Tesla Guitarist & Co-Founder Frank Hannon Talks Music, Horses And Love At First Sight

December 9, 2019
Tesla guitarist Frank Hannon

I recently spent an awesome morning with Frank Hannon at his gorgeous Sacramento area home. Frank is a genuinely kind and caring man who also happens to be the guitarist, songwriter and co-founder of the multi -platinum band Tesla.  Here's a taste of new Tesla music that came out this year.      

Frank's musical capabilties run the gamut from heavy metal to beautful, heartfelt lovesongs.    

Frank is a cowboy at heart. After our interview, he took me out to meet some of his horses. Jens (pictured) is a Fresian. Frank and his wife Christy compete in a riding style called cutting. Although Frank conceeds that Christy is the rockstar in that particular arena, he has also placed and put out a video on cutting horses as well.


Frank Hannon and Horses

This guy has a huge heart. He works with young  musicians, plays music and rides horses for charity, and has quite a household of dogs and cats that he has rescued. Listen to Frank talk about all this and more in his own words.  I hope you enjoy our chat as much as I enjoyed my morning with Frank. Check out HIS podcast "FAR OUT with Frank Hannon".