The Shoe Suitcase

My adventures in Excessive Packing (a subjective term)

November 30, 2017

I am a chronic overpacker.  We are fortunate to travel fairly often and I am not a fan of stereotypes, but I do believe that overpacking is way more of a female than male thing.  We love/need options.  That said, I regularly bring home 50% or more of my clothing unworn. Earlier this year I packed a suitcase to maximum capacity for a week in Hawaii and wore a pair of shorts and a bathing suit the entire time – much like I had the previous time.  And, on both occasions, the hair straightener, blow dryer, clothing steamer, hot curlers and makeup box all went unused as well.  Seems I don’t learn from these episodes.        

On a recent trip with my mother and sister (Russia – it was amazing), the over packing was epic because it didn’t matter what cute outfits I had packed to wear. They were covered – daily, and all day - by the same heavy coat, scarf, hat and gloves.   

Before airlines charged for extra luggage, Mr. Maudru, our daughters and I were headed on a vacation.  As my husband took inventory, he noted that there was one more suitcase than passengers. I explained the obvious (at least in my mind) to him - that this was the “Shoe Suitcase”.  When his look registered no understanding (his repertoire began and ended with the pair on his feet),  I continued:  three girls, one week – sandals, flip flops, water shoes, work out shoes, strappy dressy sandals (dark and light, high and low heel) and slippers. Times three. Therefore, a suitcase devoted entirely to shoes.

And although the Shoe Suitcase is but a fond memory, the chronic overpacking lives on - no judging.