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Food, Games, and more...

Last week we were able to broadcast live from Punch Bowl Social, just a few steps away from the Kings home opener. That’s a 25,000 square foot playground with table games, billiards, bowling and lots more. But what keeps people coming back is their 5-star menu of specialties.. and craft cocktails... Read More

Let this gal take you on a Classic Rock Adventure!

This week's Radio Fantasy Camp guest host is Jessie Hyden from Sacramento. When Jessie's not working at the athletics company Lululemon, she enjoys traveling and listening to classic rock music. Some fun facts about Jessie include: studying art in London, helping run a non-profit in Sacramento,... Read More

Meet Cal Fire Chief Thom Porter

I had the privlidge of interviewing Cal Fire Chief Thom Porter earlier this year. Here's a quick video that gives you an idea of what the men and women of Cal Fire do Chief Porter talks about why he and his team do what they do. Let's keep them in our good thoughts. Read More

Dream or Nightmare? Tom Nakashima wants to share!

~ Tom Nakashima I had a weird dream last night. Dreams are weird. — State Farm (@StateFarm) October 3, 2019 Somehow Wednesday became October 31st. So everyone was confused. Do the 49ers play?.. Numbers don’t lie. #GoNiners A post shared by San Francisco 49ers (@49ers) on... Read More

Lakers athlete pays it forward

~ Tom Nakashima I heard about this today…..LeBron James, who was evacuated because of the Getty fire talked this morning about his admiration for the first responders fighting fires. My best wishes as well to the first responders⛑ right now doing what they do best! -------- — LeBron James (@... Read More

Where Does America's Sushi Rice Come From? Nor Cal, Of Course!

Rice is the most important human food crop in the world, directly feeding more people than any other crop. Nearly half of the world's population relies on rice every day. California rice contributes over $5 billion and 25,000 to the state's economy. Check out this gorgeous video of Nor Cal rice... Read More

Interstate 5 has reopened in the Natomas area

Sunday October 27, 2019 3:30 p.m. pst. - For developing news go here . Sacramento, California - All North and Southbound lanes on I-5 were closed along with I-80 beginning around 11:30 a.m. Sunday due to a large grass fire near Arena Blvd in Natomas. Interstate 5 has now reopened. Burn scar outside... Read More

Disneyland, The Measliest Place On Earth?

I got home from Disneyland on Wednesday, to hear that public health officials are investigating a measles case involving a Los Angeles County resident that recently visited the park, potentially exposing hundreds of other people to the highly contagious disease. Anyone who thinks they may have been... Read More

Fat City Bar and Cafe Closing After 43 Years...

Please tell me it’s a misprint. Tell me it’s a mistake, a prank. Uh, no… the reality is setting in. Our beloved Fat City, a mainstay in Old Sacramento for 5 decades, will be closing next month. I’ve enjoyed so many visits there with family and friends. It’s where I bought Jay Leno a drink. So it’s... Read More

This Area Sales Manager is SOLD on Classic Rock!

Joining us this week on Radio Fantasy Camp is Valerie Okunami! Valerie has lived all over California; southern northern and central. In 1990 she settled in the Sacramento area and called it home. When she's not working as an Area Sales Manager, you can find her teaching yoga, hiking, or dabbling in... Read More