Sacramento Landmark Shuts its Doors

January 9, 2020

Credit: dusanpetkovic - Getty Images

From: Tom Nakashima 

I don’t know why we assume these legendary eateries will go on forever…but we do.  When I heard that Jim-Denny’s on 12th Street was closing, I thought ‘Nooooo.. not Jim-Denny’s!’  They’ve provided cozy comfort food for generations, thanks for the wonderful memories.  After an 85 year run, they’ll serve their final customers on the last day of January.  It hurts to say goodbye to so many of our favorite hangouts.  Maybe we can relocate them,  Jim-Denny’s, Press Bistro, Hot Italian, The Sail Inn, all in one place… a little corner of a corn field, where we can relive the good times.