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Bob Davis

This VP Of Marketing Has Us Sold On Classic Rock!

On this week's Radio Fantasy Camp, we have Bob Davis! Bob currently lives in Eldorado Hills but grew up in San Jose. When he's not working as a Vice President of Marketing, you can find him hiking, climbing mountains going to concerts, traveling around Rome by chauffeured limo, and meeting... Read More
Margo LaBayne

This Jewelry Sales Associate Has A Sparkly New Playlist!

Joining us this week on Radio Fantasy Camp is Margo LaBayne! Margo says home is always where you hang your hat and her home is Sacramento. When she's not working as a sales associate at Rogers Jewelers, you can find her going to concerts, playing with babies, or listening to 96.9 The Eagle. In 2017... Read More
charles shwab

Charles Schwab talks Finances, Family, Philanthropy & More!

Not gonna lie - I was a bit nervous about interviewing Charles Schwab, founder of the nation's largest publicly traded investment services firm, with around $3.94 trillion in client assets. I had no reason to be nervous. Mr. Schwab was warm, funny and very easy to talk with. Along with being a... Read More
Gena Rush

This Cosmetologist Is Stylin' A Stellar Song Set For You!

Joining us this week on Radio Fantasy Camp is Gena Rush! Gena is originally from San Diego, but she considers Foresthill, California to be her hometown. When she's not working at her hair salon, you can find her fishing, gardening and playing with her Labrador Lucy or her cats, Romeo, Buddy, &... Read More
kobe bryant

Tom Nakashima Reacts to Kobe Bryant's Passing

The first thought was..'This can't possibly be..' But in an instant, Kobe Bryant, his daughter and seven others were gone. His mind blowing ability made him an NBA superstar and world wide cultural icon. There are great athletes in every sport, but we've not seen many touch the rarified air where... Read More