have to go with you. Is why do you. Take it you know. I just really high standards. Or their parents. Sure when the silly argument. I gotta say their man like. I've been since LSU is minister got into that room. That he's Jewish community are seeing my black and white. Yeah I mean it that's fan root. Plastic. Since she she goes to the process she gets the the real diploma. Hands and off give them the show starts pose him with a fake. Yes she walked across the stage. Granderson covered and most of the time your diploma is not in the government she had a fake diploma on the putt that went in took no one out gave that one is a random person. She was confronted about it they let her leave but she still took the cover. And fake diploma but eventually the cops got involved Jesus. Tie against black and white bear but I don't know. I'm leaning kind of white and some. Multi billionaire. White and final answer. No I will find out who's black white Mexican or Jewish next fat with a tease you are listening to the men's or read the other networks. It's you. Screw up plus say this is Louisiana and a woman who's trying to scam a degree from Louisiana state university and a tee shot at a graduation. Got to supports document of some type. Malaysian made himself known and then try to get her own degree but somehow she was bus along the way she she did make it out of their accounts went around against the gums get most eloquent. Now is that important ordered up. To get a degree from the university that she didn't go too which is strange. Another way to do that is to go yet but we as you bear did you believe this woman was black and white vaccine or Jewish originally was Jewish. Then changed it to watch. It's. Not named Bianca why would she is in fact more ethnic epithets and jungle like us now. Now eat now rob do love dad Sabatini Java Dan. Sure. Don't lose hours in front of a talking. Presents. How men are clustered take your chances over here he citrus fruit spread force statement. But we'll get a chance of that today who merely speak your pucker up. I don't now OK I just feel at all like that would risky Paulson threw me the vitamin C when Clinton took a chance. The thought it looked delicious. A lot speed of citrus fruit people like he teachers troop at halftime of sporting events when they're little children and drop. That's basically just I got to bring a snack to a soccer match in nuts and it would reduce some sliced fruit because it looks better than bring in like grilled good snacks and they're probable to burn off. But cookies we hate on orange laces now. No I'm just saying that those kids run around enough or you know like they don't they don't need to watch a gallery so you know I mean like it doesn't need to be prude but may wordplay and don't think you could name but the man is have to act. Give us layman a cookie insulin could tell the kids around and it's one that's. So Kobe Bryant you would know him from a plane basketball. He now owns an Oscar. We're oh yeah he won for rating. He wrote a movie a short film about basketball and they're so why I'm impressed. And our duty to. Funny scene on the press that he won an Oscar as a basketball player and but I don't you know it's kind of wake whenever rapper win flake an award for acting as themselves. That he wrote a movie about basketball like. Even Ambrose documentary or something is up yet out of it until it was wrong maybe we should be impressed that he's screenwriter played basketball so well for so many years. Do you know what I want to fight did you hear you are you're right you're right my diet this three Ryder boy can ball there was a guy for a while Jose an author who tried to spend one year of his life. Doing one thing. And houses open select one year he tried to dunk a basketball. Yes it's all he did was just lifted to all these things the next year he tried to qualify for like a pro am and golf in cup and never played yet just writes books about that so. That would be impressive. It would be. So Kobe out of season due in the media tours. And you forget to like back in the day. He won championships when he won a number of them with Shaquille O'Neal when he was on the lakers then he Shaquille O'Neal obviously a lot larger and Kobe Bryant you've been to. Yeah but. Basically he's got a good story to kind of get in a forum given a fight with we Shaq. Pump cool threw the first punch in that as well he did he get it couldn't reach them ignore that. I amass as big statement this is like when we visited. Included up optical does have a look at the south does have a brought up with the decrease was nineteen or cold in the world out right. What I do is dive ever loses I noticed that is what it is so he tore apart a little real yes dual clutch at the salute fit a lot of Allison won back in and everybody jumped innings has broken a plywood to jump anywhere near that idea. Well at bat boy that's got to say look bad either you wanna beat the hell out of me but won't you know you go to goal. That you're not about I won't back down again kept player who's going to scrimmage I say it's a rumor player you have basketball