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Wednesday, January 10th

Emails, Who Sucks Less is back! Plus The Word and the Shot of the Day!


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This is the men's room. Listening to. Well Craig tells got a ball so they've got to return of Bo Sox last our question what is he craziest thing that's evidence someone you know 844999. Cola public comments came in we're talking about a guy just got decapitated how we do the funeral service. So does you guys are any holes LO. So muscles but the had a bowling bag carried on the plane. Enamored talk to the guy that was eating she goes in we were discussing the infamous Cheadle fingers so this person wants to know would you rather have Cheadle finger to the rest of your life. Or sweat mimics. Geno fingers analysts what Manning is the sounds awful in those are also did she imagine you have you have Cheadle Dustin your fingers at all times all the talk. Sort of an hour hit land as a matter be good shake hailed Osama. You go for a job interview and want a phone and say Barbara ball ball ball I think bulimia below the better off to have a handful of cheese and a handful manage. I area but you're the only difference is that I can move to cool climate in do nothing interest and an array of tries to avoid sweating as much as you possibly can't suggest people are sweating you don't even notice there are just what mayonnaise. People who don't know. That's what the man race. Really but what about our tonight having sex okay now there's a good chance. No woman to be instantly knew if you're constantly covered in judo Dawson that's understood which are not government judo does so you have sealed the deal to have been Merrill. Like what would have Saxony breakout Mets swept in she's looking up at you late. All they ask you know there's a mayonnaise if they agree to open your forehead if pitch you don't just flavored Lugar mayonnaise flavored Lou I think most people go cheat code does. Sure you could just imagine every little thing. Imagine you know you get up in the middle of the night right and you're gonna maybe eat some of the white chocolate. Those days are over you gaining ground battles you post dot stud your fingers they wanted to know. Every move you have may have what does this chocolate thumb prints around the milk container. Positive sayegh is too like that you just listen to figures give you you could ever commit a crime. Never once a crazy thing is out of someone you know 844999. Obama hello miles welcome to the men's room. Older. Yeah it's. And yet yet so they get the win saying they're not really broken weird and spoke in the army at the time bank. We're working with dealer to Hillary got into an ammunition. They were doing they a salute Richie command. They have 805 millimeter artillery and I can't that they are our and they have these blanks. Other blanks are old black powder eighty nobody injured to look well black ops when you don't think so loud bang a lot smoke. Well for some reason we had one left over and the sergeant in charge he didn't feel like doing extra paperwork yet to do return reached an enlightened ammo. So keep it was brilliant idea that he's gonna go out to be you know ought to wanted to you know unused finally does and hand puppet. Why would he think that's a good idea. I have no idea that both good recovery after the LT. It's just like they are what bring you speak into the thing you can applaud you don't want to smoke and we do you know there's though when you go to turn it and you can't transport live ammunition which expended ammunition we are that truck a lot of important mark Abbott struck just dropped one round. And they but I don't always you know I'm a war. OK Sheridan. So he goes out there and proceed to get a screwdriver and a tyrant. Let's go on the grounds that this split on it you'll sideways. And goes to smack these groups are an apparent that the little blasting cap on the back me look like a little hard ball. And so when he does that in these sorts of the propellant. Shoot backwards. Smacked into his hand basically they undertake his entire hand our call. Yes and those flames went up up the lake up that arm and onto its eighth so he's got their degree burns up one arm. He's missing a can't miss CE 90% of the hand on his is right hand and he's got burned out his waist and Underwood stakes. I hate to laugh but I can't help the black white man. Everyone Georgia this is a bad idea this is exactly why they say that's a bad idea I guess he's not in the army mark. No I was kind of messed up they allocated to beat it and they're actually. Might cut open and basically me like it came reproach in this Dominic and he put his hand in manner. So basically it stretched out the skin and the use that's in the to a graft on there and debate we see what do they only had with