Photo of a winery.

Behind the Cellar Door

Come to Amador Vintners for their Behind the Cellar Door event!
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A Bronx Tale

Hang Out with The Eagle Road Crew

Hang out with The Eagle Road Crew at Broadway Sacramento!
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sammy hagar

The Eagle Welcomes: Sammy Hagar & The Circle and Whitesnake with Night Ranger

96.9 The Eagle Welcomes Sammy Hagar & The Circle Friday, September 18 With Whitesnake & Night Ranger.
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San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers are Headed Back to the Big Dance

The San Francisco 49ers are headed to Miami to face the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl.
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Starbucks Hosts 'Pop-Up Parties' With 5 Days of Free Coffee

(1010 WINS) — Starbucks lovers can revel over a free cup o' joe. The coffee giant announced Thursday that it will host more than 1,000 "Pop-Up Parties" at 200 select U.S. stores each day starting Friday through Dec. 31. Starbucks will hand out free tall handcrafted drinks at the parties that will...
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5 Essential Cocktails For Your New Year’s Party

What’s a New Year’s party without drinks? The night is the absolute best excuse of the entire year to indulge in another glass and worry about your problems in 2020. Whether you’re hosting a huge soiree or just entertaining a few good friends, you’ll need some quality libations to entertain...
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Donor Who Promised Vets Free Football Tickets Ghosts Them

A group of 25 veterans was promised tickets to the Vikings/Packers game this Christmas, but then the donor literally left them in the cold. "After an hour went by, they were like, it was a joke. Somebody pranked us. Everyone was just like, man, why would somebody do that to us? I'm not saying that...
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