give players afterwards like in school if you get a fight with a guy afterwards like you kind of become. Closer in no way did that happen at all or no because like we grew. So onerous provisions in there whose team was up five to the game go to seven so after the fight. I didn't just got really pissed and scored every point and one day. Yeah. Soured and the opportunity for. That's classic Kobe Bryant. Yep that is they were never really friends they won championships together and that's and that's fair and it's a sports team. But even even the way he describes that right by golly threw the first punch and Aaron he's a monster. So I had to slip it and then finally have a look. Isn't that how you tell the story of the that's exactly how I know the story if that's how the story played out like a man to check it appears that could help put Qaeda in slate talk a little trash and all talk of course. I got married at some put an ever important I wanted to anyway so he's a competitor. You know like of like Michael Jordan managing and it allowed them without Shaq can connect to the punch. I general and promote my hands over the pay brunch at full interview it's up on the verge of FaceBook page. I hear Richard saint but I had this huge argument a couple of friends that ride is there like I was talking about. You know after teams shaking hands through this you know in Michael some guys are just so competitive price and I get now they got credit admits that not one to talk to the media afterward competitive like. I think some guys some athletes they just speaks out you know any notice is they they act like a holes because they can and and it's a wow which is super competitive late. At every put everybody is professional athlete here so little or no Paul added we're all ready get back to your professional nurses assist right. But they're reporting a professional athlete. They're probably could better and the thing about the announcement is that they will end of the game but the more competition competition to win or lose competitions over. You shake the hand I do your thoughts on the media no offense maybe generally you're asking stupid questions and you waste your time right but also. Other than coverage you don't do anything to make them better just knowing it was eased with the person you're competing against. They even made you look better or look worse that day but but that's the person not want to respect yet. Yeah I do this game right because I want to compete I want to compete against the best hopefully a better what do you look at the end you say to him like. Good decent linebacker shaken hands with the running back until an all day or the running back was killing you'll be able to point they'll like I want to play against you. Trying to make it better to. Why does when you do play and that's one. Unfortunate thing about being a teammate was Somalia it in a safety kind of way like the that your best opportunity to fight some if you guys are frustrated each other and got to go to each like. You guys have your back no one's gonna get real hurt him as an employee often gets the gets nasty but even to sell your differences and go it's almost the safest environment to fight. In a strange way because. You're fighting someone you know. You also have friends and have your back it's funny to pull some or all of you were beating the hell out of you. Or you know I don't like fighting a family yeah exactly it's terrible like each other bull dog always good as well hug each other at the end then we'll give gone in. Compiling they hugged and now I don't think so it according to himself senator Hillary jeopardy locker room who didn't do boom boom moose are both on appointee who. The locals leave in. And you rarely used to hear about that when that what happened back in the day because the media wasn't all over the for every practice and everything what else we keep your mouth shut yet exactly right ballplayers gonna fight all the time a practice is Celek. What you believe is guilty go get a flu like yes you should because he should be Jack and as right every time he gets up a lot of them brag as much any. Es he's he's owning up to the whenever players are those good. They just wrecked in nowadays also and I think it's hardly think the lead they used to protect these deeds because it was like I mean that was it was a story wood short. If you wrote raining native about a fetus would cut you off of your reporter in Chicago. You are opted to take heed and it's a bright yet. Felt yeah nowadays always the UT MC and everything else just as the stories are out and anything they're probably more restrained outings. It just based on fact that we get so much information so according to my advice would be don't have sex what Matt Barnes his ex girlfriends. And yeah if this. That's a good role thought of your buddies and somebody don't they don't have sex at a wide wide variety of that are the most surround sound certain ma am not a product if there at least a five hour drive away neural him. I its oh so people. You know I will admit when you watch late night TV. It's pretty much the same