a bomb. You know left things and so on and that stub which is only Zandi. And at least at the pump. Yes and if you don't seem to heal they took they you know they pull that off they could go to other purchase and operas are agents. The part on its stomach and as soon as he goes on Cuba not to leave the hospital about two months later that it made discharged they kick them out. I guess a Vienna Tommy does still he wanted to doughnut. Yeah yeah they are cumulative thumb in the hole in the photographed with Sony's dominant and then he lost it. Yeah as we sit on the right anything if he's swinging that that. Tire iron into a screwdriver. He's gonna sports writing to his dominant hand or it matter what so if something goes wrong in this thing blows back. I mean it could have been either one because you're holding the tire here holding me the screwdriver with your left and theoretically if you're right handed in your hitting with your rights either one of those two. When it blows back ago it seems they keep your right hand it in Europe to right hand you're in the army probably need a couple fingers to pull the trigger you're gonna have bright he does matter what you do a life community to come figure. I mean it just seems tiger's shoes when your fate is don't work is one of most agonizing and annoying experiences you go all velcro let you be so blunt guy ever Manto my wrist was out of commission underwear as cast for was 312 weeks whatever and you think about it but the personal want to tie shoes on what I believe that I'm like breaking a sweat it's been twenty minutes. And in my shoes and I'm finally in issue that was a slip almost assures him. It's our right broke wood to the call human and as we drums what management Cheadle figures. Some of the people of time than most people agree they say dude just take the Cheadle fingers because you can always Wear gloves. The solos points out not that we hands and says I don't know what you guys but my butt cracks what's locked that's a lot of mayonnaise. I mean you got to use the bathroom until I don't know what your that's your body telling you that it might be time to have a buddy that just the puck swept. Don't live like rent like I was slightly elsewhere might in my chest in my head right but he widgets what's in his lower back in his but I think we played baseball together. He's but would be soaked it's really easy some football players spreads to the weather uniforms are like. I don't hot day everybody sweaty but like Becker and guy it's possible by crackling with mud down use web template but are blood seemed hotter than everybody else is both like you're hot you're all play in the same sport or the Robert Bentley this guy in this guy their perfumes but it's what he only sweat demeanor never looks okay is back swept. But on a short. I don't know why I believe if there's I mean of lake somebody's been running or whatever I go okay. But like. Chest let in but sweat always see a guy that somehow teams grocer but sling that mud sweat explained so what's the craziest thing that seven someone you know 844999. Cola hello T Al welcome to the bedroom. All I. Wow. Until I got a dog and nobody social liberties betray me you're not you're talking to a couple of idiots that's Purdue and that is the sad truth of what's happening right now and. I could get. So the craziest thing that I need you now have that has happened to anyone that have been you my great grandma. And that was about ten years ago probably wouldn't fifteen years ago I mean my brother rescued a baby squirrel. Now this score all hand raised and they'll Bible about as she loved us Tibetan pieces like. Any thinker on rewrite how long were your reasons were. Obama probably around you or three years. Yeah so she took full path and we knew that she didn't like other people around well one day nobody tells our sweet you know five foot tool. Little kooky haired blonde grandma or great grandma and coming over. And see usually goes to the front door oh this time for some odd reason he decided to go to the back door. And that's where are nameless teen had to attend so that's working that came to a camp. And it beat you know obviously she didn't know who she was. All suddenly disappear like. The coup regime screen you'll ever heard death and we run to where we cured or whatever and it's my little great Graham argued he attacked by. Our team tag mom mom isn't. Mean obviously I believe that Dreier 100 gosh it was crazy how do you come down Dina knew really value the ran alliances world. Obama it was really funny is as soon as I grabbed her she stops doing war. You know I checked out the biting and all etched out whenever and whatever haven't paid much now. Whatever happened to the united channel undergo Medicare around the tree and hater well haven't the. How we actually found a wildlife refuge Ted taker so she