California Requires Wearing Face Masks Inside


June 18, 2020

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A statewide order was issued on THURSDAY (6/18) that residents are required to wear face masks in some indoor settings, Fox 40 reports. As California counties begin to re-open their local businesses, it was originally up to local jurisdictions to apply the rule, but with an increase in coronavirus cases the requirement now applies to the whole state. Califonia is now among a number of other states like, New York, Maine, Delaware, Michigan and a few others who have already applied statewide mask orders. 

The statewide order applies to those who are inside or in line in any indoor public area such as healthcare settings (i.e. hospitals and pharmacies), while riding or waiting for public transportation, and any outdoor space where it's not possible to stay six feet away from others. 

It will also apply to places of business where people interact with the public, prepare food, and share common areas like elevators or hallways. If employees in an office cannot socially distance while at work, they will need to wear masks. Wearing a mask is excluded in situations where wearing one would violate safety guidelines at work. In that case, check with your employer to ensure you are following safety guidelines in conjunction with this statewide order.  

The order does not include outdoor recreation like walking, hiking, running, or bicycling. However, if you find yourself in a situation where you cannot practice these activities without maintaining six feet of distance between others, the state requires you to wear a mask. 

Those dining in at restaurants do not have to wear masks when they are eating and drinking, as long as they are physically distanced at least six feet from other people. 

People with these circumstances are excluded from having to follow the order: 

  • Children under 2;
  • People with medical conditions that prevent them from wearing a mask;
  • People who are hearing impaired or those who communicate with people who are hearing impaired; 
  • People receiving treatments on their nose and/or mouth

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