Bob Keller's Cafe Rock

M-F 12:00p-1:00pm

Bob Keller has been serving up great music at the Cafe Rock for over 25 years in Sacramento. Bob came back to Northern California in 1980 to take a job at the legendary KZAP in Sacramento. It was here that Bob opened up the Cafe Rock, the noontime lunch show heard each weekday on The Eagle. The Cafe Rock features a fresh blue plate special everyday, and of course the friendly and knowledgeable staff that includes Chef Ptomaine, waitress Betty Varicose and busboy Sal Monella.

Name: Bob Keller
Hometown: San Francisco
Year arrived in Sacramento: 1980
Year landed at Eagle: 1995
Sports Allegiances: SF Giants, SF 49ers, Sac. Kings, Florida Panthers, Hoboken Zephers.
Band/Artists: Tom Petty...Rolling Stones. Little Feat
Alma Mater: SF State College and U.S. Airforce.
Vacation destinations: Any island other than Alcatraz

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