Kat Maudru

She’s into travel, yoga, cycling, scuba diving, snow and water skiing, cooking, and (yes!) eating. A mother of two adult daughters, and Nana to Grandson Leo, Kat has spent over 30 years in the Sacramento media, having moved here with her husband/high-school-sweetheart Chris from the Bay Area in the 80’s.  He’s a scratch golfer, and she has clubs (they never leave the garage). Maudru is also a passionate supporter of the nonprofit community, serving on several boards, and volunteering time to fundraisers. And to top it off, Kat hosts a weekly podcast on The Eagle where she gets the stories from some of Nor Cal's biggest names.
Name: Kat Maudru
Hometown: Sunnyvale, CA. Born in Morristown, New Jersey, but we were in the Bay Area (pre-Silicon Valley before I was  2)   
Year arrived in Sacramento:  1988 – I moved from San Francisco to Auburn, and WHAT a different place it was back then. Talk about culture shock. I felt like I had moved to Green Acres (dating myself). I was traffic reporting and having come from San Francisco to the Sacramento region, I remember asking myself, “What traffic????”
Year landed at Eagle:  December, 1990 – 2013 and back home July, 2017!
Sports Allegiances: Having grown up in the Bay Area and lived in San Francisco, it’s a no brainer that I follow the Giants and the 49ers. That being said I totally own up to being a band wagon fan – super involved when the team is doing well!!   
Band/Artists:  STING!!!!, Chris Isaack, John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Paul McCartney, Bruno Mars, Adam Levine, Rob Thomas
Alma Mater:  I graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Mass Communications. I couldn’t find a job so I went back to school at SF State and got a Master’s in Broadcast Communication Arts/News Journalism.  
Vacation destinations: ANYWHERE!!!!! There is literally no place in the world I wouldn’t visit. In the past few years, we have been to Costa Rica, Greece, Australia, Fiji, and Russia.
Podcast: Nor Cal Names