you know kind of views on everything sure that everybody MP you know if you watch mainstream kind of stuff. So people talk about this all the time so. Which he'll listen to here is five different late night host. And they all use a little bit of a different version but they're basically telling the same exact joke about Donald Trump who took in. Other drug use adult film star stormy Daniels is back and this time she's suing trump. Claiming that a 2016 hush agreement preventing her from discussing now Arafat is invalid because get this trump never signed it. This is amazing Mozilla has is the first time Trumba seven knots puts his name on something. How incompetence are you if you didn't sign you'll only that NBA. The same guy who's got his name on everything buildings vodka the least sexy twilight vampire. Except the end yet so this. Is the thing. Trump close to sketch you put his name on. What about trump university or board. Don junior. This has been president didn't even remember that when you make a deal you have to sign it. Which is surprising considering how much he low showing off basic needs here. Did you see your members have put his name and everything else water vodka stage trump trump trump Donald Trump but he is a problem with bills he doesn't sign them or pay them right. And like the thing you think it. Nobody out of the car writer for money shows called the other ones anyway. We got to everyone's go to any just. It out and happy that's story and you have to be a late night talk show host of probably made that joke it's our faces the nature of the property right and they all say that about the same time 5 o'clock on wherever they are so Zoellick in many as a preview to what they're doing and they're all doing of roughly the same time whether it was yeah he's coattails are like fifteen different riders I meet so and I'm just guessing based on what I heard there right. So whatever time they convened the meeting to search out some drugs. But it all fifteen relax I got a doozy play and I'm saying fifteen from five original 75 writers had the exact same. No Wednesday whether we think one renewed gags the Leahy to put his name here and as the exception I can't believe 75 riders him over the exact same that's like. Right it's sometimes jokes are just that simple. Shortly we will look. I have a friend coworker. They tell you turn a little Cole a friend and acquaintance. Our guts it anyhow this first thing. I don't Bertha name Amelio RI okay so one of our other mutual friends it's like what's Amelio as last name and outlet asked. No but I'm not gonna go after the best tennis and I think everybody lets you because I yelled Estevez the second quarter. Well third that we know right. Oh. The door to calls with a weird name you cracked a joke delight yet you're the first person never heard down the yeah Ina that's so great having this happen to re little quite a few Italy pageant late night shows the only joke I refuse to do anymore is the beer truck joke. And I just walked by instead of be an earlier religious crap right I refer you. All god or gods are. Are you are the I don't know I can't believe I'm not world's bitterest people Tuesday morning but they have got to Dolly that I'm. Pushing and McKay who always ate my gap impound and what you did serve was tell me the same addictive thing but I never hear 2000 lord patents today. But I heard 6000 times yesterday look if you do beard to let you have a right to be but you know that's sort of our. Low could. It. Need my breath but what that's said most of my friends of the year and this year actually to sit pretty accurately I don't know that it remains as his Nolan goes and goes out you I have better it even at its regular very voted for ago. I don't like those are very positive response no one's pissed off the delays chip truck. Now there's a cycle. Oh yeah. That along as you leave a back door open. Greed and don't think we can do that he's going to the back of the settlement just grab a scramble grab it described described frequently stop stop stop. It's so hard. So hard and he's a person that is the only compliment what they've got to steal but also not to make those stupid should focus it is a solid guy filling up cupcake things yesterday and I don't think so in my head as I say something to contact Sedona if I was I was excited in played cleared at a restaurant and eat everything god that's how music clean clean plate club joked I didn't do I was about like my mouth was ordered to inherited it and I'm like. They'll break that plate over your head if you cracked exposure deals are what do you think John masses or scrap left on this played I didn't think so we didn't do play dungeons and flip the script. Did you guys you guys. Watch sopranos right sharp. I remember correctly we match you know the last couple seasons we all agreed we hated the we will agree to reconcile flocked to Mosul had it it went downhill particular driving us crazy. Did to the point in its territory we killed relied. You know watching next week of course I don't watch and as we got that Celtic. Till pig. Getter over it like they