Do you think you can take on the Freddie Meter?

November 22, 2019
Freddie Mercury of Queen

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So You Think You Can Sing?


Many of us sing in the shower, along to the radio in the car, or the really adventurous at karaoke night at our favorite watering hole. But how many of us can sing like Freddie? Freddie Mercury that is. The late frontman for Queen is a tough act to follow, least of all sound like. 

The next time you're home alone and there's nothing good on TV, fire up the laptop and visit: There you can choose from 4 Queen songs and do your best Freddie and the site will give you a (brutally, in my case) honest assessment of how close you come to sounding like one of the most unique singers in rock history. It breaks your efforts down by pitch, melody, and timbre then gives you a number score.

It's fun and it also raises funds for the Mercury Phoenix Trust, a charity founded by Brian May and Roger Taylor to combat HIV/Aids.


By the way, I scored a walk of shame-worthy 20%. You KNOW you can do better than that!


~ Chris McCoy  


Can you sing like @freddiemercury? -- Take on the #FreddieMeter to find out and share your scores with us in the comments! -- Link in Stories! . . #freddiechallenge #freddiemercury #queen #rocklegends #classicrock

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