wasn't your confused people friendly so wouldn't have been good to release her into the wild could return to hurt somebody else. You know why did you giver I mean look if you read screw over two or three years and it that your pet I mean about point one thing is right about. The wall balance the same as my brother actually thought it was I mean. To bring your friend over confusion dumb teenager at the time. He's tireless funny to bring a trend over that I built at the squirrel and the squirrel who would run down their armor and Michael run all over their face trying to buy it and then look at. So basically I guess you are regarded by Dina and I gotta get rid Dina. He actually Zambrano everybody else. Ruined my world right now now that all sounds like a loaded statement make America who got our pleasure out brother easy Nadal now. I guess is he's still an idiot. Yeah actually he's got Charlotte attained there are these are complex are gonna put Claire C is a wreck like twelve to searching cars like told there on the east they're going great Italy's an adrenaline junkies. Yes I couldn't get. Our native Iran it just depends yeah. Business and as you said he was an idiot out like he's still and they don't have any and nearly it's gonna be a fifth year old and it's going to be a thirty year old and it's going to be strong here oddity when you're an idiot they're an idea how how long look. Do squirrels live on that dumping you you know more about squirrel and arrest them. Five I use. They have a fairly decent blanket they're like a small rodents so fair and stuff like that in all twelve. 1517. Years. Any broad notion of film one of those like you come back like 56 years later you know that the person who raised that tiger yeah I don't wilder than they come back and he surges farther than the tiger runs like he's gonna need images jumps up and gives him a big hug and they. Rolled around it. You could do that would Dina in on any night. You go back to that go back to the homer Pino was in but that's not as impressive my dad okay relay this to hold in our league toward you like dad. My. And I pity now. You rented it did in the united jumps up on jazz. Host the road to the squirrel. Ways is not as excited to study for her for sure. But here's my question so there's a video you showed us to be the guy hit like raised alarm go over how to hold it was. The things out wild he sees is that it's not a god they've probably more effective with another line that threat these things turn round stare at this dude. Like you said they run and hug each other. A rep thing is I know the cat recognizes your smell but maybe alma Obama racist or lines but they all come on look the same to me like I don't think he'd know. That that's the one that he raised you normally do. It out of did do that the wineries in the mega ball little boy and all of that now. Wrong why did make too many mistakes of that. What's the craziest thing is that if someone you know they get your emails on the way for the men's or mad men's or live dot com also the word goes back to a secret medical slang that's all coming up next you are listening to the men's or radio network. Silicon return of those sites like the word goes back to us. Secret medical slang our question today what is the craziest thing that's happened someone you know and you'll get your emails in the men's room that men's or live dot job. We are worried injuries guys are like Chris hoarding perjury company was thirty feet up topping it treat you as a safe responsible are Burris deny it took all the safety precautions. Bully got through it rolled and got him and then took him all the way down. Tree landed on his legs and on this at the fact that he survived isn't saying he's had quite a few surgeries but all is good now does walks with a bit of a lump. That from Jeremy. This is my brother must have I made a pact with a double or has some amazing guardian Angel of some type when he was nineteen he was walking to his car. And was wearing one of those chain wallets is telling bikers Wear a train was going slowly by and it caught the chain. Any tripped and fell under the train. And he lost both of his legs may die it does not have prosthetics keys. Couple years later he was riding on the back motorcycle on the freeway he fell off and was just fine. He's in his fifties now and are easily roll out quad and fell down a thirty foot ravine it took him six hours to climb out he said he couldn't get a foothold. He has never lost a sense of humor. That from Peggy at the beautiful little two man whose name is abating as exactly volunteer. Craziest thing that is seven to someone I know is my father in law was attacked by a drug dubbed lady with a hatchet she almost killed two and six times and had once in the armed. He is survival Neill longtime recover we senate would go fund before and if you can