1Day 1Thing

Earth Day Cleanup

April 11, 2019

April 22, 2019 is Earth Day! How will you be helping cleaning up the environment?

Entercom Sacramento joined forces with other volunteers from local companies and the American River Parkway Foundation to help clean up the large amounts of debris from the Parkway area, making it a more enjoyable and safe space, helping to protect the river eco-system and improving water quality. With over 60 volunteers combined, we contributed to removing 3,450 lbs of trash from the American River Parkway. From plastic bottles to clothes, to old tires and even shopping carts, we walked along the trails to help clean up this beautiful public land that stretches along a total of 23 miles of river in Sacramento. #1Day1Thing


You too can get involved in your community even if it's as simple as picking up trash at your local park! Lets all help make a difference! If you would like to get involved with local cleanups on the American River Parkway, visit https://arpf.org/ to learn more on volunteering.

ARPF Volunteer Day