Tune in with this "funky realtor" and Classic Rock lover!

Radio Fantasy Camp Guest Host #127: Karen Funk

October 10, 2018

Joining us from Elk Grove is our next Radio Fantasy Camp guest host, Karen Funk! Karen has been a hair dresser for about 27 years, and currently works as a realtor. When she's not working, you can usually find her uploading a video to her YouTube channel or attending a concert. She is known as "Karen Funk, your funky realtor" to her 600 subscribers on YouTube, and has attended over 100 concerts during her lifetime. Karen is very passionate about Alzheimer's research, and has even raised over $5,000 for The Walk to End Alzheimer's by making her famous homemade toffee. Some of her favorite Classic Rock artists include Van Halen, Eagles, Heart, and Tom Petty. Will she pick and play some of your favorites?

Tune in at 10am.