don't area is exams as before like he's got on drug a drug addict you know I don't really know what you want to hear they are they'll I believe has eroded that you know how they're gonna and they didn't it is no matter just because we can't lie to you can't really form a new plot line assuming exciting or get to a point where you don't know without points but he is right it didn't matter is we couldn't tell we where debt while it. To a soprano at a religious themes that hey man we know the most of these episodes of the last season really sucks. But since you keep watch and in Bergen keeps up until go. What was on the dozens of Coke coup yeah. So it's been eleven years since spring and those ended its run OK and then brought journey back. Now a movie is in the works and it's going to be a prequel that means. It takes place before this year's staff. Thank you Ted a sequel comes after the original and this is all true and lets you do the sequel to the prequel which is crazy. This Star Wars ended three pretty equals but the second prequel was on the sequel. To the prequel. Say barrels. My new mind blown us wrap your head around that more. And sex act. I. The working title is the many saints of Newark. Norton of course finds city you know New Jersey and Wear a lot of show took place is New Jersey that's a lot of index slipped. I'm David Chase pass his whose creator of The Sopranos won another writer show they're working on a based need to be set around the riots in the 1960s. Always a good time. Yeah great strides Alia. Detroit exactly what is Jersey after Americans and Italians and teachers are doing it right that's when the African Americans and Italians in New Jersey Brad each other's throats then they decided let's just box. Right this is. Analysts it's in the ring. Yeah Apollo agreeing to Rocky Balboa Rocky Marciano made mama dollar aid. Yes I mean look I like the spring as I'd probably watch it I can't imagine this'll make the that I mean even they say here the gangsters to a little too far but yeah why is gonna look awesome for the suppress scientists. It's a mob may sound. Yeah me like I was all right glamorous stuff but inevitably you made the mob look bad we understand what the mob put. The underpinning of some bad way you're you're nickname is the ball mob book I mean like that that's all you need to know that's. Like there's a separation between. Do in criminal stuff from the Caspian racist. Well yeah oh yeah arm I'm like a little bit rate you criminal David does happen to be criminal races but not criminally races. One group. Legally is in the country. Against her will the other group is here will be there will illegally through her breath you do the math on which one of those is wit Chung. Not thing the one group wanted to be there what they were barely go. The other group. Wanted to be there. But they were there illegally but see that's on Myra I'm just again let's do that they've rejected the I would like make you realize that there's still the country please please people don't do history it's really. An investor had a decrease. They even got nicknames for that to me. Earlier violated showed a move real feature us on the characters and sprint over soda and I think I'll parents and let me like little Tony I think just his pants. But he'll be in dollar real mission in Libya cater yet they gotta tie in any family members amount ending sopranos obviously you can never have. You know diesel Gandolfini has passed away as a browser back to the host revealed in front and I knew sequel. When you went and played Kim and now now now to arm itself with six. This week earlier I think I ruined some child some children show. Talking about the stuff that's not happened yet another as somebody born this I think a flood board named animals and I hate the tamales you next confidence. We only get together at Thanksgiving and again it is documents I don't know what documents are not and I. Mixed up instead that the digits it would still be deem we stuff that involves lane. Does little black girl who saved like stuffed animals were never. Dot Wii stuff it's okay it but I ruled out entirely hear the whole from trip let's don't look at the media groups but there's another child show you low. Blue's Clues discovered back. You know I don't think yeah. I'm about this is there. Let's talk about perhaps a well yeah invasive quote he'll be even furrier and more palatable to do as I denied no no need to worry about Blue's Clues. But I just wanted to highlight it right there right now and that we are too. If they're threatened we still watch it theories within our aid the original was 9060006. Now steeper and toasted that's got about. Who's gonna lose lose tired they get there we appreciate it good news I'll get the headlines go to my cock you are listening to the Missouri on that. And Swiss miles. No let's see what's happening in the real. I don't go to Texas where a woman drive to Wal-Mart and Suzanne her ex boyfriend jumps out of her truck. Fellow value meanwhile Forman goes into a Mexican restaurant owners one Jimmy John a plus sixteen bond goes before walking out on the