This golfer is taking a swing at hosting Radio Fantasy Camp!

Radio Fantasy Camp Guest Host #140: Robert Griesel

February 6, 2019

Our next Radio Fantasy Camp guest host is Robert Griesel! Robert has lived in Los Angeles and Kansas City, but loves to call Sacramento his home. He used to work as an iron worker, but has transitioned to a career in massage therapy. Robert likes to spend his free time playing pool, darts, cards, and going bowling. His favorite pass time is playing golf and you can usually find him at Lake of the Pines, Darkhorse, Haggin Oaks, or Campus Commons. Robert is a bit of a comedian and enjoys making people laugh: "Have you ever heard of the rapper 50 Cent? Well I'm his cousin, Change for a Dollar!" He went to his first, and top favorite Classic Rock concert in 1979, which was Ted Nugent with Heart. Some of Robert's favorite Classic Rock artists include Rush, The Doors, and the Eagles. Will he pick and play some of your favorites? 

Tune in at 10am.