please share forests these funds are being used data security system and more secure options for assault. I believe that was a lady was on mushrooms ultimate I think so they duels to get there alone. Are we gonna comments. I have got a few let me start with a torn here that's the crazies seemed an avenue open mind as. He found a dead body in a dumpster and Hollywood now he thought it was and rarely get pulled on it no now. Last polls what referring to his foot cut off by a freight train slipped a new front call upon. That's always good to. Let's see my best friend up poison token her vagina. The question I have for this is how did that happen I'm miniature I think gotten. Me accused white and I don't know it'll poison oak if you get it. It just spreads yet whatever you touch it started here is the worst in just yards is a leaf frighten it's basically a looks. The vine that is all live kind of like protecting itself a little spikes yes and it goes up the side of the tree so looks like. You could see like this binding definitely branch like that would be a great vying to swing on it. Wrap their legs around a wrap your arms around it swing and have a great time and go home and just automatically you're like oh man something's not right angle is that I had wasn't earning you know and I had poison ivy was being a landscaper and I did not know what it was into the weed wacker to a coup yup and that body had to stop and it was all over my arm Palestinians Aggies run stuff yet as does my brother was about four he fell head first into a campfire. My mother pulled him up by his leg give third degree burns on one hand in the skin on his forehead ovals Bernal cheese whiz and Chris we don't. During a timer if you extreme as ever the men's or amendments are buyback albums. So we are already here. He guys today is our granddaughter has made her first rotation around the sun do we get a little kid's face analyst for willow rose Gilbert's she is grandma and grandpa is pride and joy thanks guys that from bend. Oil and Eagles. Today's my son knows birthday he listened to whatever it's appropriate and finds the show hilarious. He'll be eleven today and you please have the dirty Germans and the crazy west Virginian get the world of encouragement. Toward the next eight years that would be awesome again thanks for making the life in Utah more interesting with the hours of entertainment sincerely Chris from the saint George Utah. There are others though it was just continue to. To the left but when you get older you understand the scramble man. Each mix with kids. UConn throws it. Yeah see him. If you can you please take the birthday song for our son Ben who is twelve years old today he loves when Ted curses starring Ted vs the FCC. Please take him out with the dirty German's love mom and dad thanks guys. Now you're young give it's going to go deep toe but your fingers and not just. Yeah on the children and you'll want to. Eighty days. Oh fellows. I'm a longtime listener because of them by now adult young adult children our listeners do and thank you for that today is not beautiful daughter Kenzie seventeenth trip around the sun and I love it if you could give her a big old bomb ripped and some semi dirty German and maybe a little Ozzie did you guys are the best thanks guys that from Grover. You guys you're only seventeen but obviously the fathers who with the ball reviewed nor did this to. As it but the others the definition. Dad Danny kanell rent it again here we like she was laid off with the advent day. See in the future they can't do injury do you. Although I do it my best friend or made Danny having Tony first birthday William finally got to read festival that summer. I got her a diner show last year and we listened to a together makes a boring nights or go by faster. Could you please get a big old bond rampant in thrill and dead giver of the dirty German advice for 21 thanks guys ski bottle rocket from Taylor. I it is just doesn't boast both Damon and people who tried to take about it and don't order the sausage the demotion to the team for. Now my advice to you 21 run could be. Put through the futures dropped to around. I do believe that. Heard this now and always my husband Gloria happy birthday give a Joey chestnut and move dirty German maybe from Robin thanks guys that from Stephanie. Okay. Mountains and then since many opinions who. What does that mean I usually do you know you don't wanna. But solos as my boyfriend's birthday his name is our job and he's a huge fan of the show he would love a little kid fan they say alleged. And some dirty German talk about delivering mufflers that would make his day thanks guys that from jennies. Young developer and you only Muster a little. Under the US. Now what I like about my flows. The latitude to eighteen and then they also put down. I rejoin the birds are dated