On This Day...

November 21, 2019

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~ Tom Nakashima

Those of us in this business are especially appreciative of Thomas Edison. It was on this day, November 21, 1877 that he announces the invention of the phonograph. That of course led to records, to music, to Classic Rock and to The Eagle. Thanks for your remarkable creativity… otherwise I’m pretty sure I’d still be workin’ in the mailroom.

On this day in 1877, Thomas Edison debuted his new invention - the phonograph, the first practical sound recording and playback device ⭐️ Grateful for how far technology has come enabling us to do what we do every day! . . . #flavorlab #flavorlabsound #phonograph #thomasedison #throwbackthursday #soundrecording #musictecnology #mixingengineer #musicproducer #recordingengineer

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