This guitarist has your Classic Rock urge covered!

Radio Fantasy Camp Guest Host #165: Gary Wright

October 9, 2019

This week's Radio Fantasy Camp guest host is Gary Wright... not the Dream Weaver, the Roseville resident. Gary has been playing guitar in a cover band around town for the past 19 years. He currently works as a mortgage loan advisor (loan officer) with Stanford Mortgage. When he's not working or shredding some guitar, he loves going to Tahoe, the Bay Area, or the Coast, and spending time with his amazing grandkids. Over the years, Gary has collected quite a few stories of his remarkable times of living in the 70s, with Sammy Hagar's concert in 1975 being one of his top favorite moments. We can't wait to hear about his memorable adventures, along with some of his favorites by The Beatles, Eagles, and Stones. Will he pick and play some of your favorites?

Tune in at 10am!