just and hope are always a good day bud gonna you know they were. All right. And a little dirty German nabbed from Jackson woods yeah. You. Know feel that we have the most special introduction of introduced to a face to my head. Johnson took bogey today you'll find out with a blaze comes from. It is my doors my sister Olivia in Okinawa Japan a very happy birthday she's a daily listeners are Tony brown the Seneca and Astra cooler sister all that being said. She is still unfortunately a soulless ginger. Going you know original face that was followed by a European as is too small thanks a lot guys and cheers from mild fish sandwich. It's. Good my lovely wife April pronounce April happy fiftieth no over the hill party for her but she would like gap old lady faced sandwich and some sexy German talk. Thanks guys and while that love the show that from Chris. I'm not fish sandwich and Dario fifteen but they would do the fifty position but requires five feet possible in addition to looking forward. Now until 215 now we should worry about health don't worry I don't need to. It is today is like oh lord lord's birthday she would love your peers is due small in the dirty as chairman Jim got rock on guys that from Peggy. Yeah we don't have to run horses but you will be will have new features don't. And sort of the students who ponies out of. Hi guys do you know happy have you had a OK happy. Yeah. I thanked me every day and the new. May dad doesn't they're two Germans brought. Also available through these world sings on men's lives doesn't come another sign retailers I am sure I fly. So as I co worker and I believe talking to. You tell me when she's on the toilet she always talks to herself when she's finger puppet I'm trying to do go to the bathroom when she's in the bathroom anymore. Keep making us laugh thanks that's from Tonya in San Jose California. Listening on K fox 985 and the pay extra demand it didn't do a follow up email I'm just curious to know late. What is she talking about when what is your goal to. Self conversation would approve. It's got to be like push it let's just show come on man do what group would focus group now. Now to push push push your real news at times. Now is a great story from Krista this lovers make you wanted to. Guys my sister and I are on vacation to Mexico I'd lamb chops for dinner the night before I wake up and was brushing my teeth in the bathroom wearing only underwear. I've part of while I was brushing my teeth and realize in my stomach was suddenly in and out. Thing about the flight had to catch and a couple hours I was hoping that I would prove all the demons out of my hotel room to avoid stinging of the airplane. As a settlement toilet to drop and are only one I was completely shocked to find a pile of dark chocolate putting in my bright pink panties thing first time I blew my pants as an adult. OK second time. Cheers fellas you're the best Iranian radio that from lovely Christie and scars to repurchase chocolate could be in my bright pink here comes another turn of the learn as we go back to secret medical flying by a burst yeah. Israel wants to know. Yeah yeah. Blue. CNN time let's get our news Sox last even throw you bring us three stories in the news every league is up to us to determine which of these three stories which all sought. Suck the least if you like the men's or month FaceBook or follow us on Letterman survived. The debate is already underway in who Sox last and today we have a pair of sectors grandmothers ever be taking Obama. North Carolina meth head in there and able collectively compete it's a couple from the Ivins act. Let's start in Texas specifically Dallas for a child custody swap between two grandmothers. Let's do a shoot out outside of Wal-Mart left one woman wounded. Basically it two women they met to transfer custody of the reachable grandchild my 530 in the afternoon and ensuing argument turned Bible. Janice brown she pulled out a gun and shot Carla Hawkins in her neck. Leaving your injuries have to tell you are not life threatening. But nevertheless an off duty county officers responded to the scene. And a woman who did the shooting he shot at the officer reactor in return fire and an almost armed Kurdish change. But she was taken into custody in charge of aggravated assault on a public servant charges related to be shooting will be related to the Dallas attorney Granger. Again another barrels your grandkids. Right. You grandkids there. But let's continue let's go to North Carolina were mayhem you rated new year with a bit of a pet theft as a way to get drugs. Christopher O'Neal each he's 41 years old he was arrested for stealing his stuff daughters' puppy. It is selling a stepped out of puppy they get methamphetamine Jesus old eight week year old eight week old Yorkshire Terrier was stolen. From the hole in a police investigation concluded