Starbucks Prepares to Release 4,000 AI-Powered Coffee Machines

January 30, 2020

Are you ready for artificial intelligence to take over Starbucks?

The coffee-serving empire is expected to unleash thousands of AI-enabled coffee machines this year.

Starbucks COO Rosalind Brewer told analysts that 4,000 Mastrena II coffee machines will arrive at the coffee chain's locations in 2020, Yahoo! Finance reports.

The company unveiled 1,900 of these machines last year following a March 2019 launch. All stores in the United States and Canada are expected to have them by 2022.

The Mastrena II will serve multiple purposes. One will be to collect data on what is selling and when repairs are needed, which should decrease operating costs. Over time, the machine, which can produce a triple espresso instantly, is projected to speed up line wait times.

The Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella told Yahoo! that he is excited about Starbucks using more technology.

“Starbucks to me is a coffee company that cares deeply about coffee. But what they have always done is use technology to improve that core ethos of Starbucks,” Nadella said. “That’s whether what they do in their supply chain or what they do in terms of the retail experience or their new mobile convenience experiences. Everything is about using technology, but never losing sight that at Starbucks Coffee Company it’s about coffee and the coffee experience.”

Reports have stated that shares fell 3% on Wednesday. Despite better-than-expected global same-store sales growth in its latest quarterly earnings, investors were nervous about the impact of coronavirus on the company, which recently closed 2,000 stores in China, half of its locations in the country.

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