Sacramento Chef Patrick Mulvaney Takes On Suicide Prevention Within His Industry

September 4, 2019

Patrick Mulvaney is the chef and co-owner of Mulvaney's B&L. He is passionate about his farm to fork menus, which can change daily depending on what's available and fresh. He is respected in national culinary circles as well as in his hometown of Sacramento where he also champions causes ranging from domestic violence to homelessness.  Last year the restaurant community in Sacramento alone lost 12 people to various mental health issues, including suicide. Between mid-December and mid-January, four people in Sacramento's hospitality industry took their own lives - 3 of them were either working or had worked with Patrick. Then, celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain committed suicide. 


Now, Patrick is using his connections and channeling some energy into suicide prevention.  A pilot program to end the silence on mental health in the industry is called “I Got Your Back.”  It first launched in Mulvaney’s own restaurant and involves training select workers to identify signs of mental distress while on the floor. 

I had the pleasure of interviewing Chef Patrick and hearing about his close, loyal relationships with local farmers, his passion for his community, and the importance of reducing the stigma that surrounds mental health and related issues within the close-knit hospitality industry family.  Hope you enjoy listening (below) as much as I enjoyed interviewing.