Breaking News: Neil Peart of Rush Passes

Had Been Battling Brain Cancer for 3 Years

January 10, 2020
neil peart

Kevin Winter / Staff / Getty Images


Authored by Charlie Thomas

Sad to hear of the passing of Neil Peart. Any discussion on “best drummers in rock” *always* includes Neil—and he was the certainly the best I ever saw. I remember seeing rush in concert, mid 90’s at Cal Expo, with Neil behind this massive drum kit… an arsenal of percussion… which he attacked with hands and feet flying, laying down incredible, intricate beats. But Neil was more than just a drummer... he wrote many of the lyrics for Rush, songs with complex topics, and sophisticated lines. Ironically, he was a man who shunned the “limelight”… who traveled the world, and wrote of his journeys, in a number of books. R.I.P., Neil…the next time I hear a clap of thunder, I’ll know you’re working the skins in the heavens. 

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