that the guy took the doldrums old stepdaughter and solar for math. He was arrested for larceny of a dog which could result in serving probation and pay restitution if he's convicted. Islam was listed at 2500 dollars the good news is the puppy was returned. The puppy is all right sadly they go on in the story to point out that in North Carolina he's not even remotely the first guy to steal the dog dread the drugs. But those are other stories from a business. Now we go to suburban knowledge or a couple where they've been accused of luring the driver to go home so the bigger problem. By having the woman distract him by opening the door flashing her boobs it's the old Palin about moving guys don't notice with parallels is going on tour. 24 year old Anthony Kennedy in 22 year old rape affiliates. They were arrested after the unidentified victim a skate the would be robbery. The other victim told officers that she gave it was telephone number when she held a rise in the later called him asking you to come on over. Coming up to the hole if you open door topless and attempt to distract them on the boyfriend got position problem. And the Robert tried to leave averaged gains of few words but the woman didn't. Pulled him into her bare chest kissed him and it is done. That's and a boyfriend. Finally did he was gonna do three Barlow Gordon driver the boy from point two knife in him and demanded that he turnovers money. But the driver refused and the boys club punch in the face not found to. By the full time police arrived on scene officers found boyfriend and a nearby shed but still police don't news book edited to while. OK he was booked on attempted robbery second degree battery resisting an officer and violation of an order of protection. That was supposed to keep him away from the girlfriend that he was colluding with the Robert Hoover Europe. Meanwhile the door from arrested on charges of being a principled armed robbery and second degree Iraq. So we have the Texas where most enduring. The exchange of the great kid to get into an argument that's bad enough of the while pulls out a gun. Choose the other grandmother in the bag the one a cop shows Bob Jones fire on him he I would say that's the worst. I'm gonna say that that sucks the most followed by the North Carolina stepfather who basically stole a step daughters. Eight week old puppy. So that he can silence and then by methamphetamine. In there we go back to New Orleans in the topless woman and her boyfriend basically try to set a good driver for Robin moments. Now a couple of New Orleans are idiots. The reason they're idiots is because one thing that's nice about Hoover is is not a cash transaction. Taken right from your card the first thing I thought when Newt he knows that they have to giver of years if you're the cab driver because they've two erratically get them. Cash on them that they got from fair to allow the cash in the wallet may never have more than 20000 changed. You can just read the side Ahmadinejad mobile salaries implant was let's better than new Merlin I mean you know he areas in China may jackass. They do decade. I'm gonna say you don't even through the driver had a chance to test he has to Cassie carries on him for his old person. Singing and I think most people in that like a camera remember hundreds of dollars when it. Woburn driver via forty bucks and swallowed because people for a box out go buy a pack of cigarettes Greg position never any cash but whatever I would have logo are about the dog back. She did did the dog and hey don't you like crappy situation that when Sox released all things considered. Yeah I mean I agree with you on this one I think the women more in the Hoover driver in there and Robyn and I think that's the worst. So I give a little bit of a pass the Gramm Oscars are passionate their grandma gives the shooting of police officers and chip that match. There was a job with a with a grandchild the other aspects of the bad effects of like that's not all that Texas style yeah. Did he feel what I got off the plane in Dallas they relate which firearm to place. It's the fifth attack further hey I'll think I'll take the nine millimeter in the chair there. I eBay continues on the news sucks glad to be like demands are on FaceBook or follow us on Twitter at men's room lines are coming back with a word. As we go back to secret medical slang that's coming up next you're listening to the men's or radio network. HL and gentle men's room come out on tour again tells a shot of the day is Mosul a bonfire. I'm not I'm not hot and tyra previous episode Roger if you. The doctors flag medical slang and medical acronyms that are used by people in the medical profession to denote certain types of patients doctors and everything else around them now a sudden they're used all the time but they have been collected it. From around