Tiny Bubbles: Korbel Champagne Cellars President & Owner Gary Heck

December 16, 2019
gary heck

I grew up spending every summer at the Russian River. We rented a small cottage about a mile away from the Korbel Champagne Cellars. No summer was complete without a visit (they served us grape juice while the grown ups tasted the real stuff) so it was such a thrill to interview Gary Heck.  Korbel's history in Nor Cal's Sonoma County goes back to the 1800's and a timber business.    

Gary's father bought Korbel fromt the actual Korbel family in the 1950's. As Gary put it, "Korbel Champagne cellars and making champagne  were my father's life, his love his passion. As a result, he created America’s premiere champagne and made it a success. I  am  pleased that I've been able to expand that success and continue that Korbel commitment to excellence." 

Gary's passion comes through in our podcast interview.  I hope you enjoy hearing about Korbel's rich history and a very prestigiouos standing appointment every four years.