stand does yes he was struck. We had a South Beach grey horse walks into a bar Alabama cancels Renaissance festival as they thought the sex might have gone too far. An angry chair brewing in Tampa is making people very angry. It is time for your headlines. It's Sunday it's. Yes here's my car. As John Kerry in Texarkana how woman was forced to call police because of what she found in her trunk. While driving Jared strange noise coming from inside the cars shortly after the noise you heard her ex boyfriend calls her name from the trunk. Should be noted that she as a protective order against the man and so she pulled the car over in a Wal-Mart part of Mott ran inside and doubled lacy was arrested shortly afterwards. You know. But someone has a restraining order against did you really. Really feel back compel them to make contact with them I just feel like hiding in the trunk of the car might be the worst way to do Deanna. An English open the door it's not recommend calling on the phone now recommended but I seem to draw it it verifies why they got a restraining or. But on the same token she's got a restraining order against him and he still feels the need to contact your he still feels like she would want. Two G yes you want to hear this and I thought okay man. I don't think towards the wrong order you don't think every woman wants improvement. SpinRite. I think in my view we don't want is our it might apply what form of the drug of girlfriend's car without knowing. And his surprise originals are still love you for I think she would. Because there's never restraining order against me to not do that while she will. What if I was injured her out. Topped out should be a little bit more disturbing but you know she'd you know should I he's a window is disturbing as you like oh my god who who put someone in my trunk what's going on here right it's not the ex boyfriend and have a restraining order against right some random white guys don't know how to get my trunk. Exactly and I brought up that fast pitch and then his little tighter scooters but at its perfect what's the abroad for a around cleanly inside your driver. Around the world and other fine jail out of Florida man was arrested for not paying his tab at a Mexican restaurant. But the seven erect have been rather impressive no it's not over eight and a half hours the man had such image on deck and sixteen vodcast. The low one every thirty minutes you're I had you're there for eight and a half hours yes some point in time I'm sorry. Maybe on vodka number five or six someone's got to come on them go. Sir. If you're not gonna eat you continue to drink we need to run the tabs so go get a car. So the idea being like it's it's pretty common sense attack. I can't imagine you just let this go it's eight and a half hours you're in the floor sixteen winds ulyetza want to Jimmy John delayed at some point in time. You have to think OK this is a red flag it does not normal customer. Yes and they can. Maybe they can't drink 1216 bachus but I need to have your credit card before hand right Joes to make sure that you won't run out don't want it at Florida. Well they thought logically in Florida. We wouldn't read about it in the news ever I mean and I and the finalists ominous and walked out on a tad because we're so blackout drunk. But you walk back in the next did go do that I walk out of my tap ins and I'm sorry because as my neighborhood Clark you have on your card. He'd yell yell out it doesn't walk back even if I left that there had in my wallet either way out all right here's the difference. And moments of until wiped out drunk I walked out and attack which happened early. I showed up halfway to what like at and has been all I didn't do all of my damage there Jerry didn't understand the monster that just walked into the ball. Right what I'm saying is is it is two miles is point you still gave them a card the racquet up. Didn't hear that you lock down on the tab they're gonna run the car they don't because you're human corn heads up please just don't do that that's old school yeah against Peterson at the bar there by the going to be old school boards like you're right there's a freeze rumors rules serve plays regularly and I'm like god never do that again and then I asked for my tab and she said. Yard paid access. Lou and now been removed and that's better than not for us. Yes they're all very good thing matters it's OK though you're. You the difference is your intentions are pure and true and you mean right visas hasn't really not that you might be doubly to appoint him did wrong. Which are not trying to screw civil overby in the botrus. Yeah and that goes a long way to bond terrorists can come in the next night is still have a drinker but I thought that was loaded messed up okay but he's good offensively and lands that. Brazil don't see it except the random question question your guess is as good as mine profiled a similar drink a toast again with the shots of the day. Sure whatever the hell you sit in the meantime we'd be all about it's so until we meet again please. Do what you do best and moral ethos that some day you.