the United States and England some very specific others they've seen more than one story. I will give you the slang you tell me what you believe is going on it at the hospital patient or with the doctor. And you're. Chart at one point in time. Steve Haywood has said that you were DF well. What was DF well. Definitely emptying out his mind close dimpled colts. I don't know your condition was by DO book. The fault drunk and. Fell over. Yeah yeah yeah yeah drunken fell over our guests are nominee I think that means that whatever nearest 19 we are doing the black party that thing's gonna name progressed I got drawn a broker if you don't think about that the doctor kept saying. I direct your wrist I really don't know if I'd bring direct lady I got black out drunk and woke up with a broken wrist. Did he closes the door does. OK we would have viewers with I really got drawn I really did some things and I don't know what it is on the charge this woman comes in and. I say she's a DND and what's a DNC. Thirty years drunken disorderly divorced and desperate at the middle aged female visiting a doctor weekly just for male. Okay doctor feel good we probably know what doctor that is a meal packages out pills now with the DUB in the prenatal unit with the DUB. For damn ugly maybe wow yes with the what is the DS PDF. BI DSP. What situation wouldn't be there in India. Drunks duke did. I don't know they are a dumb as a person. Ha gotcha yes very good more of these doctors line that's used FL OK with NFL game. Maybe inbred. After a little kid funny looking kid per share. How about genital birdies. Birdies you had general purpose and what about GDA. Panel or a it's PDA. GDP yeah. It means I'm gonna die anyway. Oh wow don't worry too much water station I left. I'm an a hole in one this is one of the best medical flying acronyms ever all the luck I guess I'm stuck in Iraq they got shot in the I dome or in the map. All that is known in medical terms as a hole in bluntly when shutout when you're little you're a happy little damper. All right my daughter was snappy little damp. Daughter of Paul and a bubble gives in a march and then get yeah earlier had a look at all of boy and how about if unfortunately you're going through what they call a medical hat trick. I'm for the same problem I lighter your life. Dying you're dying but he got three to finish this off heat heat heat heat seeking a if they go unnoticed and secret medical slang with the word I route and elevated and very good somebody else they're just here still be ranked. Justin who it is. Then as usual we had the great dance dance even throw the fun of nortel's yes indeed today we identify we've chosen unidentified man from Ireland people have been sending me the story all day a figure he is now worthy of a shot now want to go back to November 20. But 2015. That's when three men broke into a store in county cabin Ireland. But as they loaded the stole stop another car that's when the cops show up so they wound up chasing guys. Back into the store and arresting them they hear the other guys all got suspended sentences for the burglary but that wasn't the end of the story because seat. During the county's one of the burglars bumped into itself. And injured his testicles he cut them open so badly. That he needed stitches and so he's grown from the cops out of who have panic he's now look where is gone he hits the corner of the shelf and just rips his boys opened a what are you fast forward about two and a half years and now he is suing the owner of the store. Over the injuries he is also suing the police he sued the court system he is suing the country of Ireland and a commission is actually. How the review and consideration right now to see if he has case owner of stores as quote it would be funny if it wasn't true but it should also be pointed out. That these store all Maria ninety days. From the time that he got word that the Walsh who was coming figure out what he wanted to do so he contacted his insurance company like. Menaces company cover as you might guess insurance don't soon will no I mean. We know what happened to restore resort they were shopping and didn't even happen while they're robbing it must happen because there were police Jaycee when he ran into a shelf. But this guy's legitimately worried that he Webby and hope for some cache of this guy's case managers to go through. Give our nuggets to store it goes through but of course doesn't count the country of Iraq. Table plastic her skin and hopefully get to sack of cash. Advance. Our physical strength report is supposedly drink this booze because we think it's. I mean over the hunkered down the world to party in hard tummies. Down and I'll always have a job wow. If you are not a line right now I 44999. A low profile that's coming up. They should many things continue on the men's room radio network.