Tom Nakashima

M-F 6p-10p

Tom Nakashima is believed to be the only Sacramento broadcaster to have worked for Marconi. (A short-lived weekend stint.) Tom officially began his radio career at the old two-room K-108 studios off of Fulton Avenue in 1975. Now, into his fourth decade in Sacramento radio (with the same company no less... and shouldn't that be a record?), Tom is holding down the evening slot (6-10 p.m.) on The Eagle. Stop in for some great classic rock.

Name: Tom Nakashima
Hometown: Elk Grove
Year arrived in Sacramento: 1861, with the Abe Lincoln advance team!
Year landed at Eagle: 1998
Sports Allegiances: Kings, 49ers, SF Giants.
Band/Artists: Soul Prophets.
Alma Mater: Elk Grove High/ Sac City/ Sac State.
Vacation destinations: Buffet line at Waikiki Parc.

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