Smart Axe Sacramento Is Coming to Sac & Roseville.

December 4, 2019
 Smart Axe Sacramento is coming to Sac & Roseville

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There's been a new entertainment phenomenon sweeping the country recently, establishments that offer libations and merrymaking, followed by the throwing of axes at targets. Sound like a good time? Instead of going to a sports bar and yelling at your team on the TV screens, pick up that ax and heave it. And, no one will ask you to leave.

My daughter went to one of these places in New Jersey a few months ago with friends and they had a blast. And even though at 26 years of age, she's still covered by my health insurance, no trip to an ER was necessary. 

Well, soon you too can enjoy getting your frustrations out tossing sharp implements at targets whilst enjoying at night out with friends. Smart Axe Sacramento is coming to Downtown Sac and Roseville. Yes, beer and wine will be served.

*Armor and chain mail not included.

You’ll never forget the joy of splitting wood with something sharp thrown at high velocity for the first time! You can be a SMART AXE too! Book now: #watl #funstufftodo #visitcalifornia

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~ Chris McCoy